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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Capricorn Relationship

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Femail Cap & Cancer mail

My Cancer man always breaks my heart and never apologise. He is manupulative, flirts with other girl in my presents and has secret lovers in my neighbourhood. What must I do because this seems as if it will never stop. When trying to discuss this issue of infidelity, he screams at me and nothing is resolved.
—Guest Ellie

Me cappy male cancer

Well i think they need to learn eacher other. I love my cancer man and he loves me back. I love the feeln and wudnt trade it for anything. Hope God bless us to get married one day. Me jan cappy hes a june cancer.
—Guest Bren

Capricorn Man & Cancer Man

I'm Dylan 21, Born June 26, My boyfriend John 25, Born January 7, We have been dating for almost a year now and he has been my rock, soulmate, best friend, and lover. When we first meet I felt an instant connection with him, even though we haven't met before. But at times he makes me feel so shy and afraid but thats something that I've always wanted. He's awesome in bed and incredibly fun to be around! I'm really hoping we would get married soon, and grow old together lol and live happily ever after. Opposites can Attract!!!
—Guest John Dylan

capy cancer

cancer man and capricorn are very very compatible!
—Guest pia

Cancer girl +Cap guy

So my cap and I have been together for a year and 3 months and everything is perfect we get each other. We share almost all common interest and want all the same things. We almost never argue but sometimes we do which is when things can get iffy, we're both stubborn and have trouble communicating our issues. Things get very passive aggressive. He has trouble identifying with my point of view and I'm more emotional. But dammit the sex is great, we can connect emotionally and we don't have to say what we want the other will just know
—Guest Cancer girl

Everythings amazing!

Im a cancer girl with a capricorn boy and i met him a year ago. It was like love at first site i was immediately attracted to him and him to me. Were so alike were like twins. For a while though there was a bit of miscommunication between us but none of that matters now that we've reconnected. We've been going out for two months on our way to three months. Were eachothers first loves and first lovers, highschool sweethearts, first kisses and everything else thats good. Were bestfriends always telling eachother secrets but he has secrets that he just refuses to tell anyone. But overall he is 100% faithful and super adoring and affectionate! However lately we have gotten into some fights but they can not compare to the love surrounding us. So far i've been the first girl who's ever made him cry so i know i mean a lot to him especially since hes always so proud and masculine like. Overall though we know were going to be together for a very long time!:)
—Guest bahrke10

if only he didnt abuse me.....

He wasnt a bad guy.we were great together...then the abuse started,and I couldnt take it anymore.i didnt deserve it.if only he got help...
—Guest Cappy

Cap&Cancer friends

My Cancer nature draws me to all but this friendship is the most consistant pleasant & benificial friendship I've ever had since my grandfather.Im gay hes straight yet Ive never been treated with such respect & dignity Its not romantic sensual love but it altered my universe.Being so open to someone so closed really worked for me.Never felt judged unworthy around him but felt a deep abiding gracious love.A true romantic I am I will admit but never believed in soul mates etc then bang this man stands before me with the most beautiful soul courage intamacy Absolute Joy it was from start to finish.Caps are very worthwhile people when you are able to be shown their core being its astounding what lies thereburied...Eureka I have found it & even now having lost it Im closer to knowing what I want & need to share in a relatio had ever had with a male since my grandfat
—Guest Cyberboy 1968

Cap&Cancer friends

My Cancer nature draws me to all but this friendship is the most consistant pleasant & benificial friendship Ive had ever had with a male since my grandfat
—Guest Cyberboy 1968

My Capricorn Man

I've been dating my capricorn for 8 months almost and he's so loving. I was surprised when I saw all the gals sayin caps never say I love you uses we say it 30 times a day! He loves spending money on me even though I refuse it, he loves totaled care of me when I'm sick or sad (which happens often) and he's never been unfaithful..so far(: oh and oh my god in bed he's insane!(: I love him and he loves me
—Guest Trulyacancer

Cancer girl & Capricorn girl

Cap and Can beyond worth it. If you want a love that changes you in multiple postive ways, this is the pair you want. When we first met the connection and sparks were there instantally, i felt as if i found a long lost lover and friend. We brought the best out of eachother and had the support we both need. Our realationship was fantastic, so good that i felt as if i was on cloud nine and been shot by love big time. We had great communication, hardly fauulght and talk about amazing romance phsically, emotinally and mentally.Sadly certain issues came up because of distance and we broke up. Were friends now and both still wish we could be more becuse of lasting feelings. I have to say i feel in love with this cap girl and will do anything to get her back becuse i want her for the rest of my life. I'm a cancer madly in love with my cap. (
—Guest Cancer girl 207

Capri female Can male

Im capricorn and he is a cancer , we are just fruends .. I really like him & it seems like he likes me but idk .. I guess ill find oht later on in our relationship .. I like how im opening up to him SLOWLYYY !
—Guest Team Capri

cancer woman Cap man

I have been with my Cap for almost 6 years. The truth is I am afraid to ever date another cap again. The beginning is going to make you feel like you are on cloud 9 but caps are like a onion, they have layers. Don't get me wrong. They are loyal, family-oriented and loves to provide. You will notice that their main focus is money and "things" but they lack in the emotion department over time. If you are a cancer that needs that affection and like someone said "need to be told" I love you, it ain't happening! They show their love in other ways. They are men of very little words and love to laugh. They are also delusional beings. Moving forward, they are cheaters, flirts and liars and can be very selfish. They have a hard time with being faithful. It takes a long time for them to settle into a relationship enough to keep interested. They bore quickly! I am not saying this from just my relationship. I know exactly 10 Caps and some are family members who all act the exact same way.
—Guest no caps

Cancer girl Capricorn man

I have this major crush on "my" Capri guy. But the silly thing is I have yet to tell him lol. He's so sweet and a very loving person. I've liked him since tenth grade of high school and can never find the right words to let him know ( typical cancer lol ). He's now in the Marines and a true ambitious worker. Somehow, I'm drawn to him! Like magnetically! I get really nervous when only looking at his pictures lol. I'm building up the nerves to just ask him out already but my old fashion courting ways won't allow me to! :( but in due time, he's going to be mine forever!! Lol
—Guest Cancergirl91

So very true.

I am a cancer and my best friend is a cap male. I'm absolutely in love with him! He's currently completing his master's degree (at 20- talk about work ethic) and seems to be unable to focus on much else (i.e. a relationship with me!), but we are inseparable. I don't even care that he can't give me what I "want", because all I truly want is just US. We're ALWAYS there for each other, and I have NEVER been able to be 100% myself with anyone else. He opens up to me and we share our worlds with each other. We make each other laugh, can talk about everything, and have the greatest friendship in the world. I would NEVER trade him for anything! Until I met him I thought true love was something very... different. Now I understand that it is truly an amazing friendship before any of the physical intimacy, and we get INTIMATE, haha. This is somebody who I value for his mind, and the rest of it is a bonus. Never been happier, and we're not even together- our hearts just match
—Guest alex

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