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Inconjunct (A.K.A. Quincunx)


Inconjunct (A.K.A. Quincunx)



The inconjunct is a tricky, hard to reconcile aspect. It's formed between planets that are five Zodiac signs, or 150 degrees apart. The very different energies create a natural conflict.

In the natal chart, it's a point of tension that keeps rearing its head. The combo is an awkward match, and creates stress of sense of feeling conflicted. Both evoke very different responses and with tension, the sparks that fly can be either creative or destructive.

On the creative side, the inconjunct creates restlessness and a divine discontent. On the destructive side, are days of frustration with seemingly no way to reconcile the energies.

The friction of the inconjuct creates something new, from that conflict. Being aware of the energies in play, takes the edge off, and puts it in perspective. Like the square, it can end up being a burden or a strength.

Also Known As: Inconjunct
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