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New Moon in Capricorn

Sinking In


New Moon in Capricorn

(c) Alicia Jo McMahan

The new Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday (Exact at 6:37 am EST) is a rich, dark well to draw from. What aspirations have been lit up by the recent Jupiter-Pluto conjunction? There's no need to rush. Take your time and listen. Big changes are on the way, and in the quiet of this new Moon, you may start to see its shadowy form.

Capricorn is a sign of patience, earth-wisdom, dignity and deliberate action. There's a need to settle into a well thought out life-structure that leads to achievement. The ambition and authority of Capricorn come out of a desire to fully cultivate, and then share, the natural gifts within. It's a moment when musing on your destiny -- against the backdrop of current collective changes -- can be especially fruitful.

This new Moon comes at a hugely significant astrological turning point. Pluto, the powerful planet that provokes changes on a global scale, is moving into Capricorn later this month. The new Moon in Capricorn is a chance to tune into guidance, and become aligned with the prevailing earth energy of the new year. Jupiter and Pluto met in Sagittarius, the visionary fire sign, and now both move into Capricorn, where dreams can be made real. Not overnight, but in the fullness of time.

Jupiter's presence alongside the new Moon gives us a little cosmic encouragement for the road ahead, though we sense it may be steep. Jupiter in Capricorn helps us expand our horizons when we wisely, carefully choose our steps. The planet of luck is our ally as 'big picture' goals come into view, guiding us to the right resources and people this year. The new Moon is a chance to offer a prayer to the big U that you'll be open to seeing the signs, and have the courage to follow them.

Capricorn is a sign of collective earth reality, one that understands limitations, courtesy of its ruler Saturn. It's a sign that patiently tunes in to its physical surroundings, knowing when to take steps and when to listen and wait. Although linked to the father, Capricorn is a feminine sign, making it receptive, especially of sensual impressions of the environment. A trine to transiting Saturn in Virgo makes this new Moon (and year) one for releasing yourself back into the wild. Experiment with listening to nature, and seeing yourself as part of it, not outside it. It's a great time to add your vital energies to the survival issue of our time -- preserving our environment. Capricorn's vision can show us our place in the natural lineage, and what role we were born to play in this moment when humanity is making a choice. It gives us patience to do the little things that add up -- like recyling more stuff or carrying the cloth bag to the grocery store.

Capricorn's commonsensical health and nutrition wisdom is a nice partner for Saturn in Virgo moderation. Saturn's guiding hand makes this new Moon a reality-based one, where diet and beauty issues undergo a make-over. Eating well, staying balanced, and fulfilling your destiny -- these make you attractive from the inside out. It's a great time to commit to a healthy diet, especially one with gradual weight loss, and lifestyle changes that bring more balance into your daily life.

This new Moon adds to the general trend toward what's based in real wisdom. Capricorn is a no-nonsense sign that helps you stand on more solid ground. It's a sign that stands firmly rooted in a tradition or area of knowledge, on the path to mastery. It's a good time to ponder where your true talents lie. How will you make your mark? What is your contribution to the world? What kinds of skills, training, real-world experience, education, etc. do you need to be confident as an authority? Look to where Capricorn falls in your chart (house, sign position), to see which arena this personal power will manifest.

There's something enigmatic about Capricorn, and its cavernous depths. In Egyptian and Babylonian symbology, Capricorn was the sea-goat, a creature of both land and water. While known for its sure-footed climbs up mountains, it's a sign seemingly tuned into the collective depths, and underwater ravines. There's very little that escapes this Cardinal earth sign's awareness, including the accumulated melancholy of the ages. If it appears slow and methodical, that's because its holistic nature needs time. This new Moon encourages goals that draw your whole self in -- mind, body and spirit. It's time to think in terms of a life mission, with daily actions that support your unfolding destiny.

Capricorn's horn became the cornucopia, or Horn of Plenty, with earth's abundance spilling out. The cardinal earth sign is one of wealth, coming from slow, steady empire building, rather than overnight success. Again, be patient and start where you are. This new Moon encourages the dreamer to become a full-fledged doer, taking small steps to achieve big goals. Other planetary energies will infuse your plodding with flashes of insight. But this new Moon, rich rewards come from tending to your foundation, as the solid, fertile ground of your destiny.

1. Source: God Herself: The Feminine Roots of Astrology; Geraldine Thorston, Hearst Books, 1980.
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