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Birth Charts

The planets, luminaries (Sun and Moon) and points each carry a body of knowledge and meaning. Explore their significance here, and integrate it into your astrological repertoire. Find the pieces on your own natal chart wheel.
  1. Asteroids Natal Chart (2)
  2. Chart Calculators (5)
  3. Chart Parts & Points (23)
  4. Chart Patterns (2)
  5. Chiron Interpretations (6)
  6. Jupiter Interpretations (13)
  7. Mars: Signs, Houses, Aspects (71)
  8. Mercury: Signs, Houses, Aspects (30)
  9. Moon Interpretations (38)
  10. Neptune Interpretations (4)
  11. Pluto Interpretations (11)
  12. Saturn: Signs, Houses, Aspects (52)
  13. The Aspects (8)
  14. The Houses (16)
  15. Uranus Interpretations (3)
  16. Venus Interpretations (13)
  17. Your Child's Chart (10)

Jupiter and Saturn
Jupiter and Saturn are complementary cronies in the birth chart.

Jupiter in Aries (or First House)
Jupiter Aries in the Birth Chart -- You find your way by acting on your instincts, and often find yourself at the leading edge.

Jupiter in Leo (or Fifth House)
Jupiter Leo -- you create spontaneously, with pride, and grow best along the path with heart.

Sun in the Houses
The Sun in the houses is a big clue to your central calling.

What is a Birth Chart?
A beginners guide to the parts of the birth chart.

Jupiter Return
"Many Happy Returns!" - when Jupiter meets your natal Jupiter (every 12 years), make the most of the lucky streak.

Birth Chart Interpretations
Clear, informative interpretations from Cafe Astrology.

The Basic Chart
An introduction to the basic chart, used to understand moments in time.

Qualities in the Chart
On taking a look at which qualities are at play in an astrological chart.

Elements in the Chart
Fire, earth, air and water -- looking at the dominant element, and any 'missing' elements, is a first step to interpret your own birth chart.

What does it mean? Some tips on making sense of astrological interpretations.

Learning to Interprete Birth Charts
A step by step approach to understanding birth charts in astrology.

Charts of Famous People
A collection of charts of notable people, politicians, celebrities and other agents of change.

Where's My Other Stuff?
An easy guide to going beyond the Sun sign, to find out about your 'other stuff,' the planets and points that fill out your chart.

Chart Reading Tools
A gallery of images used to illustrate the concepts of chart reading.

Sun and Moon in the Birth Chart
Understanding your Sun-Moon combination in the birth chart.

Intro to the Birth Chart
An article on the birth chart by Mary Plumb, for the Mountain Astrologer.

Jupiter in Sagittarius (or Ninth House)
Jupiter Sagittarius -- movement, and a series of adventures, each one different..share your story.

Jupiter in Gemini (or Third House)
Jupiter in Gemini or Third House -- fluent, infinite choices, a way with language.

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