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Sun in Scorpio


Sun in Scorpio

The Dates:

October 24th through November 22nd


determined, intense, ambitious, passionate, formidable

The Shadow Site:

vengeful, secretive, jealous, manipulative, cunning, obsessive

Quality and Element:

Fixed and Water

People with Sun in Scorpio:

Russell Means, Julia Roberts, Richard Burton, Pablo Picasso, Vivien Leigh, Margaret Mitchell, Toni Collette, Jodie Foster, Roseanne, Joaquin Phoenix, Vivien Leigh, Rufus Sewell, Peter Jackson, Georgia O'Keefe, k.d. lang, Tilda Swinton,  Bjork, Stephen Rae,  Roberto Benigni, Carl Sagan, Marie Curie, Louis Malle, Jeff Buckley

Personality Profile:


There’s a simmering depth to those born with the Sun in Scorpio that can be intimidating. Often you just know they’re intuitively taking in everything around them and revealing very little. And don’t expect instant friendship here, as it takes time to win the trust of the wary Scorpio.

An outer mask of cool control belies a vast and often turbulent psychic interior from which they draw on. In a word, the Scorpio is intense, and works best in a crucible of pressure and uphill challenges. Without a sense of purpose, the darker emotions can take hold and lead them down the paths of obsession, jealousy and worse.

The Sun in Scorpio has the drive to succeed, and often has extracurricular activities that take it up a notch. They’re great competitors because of their built-in radar for the weaknesses of the opponent. They’ll remain calm until the exact right moment when a targeted sting will do the most damage. That’s why in relationships of any kind they are a formidable enemy if betrayed.

The Scorpio often goes into psychological territory that others fear to tread, and emerges both wiser and transformed. They’re the deep-sea divers of the Zodiac, experiencing every situation on many levels, much of it in the unconscious realms. Many Scorpios are drawn to the mysterious and otherworldly, since so much of their nature lies hidden in subterranean waters.

In a relationship with a Scorpio, you’ve got to be strong-willed to keep from being controlled by their undertow. And never try to hide anything from them, because they’ll quickly “read” it on your face. They’ve earned a reputation for being highly sexual, and need an amorous outlet for all that emotional intensity. To those few they allow into their private worlds, they are fiercely loyal and have an enveloping sensuality that makes all the drama worth it.


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