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Venus in Aries


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What You're Like:

Some might call you a love predator. Your boldness of attack is a big turn on, because it makes the object of your love feel desirable. Venus in cardinal fire means you're always pulsing with the new life of Springtime.

There's an innocence to your invitations that softens the reserve of more guarded types. Your lust for life is contagious, but not everyone can live at your pace. You guard your independence, and would never do or say anything for the sake of the relationship. Others respect you because you stay true to yourself no matter what.

Quality and Element:

You are cardinal -- impactful, the alpha. You are fire -- ardent, urgent, instinctual and enthusiastic.

In Love and Romance:

With Venus in Aries, you are easily excited by the prospect of new love. You'll pursue a love interest with shocking abandon, and in extreme cases, this zeal leads you into fly-by-night marriages. Your impulsiveness gets you in trouble sometimes, because you lose interest just as quickly.

You don't like anything too settled, preferring some tension in the relationship. This is maddening for "let's all get along" types. But for you, friction gets the blood pumping, including mental sparring. You'll flee from a passive partner, or a bond that falls into routine. Bottom line is that you need challenge, and constant creativity.

Friendship Style:

You like to be the top dog of any clique, and pull it off by being generous, exciting and just so darn self-assured. You're the one that pushes the experimental envelope, and comes back to share tales of your exploits.

You're blunt, which means you won't lie and tell friends they look good all the time. Your friends count on you to tell it like it is! You admire strong, independent types, and seem to get nauseous around self-pity, insecurity, etc. If a friend is nursing an emotional wound, you'll instinctively serve up some tough love. Your honesty makes you trustworthy, since people always know where they stand with you.

Creative Expression:

Venus in Aries make great performers since they naturally engage in a spontaneous, direct way. You take the lead in pursuits that require collaboration, like theatre, filmmaking or music. One conduit of your creativity is through fashion and your social life in general. The presentation of Self becomes an art form in your hands. Your tastes are bold and striking and on life's stage, you're impactful, even provocative. You ARE the cutting edge, and naturally a social catalyst that gets things moving.

The Big Attraction:

You earn admiration because of your independence, self-confidence and vitality. You are a lusty person, and that itself is sexually attractive. You have an alive physicality and activity level that gets attention. What makes you irresistible is that you're not talking about doing whatever it is, you're doing it.

Winning your Heart:

This is a tricky one because any pre-planning will have to be tossed out the window during the wild ride with a Venus in Aries. You want people to be real, and not play games. You want people to be direct and don't say things they don't mean. You like to lead, but crave dynamism in a partner. Your ideal partner is igniting their own passions and staying interested in their own life. You don't want to analyze the relationship, or be expected to read minds.

First in Love:

With a Venus in the first fire sign, love is urgent, and very much in the moment. You bring full engagement to your love interest, and that kind of attention breathes life into any lover. But it's not something that can be sustained, and this can be shocking to your object of affection. Everything can seem anti-climactic after the initial rush of excitement.

To avoid burn-out in love, and keep it fresh, you'll want solo adventures to test yourself at the edge. You thrive when you have a life apart, and so does your beloved. This keeps it new, as you're giddy to share all you've done and seen.

"I Am" in Love

Consider Aries motto "I Am" -- the well-being of Venus comes from knowing the self through many trials and feats. Venus Aries as a big personality, that is energizing to be around. A Venus Aries relates from knowing the power of the self.

It's a challenge at times for this Venus, to be in a couple, and be subsumed in a twosome. A part of Venus Aries will rebel against being a "we," and demonstrate time and again, the identity of "me."

This can be alarming to the partner of Venus Aries, as if their beloved is pulling away. But some understanding here, for the individualistic nature of Aries, helps smooth out the rough edges. Celebrating each as an amazing singular entity, within a couple, makes Venus Aries happy.

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