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Sagittarius Full Moon (June 12, 2014)


Sagittarius Full Moon (June 12, 2014)


Remedy for "Little Me" 


Bright and sunny Sagittarius is a cure-all for those times when it feels like the walls are closing in.  It's frisson in the habitual rhythm of the everyday.  It's a peak experience in an otherwise flat lining stretch.  And it's the invigorating influence of meaning, when you're overwhelmed by the deluge of facts, news, distractions.

It amplifies -- or resuscitates -- your own spirit for seeing life as an adventure. 

A Sagittarius Full moon is one for illuminating visions that can be aligned with your philosophy.  It's not an intellectual exercise, since it comes on a moving current, in a fire sign of action. 

It's the unfurling of consciousness, that brings relief from narrow, demoralizing, dystopian ways of seeing.  Researcher David Icke calls this stuckness in the small, the drama of "Little Me." 

So a way to peak with the Sagittarius Full Moon is to break through stifling conditioning, and soar with a vision.  That makes it a stellar time to make a Vision Board-Collage.

In the days leading up to the Full Moon and after, entertain possibilities that give you that tingle inside, the zing of optimism.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of aspirations and guiding visions.  These are filtered through the charge of idea-collector Gemini (Sun), and fueled by the aim of the archer (Sagittarius Moon).  Be curious about the revelations that come from the magical fusion of intelligences.

It's happening at 22 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius, so look to this axis on your birth chart.  This is the line of influx and observation, that is translated to the big picture.  Where are you aimed?  Keep in mind that in drastic times like these, with so much changing -- and so fast -- it can seem like your target is moving constantly.

Moving Target

It's a Full Moon in the sign of the Archer (Sagittarius).  In a time of extremes, "dire beauty" as Caroline Casey calls it, I'm thinking about the horsemen of Hungary.

Early on in our relationship, my Hungarian husband enchanted me with this story of the Magyars, known to be expert horsemen and archers -- often at the same time! 

The Magyars would spirit away from their enemy, playing out the scenario of retreat.  With the enemy closely following, and at a full gallop, the wily Magyars stood up in their saddle, turned, and let arrows fly.  It was a bit of a trick, and surprise, and a strategy that won them admiration as warriors.

Is this a time to use strategy, your wits and wisdom, to overcome those that have negative agendas?  The spirit of the warrior is strong, with Mars (in Libra) motivated with squares to the churning activators of the grand drama (Uranus-Pluto). 

When stepping back and considering a higher call (Sagittarius), there can also be a call to act on the courage of your convictions (Mars Libra).  

And yet, if you're like me, your sense of what's happening in this time of collapse undergoes rapid rearranging, as new 'data' pours in.  It calls for what the mutable (Gemini-Sagittarius) signs are famous for -- flexibility, adapting, an open mind. 

If there's a kind of battle for the future underway, your valuable treasure is your intellectual curiosity, and quest to know.  And in times like these, the Sagittarius spirit of seeking makes it an adventure, as more is discovered, and swirled around to new understandings.  It's a Full Moon to celebrate that side of this wild time, and invite illumination.

Night Light

The Sun and Moon are at 22 degrees Gemini-Sagittarius. Here's the chart. It's possible to see through many filters, and come up with new interpretations.  That old adage about change your thinking, change your life can be put to the test now.

There's a restless social atmosphere, with a lot of buzz for exchange. 

In this charged Full Moon mood, there's some volatility with Mars (Libra) in its angles to the change-driving Uranus-Pluto square.  There's vitality to cut through what's inhibiting growth, and to make changes (some extreme) to come into sync with your personal philosophy.

On top of that, Venus (Libra's ruler) is opposite Saturn, for some pressure on relationships to "get real."  The sunny spin (that Sagittarius seeks) is to make refinements, however difficult, that are in line with your deepest self, and what you desire.



At this Sagittarius Full Moon, there can be flash sightings of a new big picture. Sagittarius is mutable fire, the sign of broad knowledge -- the kind that connects the dots. This is very, very empowering, and allows you to consider new and surprising possibilities.

A Sagittarius Full Moon brings together the lively curiosity of Gemini (Sun) and the sharp instincts of Sagittarius (Moon).

It's time for the enlightened Fool to set forth on a new adventure! Be watchful for prophetic dreams, and note the serendipity in waking life. Sagittarius is ruled by lucky Jupiter, the planet that keeps us close to the path that feels right and true. The lucky star!

Wise Fool

That's why the Fool in the Tarot comes to mind now.

The Fool travels light, and is at a stage of setting out with no preconceived ideas. That's what Uranus Aries encourages -- to go beyond the conditioned groove, what's handed down -- to what originates from the emerging self.

A Full Moon in Sagittarius now, with all that's going on, energizes the mind. This attracts us to ideas and people that put things into an inspired frame, rather than one that's demoralizing. This is the time to shift, to shake off the cobwebs, and scan the horizon for an idea whose time has come.

Sagittarius is the sign of truth and high ideals. Gandhi said, "Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear." With the clarity, unveiling and burning off of what's false, a new path forward is realized.

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