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New Moon Gemini - Updated May 22nd, 2014


New Moon Gemini - Updated May 22nd, 2014

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When the Moon is new in Gemini the Sun is also in Gemini. This year's Gemini New Moon falls on May 28th, 2014 at 2:40 PM Eastern. Find your timezone with the Worldclock.

The New Moon in Gemini, is at 7º Gemini 21′ degrees!  Look to this house or planet (where you find that initiating degree of air sign Gemini) -- this is the energetic locale for interstellar winds of change. This is where there's potential for a big shake-up. Or what becomes a fascination vortex -- the life arena to see anew, with curious, alert eyes.

Astro-Notes for 2014

There's a swirl of brilliantly charged intelligences in play at the Gemini New Moon.  This is a moment to dispel mental trances, while being wary of setting anything in stone.

Mars (in Libra) is now direct (Thank Goodness!) and in a revving trine to both the Sun and Moon.  The motivation of the conscience (Libra) is strong, and could be a guiding force for action (or plans).  

In the contemplative dark of the Moonless night, the mind is awake and scanning.  It's one for musing on possibilities, weighing options (Libra) and dreaming.

You might hold off on drawing new conclusions though, as Neptune (Pisces) is the other big cosmic player.  Just when you're sure you've got it wrapped up in a tidy package, an idea loses its luster, or turns out to be an empty illusion. 

Neptune (Pisces) shows us how to let go, and allow those bubbles to pop and chimeras to dissipate.  Neptune squares the Sun and Moon, for both enchantments and the possibility of being deceived. 

With so much mutable energy and the specter of Neptune, the atmosphere is at times like a fun house with distorted mirrors.  At other times, with the Mars-charge, there can be vitalizing, decisive certainty. 

It's a chance to entertain ideas, and roam the imagination.  Watch what floats by and look at it from many angles.  Weigh the alternatives, see from new perspectives...make your world new again. 

What's the New Moon Special? 

The New Moon is a time of beginnings. You can set intentions that grow with the lunar light and reach fruition at the Full Moon.

In Gemini, your curiosity leads you toward new fascinations -- the joy of learning is heightened. Many are opening to the experience of multi-dimensionality -- that we exist simultaneously in many worlds.

Gemini is the magician and the winged messenger who sends communiques at high speed between these worlds. This is the atmosphere of the New Moon, for startling messages that wake us up to a more expansive reality.

Your Inner Translator

This is a right on lunation to root in your own trustworthy internal guidance system. What jams your signals?  Get rid of it!  Unplug from channels that disrupt, confuse and overwhelm your innate GPS.

Clear your receptors, by getting away from external frequencies when you can. The more you use that inner gadgetry -- the toolbox of all the intelligences (emotional, intuitive, intellectual, sensate and more) -- the more your trust grows. If you've been overwhelmed, use this New Moon to calm the crazy with some silence.

A mutable New Moon makes for a racing mind or restless mood, with possible physical agitation. It's wise to take a break from your own psyche (!), as my friend says, if you feel the mental mania.

Since mental racing here leads to stress, look for healthy escapes like a movie or book that's spiritually nourishing. Neptune is square to this New Moon, for fantastic voyages through the imagination. However, to get there, the mind needs soothing and settling.

Many of us are experiencing the anxiety that comes with change and the awareness of being at the crossroads. What will help on those sleepless nights? What takes you beyond that frantic echo chamber that's hard on the whole system - spirit, body and mind. Look to what elevates, or put that feverish intellect into something like spontaneous writing, music-making, poetry, chaos dancing or productive crafts and projects.

Big Themes:

  • a mental rebooting
  • a breakdown of the matrix -- astonishing, at times frightening, ultimately liberating
  • accepting paradox, in our traits and life stories, and in that of others
  • being in the world, not of the world
  • updating your style, adding something others might think is out of character
  • swift, exciting changes
  • doing two or more things at once
  • brilliance, laughing at the absurdity of it all
  • novelty, wit, fun, stimulating conversation
  • attraction to mixers, talking with people from all walks of life
  • impulse to learn, collect, gather, exchange knowledge


It's a Good Time to:

  • Speak your mind confidently, while being open to the influx of the new.
  • Share in the cosmic joke, make someone laugh - the ultimate gift!
  • Pull in information from many sources, breathe life into your work with inspired lines of thought.
  • Give descriptive life to your imagination (writing, drawing, dancing, painting, performing).
  • Make your voice heard in your community.
  • Have or attend a light soiree.
  • Plant a butterfly or bee-attracting garden.


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