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Mars in Taurus


Mars in the fixed sign of Taurus lends stability and patience. You outlast others, as you persist until you get what you want. You're careful about what you commit to, because you stick with a plan until it's completed. You are sometimes slow-moving, but more thorough in whatever you do. You can be inflexible and stubborn to change, even when it's clearly needed. It's maddening to you to take action, with no visible results. But you are disciplined over the long haul, and can achieve mastery in your chosen field.

Mars in Taurus gives you a passion for sturdy, lovely things. You might be into collecting antiques, restoring homes, or have a knack for playing the market. Your eye for beauty and discipline gives you natural ability to succeed as a working artist. You may enjoy being outdoors, working with animals or gardening. You work hard, but also take play seriously, making time to relax. You feel wealthy when you're enjoying the fruits of your labors.

You are naturally seductive, as a creature of pleasure who is at home in the body. You enjoy extended intimate foreplay, with senses heightened to touch, smell, taste and sound. You can be languid and lazy, or go after what you want with animal urgency.

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