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Cancer Horoscope for 2014

Reflecting Pool


Cancer Horoscope for 2014

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Jupiter in Cancer

The luck-bringer Jupiter continues to sail with your Sun into 2014, urging you take risks to grow.  With so much drawing out your depths, the risks most promoted (by the Big U) are likely creative ones.  These are risks of the self -- to be visible in intimate friendships and to share creative gifts through self-expression.

You sense the value of your particular sensitivity, and see signs that nurturing your gifts is the way to a brighter future.  Jupiter in Cancer is lighting the path, for clarity about fulfilling your Sun's central purpose.   

The impetus is to stretch into new areas, but ones that are natural rays off from your Sun (purpose).  In Cancer, the Jupiterian investment is in what nourishes you deeply.  So much of the unfolding can be in personal relationships, the feeling of belonging, cultivating a family among friends, etc.    

The momentum keeps going in 2014, for authenticity in love and friendshipIndeed, the year begins with a deep review (Venus retrograde) of who is in your corner, and your vision for a solid circle of intimates -- quality over quantity. 

The Reflecting Pool

Yours is a sign that struggles to see yourself objectively at times.  This is balanced out, if your chart has a lot of air energy in other planets.  A curious pattern happens in 2014 with all the Mercury retrogrades beginning in water (emotions, feelings) and moving back into air. 

For example, the first Mercury Rx begins on February 6th in water sign Pisces, and moves back into Aquarius.  These times during the year can be productive and rich, as you add clear-seeing to your feeling. 

You'll want to experiment with objectivity, and being impartial, with Mars in air sign Libra the first half of the year.  This cardinal sign can light up your blind spot, and push your buttons while in Mars.  You could find yourself acting out old patterns of defensiveness, especially when someone is pushing their agenda with no regard for nuances.  

A wise move is to practice being the observer, instead of deep in it.  Take time to get clear, before reacting -- let the waters calm, to be able to see a situation from both sides. 


At the same time, other planetary wanders (such as Saturn, Neptune and Chiron) are still moving in water -- with what each represents cosmically, you're in your element. 

Energetic Matrix

There's the shaping of reality, with Saturn, and in Scorpio, it's about transformation of the psyche.  You continue to have an ally there, like a wise old soul-shaman, as a guide to your own depths.  That makes it another year to bravely face your own demons, and exorcise the past.  What will you turn it into?  How does facing your fears change you from the inside-out?

There can be significant endings, with friends or even a S.O., as the dance you've been doing ends.  The end of a pattern doesn't have to be terminal for a love affair or a friendship, but sometimes it is.  Neptune in friendly water Pisces also brings the dissolving of old soul contracts, from a sense of guilt or that enigmatic pull of karma.  As you gain fluency in new terrain of the psyche, you free yourself from outdated bindings to the past. 

Finally Chiron in Pisces draws you nearer to original wounds that have a lot of power -- as creative raw material, or as medicine to heal yourself and/ or others. 

Playtime and Going Big

At mid-year, Jupiter leaves your sign, for a year in heart-led Leo.  Your load is lighter, for acting on the spontaneous moment, and also sharing your essence through your art of choice.  At this transition, July 16th, there's a spirit of emergence in the air, to play more and follow the heart.

Read more about Jupiter into Leo (July 16th, 2014 to August 12th, 2015).

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