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First House


First House

(c) Margan Zajdowicz

House of:


early childhood, persona, temperament, behavior, personal atmosphere, appearance, physical attributes, self-interest, style, image, quirks, the Ego

House of Self:

With the Rising sign (or ascendant) on the cusp, the First House is considered the entry point for understanding the entire birth chart. This House influences the sense of self and personal image that others see, through mannerisms, style and attitude.

Signs and planets here have a big impact on what I'll call the atmosphere of the Self. The First House is the energy of the Self, experienced by others. Someone with high vitality could have Mars in this house, while Saturn here acts to restrain energy, and lends a seriousness to the personality. Hard aspects in this house show up as behavior issues that are out there for all the world to see. Favorable aspects are gifts that may make you particularly attractive, or well-liked by others.

The First House includes physical attributes that shape your sense of who you are. Health issues that impact your personal journey show up here in the birth chart. This means both your physical and psychological make-up, with a special focus on the face and head. But the First House holds keys to your overall appearance, including grooming habits, and tastes in dress and carriage.

As the First House, there's an associative link to childhood, and the experiences that have shaped your sense of Self. Hard aspects here hint at difficult early obstacles, sometimes parenting, that had an impact on your self-image, and ability to act in the world. The long shadow of childhood presents a series of challenges for such a person, the journey to overcome a rough start. Favorable aspects, on the other hand, may have laid a strong foundation for later success.

Transits to the First House may cause changes to your self-image, and impact you on a personal level. Your very being gets altered, depending on the energies lighting up this house.

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