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Mars in the Twelve Houses

Where's the Motivation?


Mars in the Twelve Houses

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Mars in the First House:

Comes across as Mars or Aries influenced – lots of personal presence and power. You want to make an impact. Acting first without thinking can put you in danger. Charismatic, at times provocative, physically assertive, energetic, visibly motivated, can have ruddy or flushed complexion, active in childhood, competitive, enlivening to be around.

Mars in the Second House:

A wealth generator. Actively cultivating your garden and building up your resources (home, investments). You act on your values, and move forward from a sense of self-worth. A sensualist, with a strong constitution and appreciation for beautiful things.

Mars in the Third House:

Wordy wordsmith, fast-talker, likes to be in motion, always learning, persuasive, motivating, friendly to strangers & acquaintances, socially curious, driven to know what’s happening, a sampler of goings-on around town, enjoys fast-paced and varied environment, intensity with siblings, often pulled in more than one direction. You can have a wiry, nervous temperament that benefits from living a balanced life.

Mars in the Fourth House:

Thrives on Home-centered activities, working from home, home improvements, entertaining, having guests over, cooking & baking for others, the boss of the home, enjoy a highly charged home life, passionate gatherings, family life can be intense, or even volatile. Interest in history, genealogy, family traditions. "Mother" is often a source of conflict, and may be your toughest teacher in life.

Mars in the Fifth House:

Great joie de vivre and warmth. You make time for friends, and enjoy throwing parties. You're motivated to be a high achiever, in visible professions like theatre and other performing arts, as a leader or head of the household. You enjoy taking risks, like speculative investing and gambling.

Mars in the Sixth House:

Strong drive to be a healer and help others. Very energetic on the job, but can deal with high levels of frustration when things go wrong. Often has mechanical ability. You like routine, if it's a productive one. You manage your day with a lot of will power. You don't like to waste time and can be very disciplined, with an eye on details.

Mars in the Seventh House:

Brings a lot of intensity to every relationship. Is a powerful ally, and a powerful enemy. You are strongly impacted by each encounter you have. You're very triggered by others. You've got a strong competitive streak. You come to the defense of those you love. You thrive on being in a partnership, but it can also bring a lot of conflict.

Mars in the Eighth House:

You like to probe into the heart of the matter, and this can provoke some people. You're interested in total transformation, and go through radical changes in your life. You have a healthy sex drive, and find this a source of renewal and power.

Mars in the Ninth House:

You're a seeker, and like to be on the move. The chance to learn while traveling is your idea of heaven. You thrive in fields of activity that are hands-on, experiential. You are drawn to life's work that has a global reach. You are energized by stimulating conversation that is like a quest for knowledge. You are physically active, and may be into running or horseback riding.

Mars in the Tenth House:

You are career oriented, and willing to do what it takes to achieve. You set the bar high for yourself, and are attracted to those with power, prestige, wealth. You move ahead cautiously, and with control, after building a strong foundation for what you're doing. You're interesting in creating enduring structures, and leaving a lasting legacy.

Mars in the Eleventh House:

You are wired to move with a group -- friends, colleagues, teammates. You enjoy collaboration and being part of something (like a network) bigger than yourself. You're a real motivating force, for community actions or galvanizing events through the Internet. You are a "joiner" but also someone who is a natural free-spirit. Your drive is to break through known limits, and lift others up too.

Mars in the Twelfth House:

You are driven by forces that many people don't perceive. For example, serendipities and synchronicity becomes like road markers for you, guiding you to act on each next thing. You can be overpowered by others, if you don't listen to your own feelings and intuition. You are sensitive to what others are experiencing, and find strong motivation in coming to the aid of people or animals. You are inspired by the otherworldly, more than for worldly gain. Your nature finds a home in the arts, and collaborating with people from all walks of life.

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