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Moon Void-of-Course

Lunar Drift


Moon Void-of-Course

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What is it?

The Moon has the fastest orbit, and as it cycles around the Earth, it makes aspects to other planets, and moves through all 12 Zodiac signs. It makes contact with all the wanderers (planets), in what are called aspects. These are the angles formed by the relationship, known as squares, oppositions, trines, sextiles and conjunctions.

When the Moon is Void-of-Course, often written as VOC or v/c on your calendar, it's left the last aspect it'll make before going into the next Zodiac sign. The echo of that last planetary transit can color the emotional atmosphere, since the Moon is like our mood lighting.

Lost in Space

The Void Moon is very subtle, but those entrained to the Moon's cycles could feel it strongly. It happens about 13 times per month, and can be a few minutes or at its longest, a few hours.

Some feel disconnected, spacey, without traction, at the Void Moon. You might feel less grounded in general, making it hard to come to be decisive, or stick to your "to-do list." It might be wiser to let go of the pressure, and come back to your project when you're more clear.

It's a fleeting phenomenon, but if the floaty feeling takes hold, check your day planner -- is it a v/c Moon? This period favors right brain activities, relaxing, daydreaming, gentle tasks around the house or inviting the muse.

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