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About Gemini

May 21-June 21


About Gemini

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The Dates for Gemini change every year, so check an ephemeris if you're on the cusp. Sun into Gemini takes us into the social peak of Spring.

Gemini's symbol is the Twins. After the fixedness and fruition of Taurus comes Gemini, a sign of scattering to the winds, short trips, new fascinations. Gemini loves variety, change and has a curious, agile mind. It's a busting apart sign, to see anew, and find what's funny in any situation.

  • Element is Air (bright mind).
  • Quality is Mutable (dispersing, collecting).
  • Gemini is Masculine (outgoing).
  • Polarity is Sagittarius.
  • Ruler is Mercury
  • Natural House is Third.
  • Phrase is "I think."
  • Body Association: nervous system, arms (clavicle, fingers, hands, shoulders), brain, respiratory system.
  • Season is late Spring
  • Colors are kaleidoscopic, sky blue, stripe or spotted, swirls.
  • Rules quicksilver (mercury).
  • Birthstone is agate, as well as amethyst and the aventurine.
  • Gemstones are chrysoprase, citrine, moonstone, pearl and white sapphire.

Flowers Flowers that attract winged ones, in orange, yellow or blue, or with many colors, like snapdragon, morning glory, wild indigo, day lily, iris, butterfly milkweed.

Animals are birds, especially talking parrots, swallows, magpies, mockingbirds, sparrows. Trickster creatures like monkeys, weasels or hyenas. Buzzing insects, grasshoppers, ladybugs, butterflies.

Gemini has many sides, making them great company, rarely boring. They're social creatures, and stay current on the most interesting gossip, cultural events, new restaurants and shows. They're deft communicators and social observers. Many end up in journalism, as bloggers, and in fields where schmoozing is in the job description, like sales, promotion, politics.

At the extreme edges, Gemini is duplicitous, unreliable and unable to commit to one thing and do it well.

Gemini thrives on collecting bits and pieces, and rearranging it all into new forms. They're mischievous, and have a childlike side. Moods can be erratic, making it hard to find discipline or a singular focus. Gemini loves to have lots of friends, and likes the familiarity of the neighborhood (shops, cafes, passersby).

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