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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Capricorn Relationship

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capricorn vs cancer

Hi Im with a cancer for 6 1/2 yrs we have 3 kids but he is very quiet and sneaky i caught him before are i forgive him and we both love each other and are about to get marry but watch those quiet cancer im a capricorn
—Guest monique


I must say, this is the first analysis that has us pegged. I am the capricorn who is always driven. Always ready for the next project. She creates a homely environment. Our family is truly the center of everything for both of us. We both have dark lows, but since we understand we are supportive through and through.
—Guest Starletta

lady:water cancer man:cardinal capricorn

I have never loved a man more than I did when I met my capricorn. He is all any cancer will desire. Most of all, he is excellent at being sensitive to my feelings. He was so practical and real when I met him. I drove his convertible through the night sky and it felt so much like a couple of birds free as can be. He sang to me from his heart. Read poetry to my soul. Then, we danced till our hearts content. We shared our ambitions and dreams. I love how quickly he can make me cry, laugh, and learn, all in one day. If he asked me to marry him today, id do it in a heart beat. For I know he would be faithfull and always love me. We would make a great team and I would continue to love him all of my days. Unfortunately, I a cancer, have stayed as a hopeless romantic. Wishing and dreaming destiny will allow him to believe my love for him is real and enduring. Goodness, his wisdom, sensibility, humor, voice, nurture, ambition, and sensuality makes me Hot just thinking about him!
—Guest emma

Is this Mud or a Rain Forest?

I know my title may have some lost, but the question that I asked in my title signifies the fact that I am the Cancer (Water) and he is the Capricorn (Earth). I fell for him when we first kicked it, but of course I didnt tell him that. We both some freaks but at the same time we feel the same about alot of shit on an emotional level. Whats fuckin me up the most is that he is 3 years younger than me and he got me gone...We not even talkn to each other right now, on some bull****, yet when we see each other out in public, which is often, I feel such a strong connection, like we may end up back together, because he hurtin, im hurtin we both sorry for what we did, but no one wants to give in...Im so fuckd up because the thought of him giving my love away to someone else kills me slowly on the inside. Not to mention he has hoes everywhere..i mean at the job, on the block, everywhere! I have never been with a Capricorn, but I love him! and its like he's never too far away........

im a capricorn with a cancer

im a 23yr old capricorn female with 3 children of my own and im with a 33yr old cancer he has 1 child of his own, our physical attraction is through the roof, i can be very shy though so our emotional side is slightly hidden at times but we both love each other so dearly, the kids get along its a wonderful life.
—Guest jessjdn


—Guest shawn


I'm a 23y/o cancer female with a 25y/o capricorn male. Things are complicated to say the very least. We have been together for 5yrs, have a wonderful little boy together, love each other very much. Our signs make things difficult at times, he has not opened up his sensitive side, he did when we were first together, but we've broken up a number of times since then and now he has closed back up. I on the other hand as Cancer, am a difficult person to deal with as well due to my inability to make home cozzy for him as some may say. Capricorns as I have seen are very neat and tidey people as opposed to Cancer they tend to be a little more messy and free spirit, as am I! In a whole things are very wonderful, but very difficult in the same aspect. I love him though! Very much!
—Guest CanNdCap

mi amor cancer

I am a 25yr old capricorn with a 27yr old cancer... we have the best emotional connection that i have ever encountered with anyone. He is my gentle loving secured guy that i just fell for quickly. we have been in a relationship for 6months and i definitely see the future... just him and i and our kids. There have been ups and downs but it always balanced itself out and i we always apologized, made up and then everything was back to i love you moments.
—Guest melania


I'm a 28yr old cap woman and my sons dad is a 29yr old can man. I've known him every since the 6th grade and we found each other again in 08, then comes baby. we really didn't go anywhere because he is a home body, i am too. he loves to converse and i am the quiet type so he makes me talk. out talking him, i understand that because its not possible. he has to stick to the conversation no matter what or its pointless and with me not really being a talker its kinda hard to keep up. he's a sweetheart and he is finally letting me pull him out the house. he have his moments where he doesnt want to be bothered and i do too and we understand that about each other. we are kinda the same and this helps because it keeps down the arguing.
—Guest dottie82

Can VS Cap

There is alot of times that I feel that this is the way it should be but its not. Being a Cancer woman daing a Capricorn man can not, and is not alays easy. It always seems to be a fight about whose right and whose wrong. It kills me iniside because e's the mabn that I should have been with from the begging, bu the arguing hurts. Whose right and whose wrong? Maybe times it's better to let go than to hold on to a hopeful. Maybe Cancer and Capricorns are'nt the best match, then who is?
—Guest Deborah

i am a cancer,and boyfriend is capricorn

we have been together for about 5weeks,i know its not long.but in that time i feel we have learn so much fromeach other...we have been already throuhgh some changes.its been a real ride,emotionly,and physical..but i guess that part of getting to know one another.we plan on making it work,because we are great together as a couple.we have not been together,we have not even kiss yet....can you imagion that.but he lives in macon and i am in atlanta ga.so its abit hard together.so most of the time we text and chatt alot,i mean alot.....you can learn so much about a person on the phone and on the computer....i feel already marry,with the things we have been throught...but i am hunging in the ride ,its worth it,i love him so much.........we will be together......we will make it work......
—Guest llittlelady789

How Will I Know If He Still Love's Me?

Well i am a capricorn girl and i went out qiht a cancer guy we went out for 7 months.He asks my friend often if i have a boyfriend and where i am i'm confused now because i don't know if he still love's me now i'm falling for this other guy he's an aquarius and i really don't know if he likes me how can i know if the guy that is cancer still like's me? and how will i know if the aquarius guy likes me too????
—Guest ashley garcia

cap and cancer

i've known my cancer male since the 9th grade only dated in college, and been together for 5 years and getting married this july. great guy, homebody, good heart, he pushes me emotionally and i push him academically....we make it work and we know eachother well. hes the type of guy to give his last dime to make sure im ok. took awhile to get the whole "us" mentality down. but hes finally got it down.
—Guest tonyanbrandon

his earth and my water!

I have know this man for 6 years. We both are outgoing people and down to earth. I had to learn and understand his thinking process...lol and not to try to out talk him.
—Guest kisha

really tough

My father is a Capricorn and I am a Cancer male. Although I admire Capricorn's sense of organization, I fell alienated and don't understand his success over everything philosophy. We had a lot of fight when I was a teenager, now, when I'm in my 20s we ahve a much better relationship but I'd still say we have many problems in our relationship due to our so radically different signs. Now I'm into a Capricorn woman and, although she's definitely different, I can predict problems ahead because of the same type of damn Capricorn stubborness and ignorance of anything else besides their own path to glory. But I'm learning to not be a typical Cancer and she's too cheerful and passionate to be a typical Capricorn so maybe there's future for us as long as we talk with each other and about who we are. I'll never be as organized and down to earth as Capricorn and she'll never be an artict by nature but our signs share loyalty and no-risk type of life so we might be ok :)
—Guest ansons

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