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Eileen Grimes on OJ Simpson: Running for His Life, Part VI

Killing the Feminine


Eileen Grimes on OJ Simpson: Running for His Life, Part VI

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by guest author Eileen Grimes

This is Part IV in a series that begins with Part I.

At this very moment in time, what does O.J. Simpson really feel about himself? As he sits alone in his jail cell, has he had any sort of remorse, or has he reflected on just what got him in prison in the first place?

This is an unusual story about a man that came so close to the Sun, and ended up crashing to the earth. His carefully crafted image that he was so careful to nurture and take care of, shattered in one night in June, 1994. Up until then he enjoyed the rights of a King, being placed into a position of being the center of the known universe within his family, friends and fans. He reached a Midas point - to the point that he really thought he could do no wrong.

O.J. really did have it all going for himself, but given that there was nothing supporting the structure he had created, (or wasn’t creating in his case), the inevitability of a total breakdown was unavoidable. Looking at some of the individual parts of the astrological puzzle again are worth reviewing:

We can look to his Neptune/Sun and Moon in Pisces to see the lack of form or structure that wasn’t built; the form itself was an illusion. We can look at his Leo rising and can successfully assume that the illusion of self would have to be acknowledged and validated. We can look to his Saturn/Pluto in the 12th house and know that his soul would have learn accountability and responsibility for his own unconscious emotional material. Since OJ has seeminly not dealt l with any of those core issues, the soul would forever be imprisoned in a locked cage - both figuratively and literally.

And now, he is.

Before we come to the conclusion of this piece, it would behoove us to look at one more piece of this puzzle, which might help us understand the why of the murders of his wife. We can also look to his Venus in Cancer to see that those complex issues he had with his own mother would be projected onto his future partners. He was a man born with a strong karmic connection with women; and yet he chose a profession that glorifies the full expression of male testosterone.

He did choose to live his life was decidedly male - the compensation for not having a real father figure, for sure - but perhaps deeper, to give him the feeling of potency in the face of all the women around him holding all of that female power..If you combine all the feminine forces in his chart (the Cancer sun, Moon in Pisces, and Venus in Cancer), you see a soul that is trying to come to terms with perhaps some past life issues understanding women - learning more about what it is to be more receptive and sensitive, and finding relationships that echo the original footprint of the mother.

He has a decidedly yin chart; but was being pulled toward the yang, to learn new lessons of that particular archetype. I would even go so far to say that this is a transitional lifetime for Simpson; that he perhaps was in a first-time lifetime as a male. The yang, yet to be developed includes that Leo rising, south node in Sagittarius, and comes to rest in the north node in Gemini conjunct MARS. For a male guy like OJ, this might have been a real soul-kicker to deal with.

At the root cause of murdering his former wife, I would attribute this to his attempts in killing that part of him he was trying to leave behind - that female part of him that he deemed as weak, that went throughout life being symbolically castrated by women - starting with his mother. As in many cases such as O.J.’s - the resentment built and built over the years, the very fear he had at the core - of abandonment by a mother/woman - finally happened in his mind when he finally realized that the woman in his life that he wanted to keep around - the mother of his children - no longer wanted him. This was the Ultimate Abandonment by Mother, which even though OJ wanted freedom from that, he couldn’t live without.

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