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Taurus and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

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Upside: Strong libidos; enjoy sampling new cuisine together; cut to the chase; very physical; hedonists who love a good party; possibly athletic; cultural interests; realists who deal with 'what is.'

Downside: Patience tested; possessive Bull makes walls close in for Sadge; Taurus is chill, Sadge on speed; Taurus travels with steamer trunk, Sadge with backpack.

Element and Quality Fixed Earth (Taurus) and Mutable Fire (Sagittarius)

Creaturely Love

The Taurus and Sagittarius pairing has a reputation for hot sexual chemistry. Both signs are mythically linked to strongly built beasts. There's plenty of physical endurance to keep the love going into the night. Lots of love gymnastics and sensuality. It's a passionate love match!

But a few red flags are hoisted when it comes to long-term romance. Unless other energies bring balance, Taurus and Sadge find themselves a temperamental odd couple.

Taurus craves security and roots. Sagittarius thrives in freedom and movement. Both signs, though have a lust for life, that sparks an initial attraction. The Bull is a conservative lover when it comes to commitment. Taurus asks, is this worth my investment? Sagittarius has a spirited, experimental outlook on love -- they'll try anything once! A seasoned Sadge, ready to explore deeper intimacy, is a better match here.

Lusty Lovers

At the heady beginning of the affair, the settled sensual nature of the Bull intrigues the (centaur) Sagittarius. Sadge widens Taurus' world, gets them traveling, and introduces them to exotics of all kinds. Venus-ruled Taurus shows the Archer favorite cafes, artists and musicians, a collection of artisan this and that. Tensions rise if Taurus prefers mainly home-bound pleasures, while Sadge wants to be out and about. They demonstrate their love physically, and that unspoken language is a strong glue. They'll need some compromise, to satisfy different social tempos.

Slow and Swift

The restless Sadge finds the Taurean focus too fixed at times, and starts to consider the Bull slothful and a bit of a dullard. Sagittarius can be just as zealous about their opinions, and if judgements begin flying, it can be hard to find common ground again.

The explosive, adventure-seeking Sagittarian nature sets off alarms for the more cautious, productivity-minded Taurus. Taurus may think Sadge too scattered and careless. The last straw comes when Sadge bluntly tells the Bull what's wrong with their way of doing things.

Under perceived threat, the Bull stubbornly stomps in place a few times, and might just show that rarely seen, but legendary rage. Some rather alarming wrestling can become a pattern. But if Taurus and Sadge have their eyes open, and know the danger signs, their differences could make this an interesting mojo blend.

Taurus and Sagittarius Love Stories

Reader "Not Sure" writes, "I'm a Taurus female with Sag. male partner and we've been together for almost one year. Doesn't seem like it because we still constantly fight and I was hoping that by now we'd have a better understanding of each other to avoid being at each others throat all the time. Yet, he is one of the best guys that I've ever met. He's kind, giving, compassionate and passionate. Our physical relationship is amazing, but not sure how long this will hold up if the arguments continue. Taurus and Sag might just be too different to be in an intimate relationship."

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