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Astrology Basics

The five main concepts of astrology, with defining ideas about this esoteric and ancient, yet practical "language of the stars."
  1. Astrology Dictionary (23)
  2. The Elements (21)
  3. The Planets (15)
  4. The Signs (326)
  5. What is Astrology? (10)

Getting Started - Where to Begin in Astrology
An introduction to Astrology, including how to find your planets, and what you can learn about yourself and others.

Astrological Symbols
A visual glossary of astrological symbols, also known as glyphs. Both the symbols for signs of the Zodiac and those for the planets are displayed.

Astro-Tips for Creative Changes
Astrology is a tool that can help you discern your unique blueprint, born in this moment of great change. Here are ten tips to get the ball rolling.

What's Your Sun Sign?
Here are the dates for tropical astrology Sun signs, and an explanation of the cusp.

Intro to Astrology
Mountain Astrologer's Mary Plumb leads beginners through an engaging introduction.

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