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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Aries-Aquarius Relationship

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my aqua king

i have been in and out of sex with my aqua man for 12 yrs.he suddenly decides we are through,but i honestly think he is inlove with me and cant handle it.i have a man,but i have always loved him and think i always will,the sex is great always and he is unpredictable i love that.i know he will be back for more no matter how long it takes.he told me in a million words before that he loves me he just never actually said it,but i know i feel it.
—Guest arisn babe

Aquarius woman

Briefly met Aries, not used to been question if we were comparable, on short notice, that stop the introductions in it's tracks. From what I am reading, I have yet to meet an Aries, who could influence a such woman,due to his standing in a man’s world. I do understand, a male is man within the home as a whole, do wonder if Aries male species compromise's (gels) with the right person? Aquarius woman do have a voice on any matter, to make it work, it's called working together as a team. Air sign can ignite ardour under Fire or quench it's heat before it sparks, without him knowing it, just in a blink of a eye....I would be intrigue to see n hear such a man

16 years aries woman aquaries male

Bottom line is our determination to commitment that comes through our faith. He disconnects and I snap. Luckily the next day we both laugh and have no time to dwell. Its been tough and we threaten divorce at least once a month. Keeps us both intetested. Lol.. Basically we are the same I just let you know bluntly if an issue arises he is not as direct which annoys me and I find the run around a huge waste of time. He has 5 questions to lead to the one. I have to remeber everyone doesn't see like an Aries does. I always say were first we see it first and the frustration waiting for everyone else to catch up is beyond agrivating. Advice stick it out. Knowledge is power if you understand why it will help after the situation that was bad.
—Guest daisy519

whats next

iam a aries woman i been datin my Aquarian for a year nd we startd as friends n it was great bt now its ugh yes he caring nd does wht he can nd spoils me bt he is a LAIR. yes ilove him nd he loves me too. bt he say its me with all my jealousy nd insecure yes everytime he leaves ithink hes doin sumthin bt he swear up nd dwn dat he`s nt bt who knows an aquarius is VERY unpredictable nd icant accept. tha fact that his personality attract lots of friends male friends ok bt nt females nd idont like da fact that he think hes never wrong nd know everything. i jus dnt kno wht to do now we`re steady tryin make it work bt idc im gettin tired bt he jus keep sayin stop bein jealous nd insecure nd im always tellin him stop lying so much so ican trust yhu.if ikno ican trust him nd he can stop lying iwouldnt have to think everytime he step out his nt cheatin
—Guest aries lady aquarius man

No clue about aqua

I met my aqua man my freshman year and he swept me off my feet!:) we have dated twice and this is the third time. I can honestly say he is so different from every other guy! We both love the chase and te cat and mouse game. But he's so mysterious that sometimes I just can't take it. He'll like stop texting three days at a time and come back like nothing is wrong and I can't stand it! He is more frustrating than anyone I've ever dealt with! But I love him more than I have ever loved anyone. He is one adventure after another. Currently he hasn't texted in two days and of course I'm upset but I keep my distance out of fear of losing my aqua man! I think we both know deep down that no mater how many times we date other people were always gonna end up together. He is the only boyfriend that can keep me entertained and that's a main reason I love him. To all the Aries women out there, he may play games but he's well worth it! I love my aqua man!:)
—Guest Aries17

Crazy but sweet

I dated an Aquarius man for almost 2 yrs. It was one hell of an adventure. The beginning of the relationship was the most intriguing fun exciting relationship i've ever been in. He was sweet, compassionate, and cool. His mind is what really blew me away bc of our conversations. He is def a humanitarian & helped me out a lot & never passed judgement on me. He was very detached didn't know if he was my bf until 7 mnths into the relationship. He never expressed his feelings accept for anger. He got physical only a couple of times and was a bad liar. I was nieve and dumb for always believing his words. He didn't simply respect or appreciate my existence until i was ready to be done with our relationship. I held back all of my feelings and lost sight of who i was all bc he is a robot. I loved how he was so mysterious&unpredictable. When we fought we fought bad. Always said the rudest & meanest things to me. Couldnt really be myself bc he wouldnt allow it.i fought hard for it2 work, he didnt
—Guest bpurrs

A Nice Flirt

I'm a teenager Aries. I've known my Aquarius guy friend since fourth grade. It's not until junior year in high school when he started talking more to me. We're in nearly every classes together, and he's very social with everyone. I love his charming personality and idealistic view on life. He's even decided to join the tennis team, lots of clubs, and register classes with me for next year. I told him I liked him, but he saw me as a friend, so I decided to stay as friends with him. It was great while it lasted, but I'm moving on now. He still occasionally flirts with me, just not as much anymore. Guess I'll know if he does start to like me more than a friend.
—Guest Fluffy Firey Ram

Confused about an Aquarius

Here is my story. I went up to the store, because I haven't spoken to him and the last time I went to his store, well he talked to me and complained about his job and smiled. I hadn't been to the store in 2 weeks, because I didn't want him to think I was pressuring him. Well I saw him and was in line and just wanted to see how he would react. He wave at me and I said you look tired and he said "that's because I wored last night". It was so cold the way he said it. I hurried up and got my but out of there and headed home, with my feelings in my lap. This is new for me, because men pursue me and it felt like the other way around dealing with him. I was in my feelings and shortly after he text me to ask me how church was. I think he did that because he knew he was rude. I'm tired and I'm a good person. I know he goes through ups and down, but to take it out on a person, well it's not right. I'm seriously thinking about jumping ship and moving on. I tried.
—Guest Sheila

Aries Girl and Aquarius Boy

I am a teenage Aries girl & I have a crush on this Aquarius boy who's in my year. I've known him since starting high school & when we met, he was super nice to me, we made each other laugh without trying & we teased each other constantly. I wasn't attracted to him until the end of that year though; when he started flirting a little more. We barely talked for 2 years straight, in which my feelings for him disappeared during that time period, until we finally got put in a couple classes together last year. He's the same guy but is a massive flirt & player, plus he'd gone through a few gfs. He flirted with me heaps & even went to some extremes with it; but the flirting was an on-off thing for him. He would do the same thing with other girls too, which made me insanely angry & jealous. But I love his outgoing, crazy, unpredictable, energetic & encouraging nature and I love it when he flirts, I feel amazing & I love to flirt back with him. We're better off as tune buddies I reckon. ;)
—Guest Miss Fiery

Confuse about an Aquarius

I have been seeing this Aquarius for almost 6 months Things has been good, but he seem to always do the disappearing acts. I make him love and an Aries woman is sensual in the bedroom,which he loves. I haven't seen him since December 13. I did go up to his store and dressed up and he said I knew you were here because I could smell you. He smiled and when I got home I text him to say it was good seeing him. I said you look like you need a massage and when ever you need some therapy I will be here. No word yet and I'm getting tired. He seem sweet at times, but no really sure if he is feeling me. He asked me one day if I missed him and I said yes and I said do you miss me and he said yes. WE have not been out yet. He works late shifts, but I'm getting tired of that as well. Sometimes I feel he looks at me as a sex object. He is sexy in the bed, but not a real good lover, but that's not the reason I like him. I know with my skills he can learn..help
—Guest SHeila

Aries Lady

My aqua is stubborn, aloof, and even eccentric and most times I can't stand him. I love him though. I'm not even with him haha! We've been split for a year and hes always trying to get back with me but I won't. I dont even know why really. Trust? I guess? No matter what he does I know he still loves me is the weird part. Weve got an amazing connection and even though I dont think we'll ever work it out on both ends I think our cat and mouse games will go on forever. Of course ive moved on. Im an aries remember! I just wish he would mature and be the person I know hes capable of being. Otherwise hes gonna miss me the rest of his life and ill just keep on living it up. Grow up aquarius men! Your missing out..yolo..and so on.
—Guest gettin over it

Dating an Aquarius Man!

Where do I begin,I have been on one huge roller coaster ride with this guy.I'm a Aries Woman and I met this Aqua Man through a friend at a party,to cut a long story short,let me jump in directly as to what I think of this Aquarius Man. Its been a on and off relationship,he has been drifting in and out.In the mean time when he is away most of the time,he is dating or getting cozy with some other woman/women in some part of the globe.He is such a Pathetic LIAR!!! A Cheater !!! and a PLAYBOY !! All he dis was take advantage of me,said he Loved me,fooled around.I have been so miserable through out this 2 yrs of knowing him.I asked for "out" spent time on my own doing my own thing,and after a while he was back at my door .I'm so fed up of this attitude,He has also been Sarcastic,Rude,and with a don't care a Damn attitude.Okay,I agree I have a bad temp,But trust me...I have gone out of my way to be good and understanding.Given him space when ever he wanted.Had enough,I'm done!!
—Guest Juan Z

I like this aquarius chick....

So theres this girl...Her name is anonomous for now, lets call her 'q' she is an aquarius female and im an aries male So q and i met 2.5months ago and weve been chatting alot over the phone and online on whats app,skype and other networking sites...We enjoy eachothers company so i asked her out on a date, she said yes and we had a really amazing time together.i took her out for sushi, movies and coffee. It was a really great way to get to know one another as it was the 2nd time i had ever seen her...during the movie i took her hand, but hers did t seam to want to hold mine, this made me a bit sceptial about her feelings towards me so i just chilled...After the movie i atempted to take her hand again and the same thing happend!! I was kinda sad, or i didnt know what to think...Anyway as the date progressed we started chatting about the holidays and things we were going to do during them it was quite sad to hear that for the rest of the holidays she was going to china...so advice anyone?
—Guest Mikyle allgeier

Aries and Aquarius Lesbian Relationship

I'm 22 in college now, but when I was in high school, I dated an Aquarius. She was the white girl on the basketball team, she was sexy asss fuck. But her attention was really lame. She was more of a slut than anything. Plus she would have sex with guys too, even though she claimed (and still does) that she's a lesbian. I mean she was awesome in bed, and I miss that a LOT. But I got tired of her lies and deceit. So I moved on. She's happy in a 2 year relationship now (with another Aquarius), Aquarius should always date another Aquarius or a Libra. You'll be left feeling worthless and it really IS NOT worth it. Not even as friends sometimes. Don't think because you're really good looking that they'll treat you different, bc I'm puerto rican, long hair, green eyes and a bangin body and she's with some ugly flat chested weird girl now.
—Guest Ardent Aries

Dangerously in Love

I'm an Aries 19 yr old and I have been dating my Aqua King for almost 2 years and It has been Heaven and Hell... He is 2 years younger than I am but no one would ever be able to tell because if how we look... I am 5'1 and he is 6'7 Chocolate and beyond Sexy... And I always forget about the age because He acts older than I am... He is very Old School and yet stylish... But the thing that draws me to lovin him is the fire I feel between us when we are together it's like something I have never felt before... And being an Aries woman I am a sucker for passion and that's all I feel when we are together.... But don't get me wrong we have had our tough times and when he gets mad I get nervous because it never turns out good that's why I try to avoid conflict with him but that's kinda hard seeing that both Aries and Aquas are beyond stubborn.... But in the end I would rather fight with him forever than n with anyone else cuz he treat me just like a Queen (that's what he calls me) "His Queen"
—Guest His Queen

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