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New Moon Personality

Understanding Your Moon Phase


New Moon Personality
  • On the Lunar Calendar: First days after Dark moon up to 3 ½ days
  • Degree: 0 to 45 degrees ahead of the Sun
  • Inner Directive: acting on impulses; announcing presence to the world

The New Moon personality is fresh-faced and ready for action. You are impulsive, dynamic, forceful. Born at the New Moon, you embody the raw surge out of the primordial dark. Your lunar phase energy is similar to Aries, the first fire sign who rushes into situations in a trusting way. That innocence gives you a trusting outlook. You want to test yourself in every situation. The way you emerge comes from your Sun-Moon signs, which can be exact or close degrees. It's an uncomplicated, initiating expression of your "Lights" into the world.

You may have the initiating part down, but often fail to take practicalities into account. You are the emerging being, but it may not fit with the circumstances at hand. In her book, 2012 and the Galactic Center, Christine Page writes that you can feel disconnected from the earth. "They are helped by becoming more present and aware of their bodies and by making a mark upon the world without seeking the approval of others to give them security.

Your persona is to be the initiating spark. Over time, you'll gain confidence in your timing, and an understanding of yourself in relation to the world.

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