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Mars in Cancer


Mars in Cancer is roused to action when something pulls at the heart. Your emotions rule your motivation and passion. You can be intensely engaged in activities that allow you to ride those waves of feeling. It’s hard for you to fake interest, if you’re heart’s not into it. Your vitality fluctuates, and sometimes you're inhibited by insecurity. But you move mountains, with this cardinal Mars, when the mood hits.

Your sense of timing is based on intuitively sensing the atmosphere. You keep it cool until the moment is right. Others may not know what you’re planning, until you actually do it. Like the crab, you prefer to sidestep up to new activities and people, rather than go toward them directly. You circle around what you want, look for inroads, and watch the reactions of others carefully.

You crave emotional honesty, and will pick up on discord right away. You act to secure your life and relationships. Your sexuality is enveloping, nurturing, seductive and emotional. You’re fiercely protective of those you love.

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