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The Tenth House


The Tenth House

(c) Victor Iglesias

House of:

Saturn and Capricorn

Life Themes:

authority, career, Midheaven, life's calling, status, legacy, father or mother (guiding influence), mentor, monument

House of Lifetime Achievement:

While the sixth house defines how you make a living, with jobs and income streams, the tenth house is about your life's work. It's what you look back on, as your legacy in the world. The tenth house is also associated with the Midheaven (on the tenth house cusp). It's an expression of your public persona, how you're seen as a figure on the world stage. The dynamics found here show how you fulfill, over time, your destiny to become an authority in some area. Saturn's mastery is hard-won, and the rewards of this house come through careful progress over time.

With its Capricorn signature, the tenth house deals with the material realm. The insights in this house show how you act in the real world, how you get things done. Because that often requires an inner authority, the full expression of this house is a power that is bedrock solid. It is achieved from experience, wisdom, perseverance and a cumulative history of success. Are you an expert? The sign and planetary action in this house show what fields you're likely to build well in.

The tenth house is associated with father, in the sense that he's a figure that traditionally coaches you to take your place in the world. But nowadays, that could also be the mother, or any other significant family figure or mentor. The authoritarian in your life teaches the lessons of the tenth house, and how to claim your own power.

This house is one marked by worldliness, and has an impact on your lasting legacy. We're talking the enduring impact on society, by your actions and what you create. It could be monuments, books, buildings, theories or the shaping of young minds (as a teacher). It's where you find the guiding signs toward achieving what you came here to do. You could call it the career destiny, how you make your mark.

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