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Review of Titanic Astrology

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Review of Titanic Astrology

The Bottom Line

Titanic Astrology is an astrological investigation by an author with a soul-level resonance to the story and its characters. Eileen Grimes looked for clues in over 1,200 charts for the ship and the main actors, and discovered in most the Titanic "astrological signature." Her personable analysis of this event reveals why it still looms large in the collective imagination.

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  • Includes charts for all the key players, and Titanic turning points.
  • Brief bios make it easy to skip around (which is how I read).
  • Written by a Neptunian Pisces with a deep empathy for the souls involved.
  • Weaves together intuitive wisdom and clear astrological insight.
  • Makes a great gift!


  • Could also work well as a large book, with more pictures.


  • Shows how Mercury retrograde squaring Neptune led to mixed signals all around.
  • Uses the shared "astrological signature" to illustrate the phenomenon of soul groups experiencing an event together.
  • Includes charts that highlight the Titanic degrees in all the key players.

Guide Review - Review of Titanic Astrology

This is a book that puts an already fascinating event in the awesome context of astrology. In clear, engaging writing, Eileen Grimes begins with the Master Chart -- the moment Titanic hit the iceberg -- which has Neptune at 21 degrees Cancer, squaring the Nodal Axis, also exactly at 21 degrees Libra/Aries.

The Lunar Nodes in a chart are a continuum of soul growth, with the North Node pointing the way toward evolution, and the South Node as the heritage of the soul, and what Grimes calls, "the path of least resistance." The Titanic's South Node in luxury-loving Libra led to complacency, and focus on the elegant outer package, instead of whether there were enough lifeboats. The Aries North Node sent the Titanic full steam ahead, ignoring warnings about the icebergs, and in the end, many paid a high price for the arrogant assumption that it was "unsinkable." Grimes expertly lays out this epic-scale drama, when the God of the Sea (Neptune) abruptly ended the dream.

Six years of researching charts also lead to the discovery that 83 percent of those closely linked to the Titanic had significant planets at 21 (or within a close orb) degrees, in cardinal signs. She also devotes a chapter to Mercury being in retrograde at the time of the sinking. Mercury's folly would be comical, were it not so tragic, from the missed warnings of icebergs to the nearby Californian turning off its receiver, to the contradictory newspaper headlines afterwards.

The story of the Titanic was a "magnificent obsession" for Grimes, and Titanic Astrology is the treasure of that sustained focus. In that way, it's an inspiring book, and she encourages readers to follow those events from history that reach into the soul. Writes Grimes, "I urge you to look into it as deeply as you can -- because somewhere in there is a forgotten part of yourself."

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