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New Moon in Sagittarius


New Moon in Sagittarius

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At 21 Sagittarius, this is the ultimate visioning lunation -- make a dream board of your aspirations, to keep eyes on the prize. The date for 2012 is Thursday, December 13th, at 3:42 am EST. Find your location's time with the World Clock Converter.

The pre-Christian gnostics called themselves the telestai, meaning, those who are aimed. They were seekers of knowledge, and like the fire sign Sagittarius, they grew wise from direct experience. Their philosophy grew out of experiential knowledge, not just book smarts.

Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of casting into the future, expansion, high-ideals. After the soul searching of the last few weeks, this is a lunation to adjust your aim. Like the gnostics, this is a time to shape a vision, from what you know.

When the Moon is new in Sagittarius the Sun is also in Sagittarius.

The New Moon is a time of fresh starts. The intentions you set, like during a New Moon Ritual t grow with the lunar light and reach fruition at the Full Moon.

New Moon in Sagittarius themes:

  • seeker sans frontiers
  • boundless enthusiasm
  • re-kindling your faith
  • shining a light in the darkness
  • truthtelling
  • travel adventures
  • future plans
  • big picture views
  • classes and workshops
  • trust in life's unfolding
  • humor, joy, play
  • pushing at the edge of what's possible
  • physical challenges
  • spiritual searching
  • freedom in relationship
  • running with the wolves (or dogs, horses, cats, etc)

It's a Good Time to: have an uncensored discussion; start a vigorous life-changing health regimen; care for animals; ride horses; vision for the future; talk about your beliefs with others; open to shifting paradigms; look at life from a fresh angle; contemplate travel abroad; explore a spiritual tradition (join in a kirtan chant, for example); reach out to someone from another culture; add bright warm color to your wardrobe (reds, oranges, yellows) .

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