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Scorpio and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Water Bearers


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Upside: loyal friends; solid in a crisis; sexually adventurous.

Downside: clashing needs; secret life; hot and cold; self-obsessed; evasive; defiant; stubborn with opinions.

Quality and Element Fixed Water (Scorpio) and Fixed Air (Aquarius)

Love Charge

Scorpio and Aquarius are like magnets when near each other, that instinctively repel because there's a disturbance in the force. And yet, that very charge, creates a delicious tension, and brings them back for more. If there's intrigue, the strong magnetism there makes for an exciting affair.

As two fixed signs, there's an edge to this pairing that they're both naturally attracted to. Initially, they're a couple of cool characters, with just a hint of the complexity that lies beneath the surface.

The Waterbearer is engaged with the atmosphere and people, always scanning around to pick up different vibes. Scorpio is sussing out the deeper emotional-soul body, and on the hunt for intimate resonance. This is a big clash (Scorpio and Aquarius square each other) in their relating needs and attitudes. Any fundamental problems later on can be traced back to this core difference.

First Dates

Aquarius likes to be friends first, and this gives suspicious Scorpio a lot of time to just observe. Scorpio is intrigued by human puzzles, and Aquarius is full of quirky traits to be curious about. They're both drawn to the fringes, and dates lead them to the experimental, the taboo or to unusual places.

Aquarius doesn't blink at Scorpio's extreme views and moods, being a radical non-judger, and prone to off-the-wall opinions, too. In that atmosphere, Scorpio relax and be as far out as they need to be. Aquarius can be like a bridge over troubled water for Scorpio, helping the latter gain perspective.

But Aquarius doesn't "do drama" and won't take the bait if Scorpio attempts an energetic power grab. Scorpio's biggest challenge here is accepting that Aquarius can't be possessed, as it's a sign that casts a wide social net.

And that becomes a sticking point, as Aquarius likes to have lots of friends, many of them casual acquaintances. Scorpio in contrast, has a handful of intimates with which to share the soul's journey. Being a sign of mind-body-soul merging, Scorpio longs to plunge the depths of love with their partner. An air sign, the nature of Aquarius is once-removed, yet this is a sign with cosmic wisdom to match Scorpio's.

Water Ways

As the Waterbearer, Aquarius is like a conduit for fast energies from out of the blue, and while they may not "feel" deep, they can understand Scorpio's depths. Aquarius' call is to translate these cosmic downloads into this dense physical plane. Some Aquarians ooze trustworthiness and stellar integrity. Many have a sense of mission, and over time, prove that they walk their talk.

If Scorpio trusts this and experiences the bond on what could be called the spiritual plane, a strong foundation can be built. Scorpio also moves water, of the soulful, imaginative kind. When these two currents -- fast and cosmic, with slow and soulful -- blend in a loving relationship, that's pure magic. They become creative collaborators in life, bringing a perspective of depth and breadth to all that comes their way.

Both are fixed signs, with minds that fixate -- or obsess --  on something, but Scorpio is probing and Aquarius is more conceptual. Scorpio wants to dive to the bottom, and emerge with a multi-dimensional view. Aquarius likes to look down from a great height, and see how things are connected from that distant perspective. If they understand this key difference in outlook, they become a creative team par excellence. If not, both can feel profoundly misunderstood.

Being so strong-willed, this is bound to be one intense relationship. They've got the determination to create exactly the kind of life they want. With Aquarius thwarting convention, often this is a pairing that's unusual in some way. Both like to remain enigmatic, even to those they love. It keeps the relationship fresh and ever changing, since there are always more layers to uncover.

Aquarius can be loyal, but Scorpio will have to accept that it won't ever be a full surrender. There's a dignity about what's created, when all goes well, that is far more valuable. It's a lifelong friendship full of respect, freedom, commitment and intimacy.

Scorpio and Aquarius Love Story

Aquarius girl, Scorpio guy

I'm Aquarius and have been with my Scorpio man for 13 months. It seems to me that our relationship is based entirely on passion and physical attraction. As a typical Aquarian I'm quite detached in emotions but I found myself growing crazier about him every day. This is scary that makes me want to run away. I tried to break up with him every other week ... but couldn't. He's like a black hole to me. So attractive, dark, intensive, deep. I just have to manage to get away from time to time to keep myself intact. Sometimes it's very difficult to see him through. He's generally very caring and soft, and never gets mad at me even if I'm doing something terrible to him. But sometimes he also makes me feel that I'm being used for sex or other benefits. I find it very hard to trust him; I don't know if he feels the same way in me ... he'd never tell me.

—Guest Aqua

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