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New Moon in Aries

A Fresh Start


New Moon in Aries

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Aries New Moon is March 22, 2012 at 10:37 am (EDT).


The Aries Moon awakens the wildcat fighter in each of us. There's a constellation of Aries planets, together with the Sun and Moon at the very early 2 degree. Aries rings in the astrological New Year, and is the first burst of creation -- the Big Bang.

Instead of the overused Aries warrior brand, have a think on Aries as spark, originality, passion, will, acting on intent, the rush of Spring life force. It's a new Moon to experience essence, when you're more yourself. Mercury retrograde brings us unusual messages, sometimes unlocking enigmatic events of the past. And Uranus adds buzzy stimulation, and probability that shocks to the mind change everything -- opening new doors.

A super stimulated Aries atmosphere bring the untamed and confident you forward. Staying very grounded, while open to the spontaneous and alive moment, brings unexpected growth opportunities.

Lighting a Fire

Aries has a natural optimism that comes from the sheer joy of being alive. The secret gift is how this cardinal fire sign rises to meet any challenge with courage. We all express personal will in a different way, but Aries puts muscle into it, so we're able to walk the talk -- act on instincts. As actors, we have more of a hand in shaping our world -- as reactors, we can be easily overwhelmed by external forces and influences.

This New Moon is one to prepare yourself spiritually to meet the intensity of the moment. New Moons are chill time, but in Aries, you could be drawn to inspiring stories of heroism, or call in spirit helpers to aid in any battles ahead. If I had a tip for the New Moon, it would be to call on allies from the angelic and telluric (Earth) realms, for guidance and protection.

Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings might've been describing our uncertain world, when he said: "There was never much hope, just a fool's hope." Aries is the Fool in the Tarot, not because he's simpleminded. He's the Fool that meets the future boldly, as an adventurer. It's a sign that's not likely to carry a lot of baggage into the future. Traveling light like the Fool is the key to adapting to change. And to keep the focus on yourself, to do your best, and set your own high standards to meet.

Aries Stellium

Wherever Aries (0 to 4 degrees) falls in your birth chart, there's a chance to push into new ground of experience, totally alive at the edge. As an Aries Sun might say, this new Moon is the Best One! We're still drawn into the lunar darkness where wisdom is best seen with the inner eye. But the Aries messages are like flashing neon signs across a darkened sky. With Uranus in the mix, there's lightning to add a sense of drama and danger, but also to light the landscape. There's stormy weather ahead, with dramatic bolts out of the blue, both in 3 D, and in the way we make sense of reality.

Dreams and passions resurface in the imagination, and dare you to claim them. Images of the larger-than-life version of you comes to visit, and can inspire you to set intentions that fulfill that vision.

Grand Trine in Earth Signs

The anchor for all this wild and restless creativity is the grand trine between planets in earth signs (Jupiter, Mars, Pluto). Being in nature settles the manic nerves. Walking barefoot attunes us to the pulse of the planet, and is known to be healing. This is a time for rediscovering the indigenous soul, that's at home as an intimate part of the planet.

The Spring blooming, and with Venus also in Taurus, brings us back to our senses. It's a chance to turn off the fear, and choose instead to revel in Spring's outburst of life.

This matrix of earth energies shows us ways to formalize -- give form to -- these new ideas popping out left and right. The grand trine in earth supports steady building, and with Mars in retrograde, the patience to be precise and practice until there's more momentum. This could be a time of digging deeper, consolidating and organizing. If you get in a loop of "analysis paralysis," keep it simple with tasks that are rhythmic and allow for daydreaming.

This new Moon is about beginning again and seeing anew, like in this T.S. Eliot poem:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time

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