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All About Taurus

A one-stop resource for everything Taurus, including profiles and love compatibility.
  1. Taurus Love Matches (13)

Twelve Tips for When the Sun is in Taurus
Twelve Tips for Sun in Taurus time (April 19th to May 20th).

Taurus the Bull
Taurus the Bull (April 20-May 21) -- traditional associations (gems, flowers) and meanings.

Taurus, the Materialist
A look at a Taurus stereotype. Is Taurus a materialist?

Taurus Wellness Rx
Holistic astrologer and author Stephanie Gailing has wellness tips for when the Sun is in Taurus.

Planets in Taurus
A little about each of the planets in Taurus, with links to longer interpretations.

Sun in Taurus
A profile of the Sun in Taurus with a list of famous examples.

Taurus Women Quotes
Some musings from the Venusian Goddess of the zodiac, Taurus.

Taurus Women on Love
Some words on love by the Venusian Goddess, Taurus.

Taurus Men Quotes
Some random musings by famous people born under the sign of the Bull.

Taurus Men on Love
Some musings on love from the sensual male bull, Taurus.

Even Venusian Goddesses Get the Blues
Uma Thurman's body image problem and more on the Taurean woman's voluptuous, often generous curves.

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