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Cancer in Love

Love compatibility, tips for dating Cancer man and woman, gift ideas.
  1. Cancer Love Matches (12)
  2. CancerLoveStories (10)

Dating Tips for Cancer
Sideways Seduction -- Bringing it Home -- Places with Atmosphere

Cancer Man & Aquarius Woman
Love Match - Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

The Cancer Guy
Some hot tips on Love, Sex and the Cancer Man.

Cancer Woman & Aquarius Man
Love Match for Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man, with readers swapping stories.

Highs and Lows of Cancer-Scorpio
The highs and lows of relating between Cancer and Scorpio.

Win the Heart of a Cancer Woman
Some notes on how to cozy up to the Cancer woman.

I'm a Cancer in Love with an Aquarius
What love challenges come up with Cancer and Aquarius? Questions to ask, and tips from a spiritual perspective.

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