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Archives of astrology talks, planetary tables, ephimerides, chart reference sites and more.
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Art & Science of Astrology
A podcast series with 40 different astrologers, on a broad range of topics -- from NORWAC conference 2009 and 2010.

Tarot, the Major Arcana
A gallery (with the Rider-Waite deck) of the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Planet Kiddie - Children's Astrology for Parents
An interview with Moira Collins, a creator of websites focused on children's astrology.

Mundane Astro Primer
Definitions for houses, planets and signs, as used to understand trends in the world. Mundane comes from "mundo" which means world.

Astro Data Bank
An open source wiki of astrology charts of notable people, events.

Astrology Internet Radio Shows
A continually updates list of Internet-based astrology radio shows around the 'net. Let me know if you hear about a good one at astrology@aboutguide.com.

Astrology Glyphs (html codes)
Here are some html codes for the Astrology glyphs.

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