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Mercury in Libra


Quality and Element:

Mercury Themes:

eloquent speaker, charming, peacemaker, diplomacy, soothing voice, sympathetic, mingler, flirty, harmonizer

Possible Challenges:

mental laziness, indecisiveness, people-pleasing, avoiding conflict, procrastination, over-intellectualizing

The Libra Mentality:

Mercury in Libra seers have the ability to weigh an issue from all sides. This is where their reputation for diplomacy comes from. Sometimes they're elevated to the status of official peacemaker, known to be able to bring harmony to chaos. Because they often have an innate sense of fairness, it's easier for conflicting parties to trust their intentions.

This same gift of seeing all the options and sides can make them indecisive, which can be exasperating to those around them. The delay comes from wanting to weigh the pros and cons carefully, to follow the best course. But if they take too long to decide, sometimes an opportunity passes them by.

They're very easy-going and the best people to meet at parties. They're warm and able to offset any social awkwardness with their charm. You might call Mercury in Libra the smooth operator of Mercury signs. Oftentimes their voices are distinctive in some way, which gives them talent as speakers or performers.

Mercury in Libras love harmony so much, that at times they'll run around conflict to avoid it. This can create all kinds of neuroses and confusing relations with others. It comes from an actual fear of the boat being rocked, since that state makes them very uncomfortable. A challenge is learning that it's okay to disagree, and that a lot of friction can be tolerated in a relationship when there's a basic respect.

Mercury in Libra are synthesizers and bridge builders, whether its merging people or ideas, as with writers born under this Mercury sign. As an air sign, there's a clarity of thought that allows them to be the big picture people. And being cardinal, the initiative is there to actively assert their ideas into the world. They may restore balance in every area of life they touch -- from their own personal sphere, to the public stage through activism, social justice, the Arts, writing, speaking, etc.

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