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9-The Hermit


Virgo and being guided by your own light. The Hermit marks a time of turning inward for the answers, seeking wise counsel, being alone.
9-The Hermit

Rider Waite Tarot/Public Domain Image

The Hermit's eyes are closed in this deck, but he's carrying a bright illuminating star to guide him. It's time for the seeker to be still and know. And to trust and tune in to the guiding voice that comes from the "knowing" part of you.

Often the Hermit shows up when there's deep integration happening that's personal and solitary. There's relief in not needing to consult others for confirmation anymore. You're becoming your own healer and highest authority on the matter.

The Hermit ushers in self-trust and deep sense of character. It's hard-won self-containment that doesn't need external validation. In this atmosphere, you can vision without interfering voices, or find a productive, solitary groove. A profound healing is underway.

Reversed: Troubled by a situation that seems unresolvable; Cut off from your own guidance; Overly influenced by opinions of others; Inability to be alone (but emerging desire to overcome it.)

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