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Mars in Scorpio


What You're Like:

You've got the classic smoldering intensity, and look a little dangerous, too. You've got great stores of emotional power and sexual energy stirring within. You come across as observant, self-controlled, and yet ready to pounce on an opportunity. You are passionate, and crave activities that take you deep into a subject. You're skilled at reading the essence of a situation, and appear to make strategic moves at the right time.

You're prone to acting obsessively, and likely find it hard to forgive and forget. A competitive spirit keeps you from giving up easily, and this propels you on the path of success.

What Lights Your Fire:

You absorb yourself in careers that take you into the well of human drama, the darker the better. Your no-fear attitude in the shadows, gives you gifts for healing, crime work, the arts, business, politics. You like to dive in and transmute what's there, through your sheer force of will, creativity and gifts as an emotional Seer. You need work that you're passionate about, and has room to explore ever deeper and more complex. You rise to challenges that test your ability to withstand great pressure, and turn that to your advantage.

Your Sexual Nature:

You've got animal magnetism, and furthermore, you know it. You attract because of the steam you generate that is palpable. You've got hungry eyes, which is another turn on for those whose gaze you meet. You need to regularly release that sexual intensity, for health, and overall well-being. You're likely to be sexually possessive, and do better with partners that are as all-or-nothing as you are.

You're turned on by friction, especially when followed by make-up sex. Some aggressive handling and primal moves are mixed with the tender embrace. You want to experience it all.


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