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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Capricorn Relationship

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Have you been in a Cancer-Capricorn relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

i love cancer men

I have been with 3 cancer men. They all have the same traits. U over all 3, ever thou one cheated on me. MY new cancer man. Is so sweet. I love him. We soon get married.
—Guest afryka


Im a Capricorn and my man is a cancer.we have known each other since highschool but did not die until our mid 20's. We joined together in the middle of tough times in our personal lives, me raising a daughter and trying to become a nurse and him caring for his sickly mother and chaotic family. We are both caregivers at heart and must put o ur priorities before each other at times but we both know we love each other so much and are unwilling to give up our love, we would rather struggle now and be rewarded later. We fight and misunderstand eachother often right now and the one thing that keeps us strong is knowing we fight because we love eachother. When we hold eachother at night no w o r d's need to be said we know that we found our soul mate and that these difficult times are a test we are both determined to pass.
—Guest z

Young Cap/Cancer Love

I Remember it like it was yesterday it was my cousin's birthday,it was at my house December 2009 A few days before Christmas . She walked in and it was like everything went dark and A light shined on her,it was first love at sight for me I just knew she was the one . Every time we were together it felt like the first time all over again that's what made it better . I miss holding you, I miss kissing you , I miss how we were lovers and friends and the butterflies we used to get . I wish I could tell you how loved you are, and how appriciated you are even now . You are my first love forever. I wish I could tell you one last time that you're my soulmate , bestfriend , my world no matter what . You taught me "You know it's real when you love A imperfect person perfectly". 12-25-09 Til Forever And A Day .
—Guest Chris H.

Capricorn female Cancer male

I love my sweet little cancer so much, but I swear sometimes we act backwards. He is the one that is always comforting me because of MY insecurites and he is always so serious about work. He dosen't really like to talk about the future but I can understand that. I read about how this is a callenging relationship, but I dont see that at all. We get along great and I will always be at is side for as long as he can stand me. LOL
—Guest Ray

i am a true capricorn

I have a cancer for a best friend we became like god brothers. I knew for some reason are friendship was going to be a long one since I first meet him. I knew him sense I was 11th grade, and he knew me sense he was in 10th grade and we been brothers still this day 6/17/2014 .We knew each other for over 7 years and few month the more we hung out the more stuff we found out we have in common it was so creepy, but yet awesome. I grow with all sister he grew with mainly all brothers we are the definition true friendship ,and I don't mine at paying for him at all if he low on cash, I tell him don't worry about paying me back its on me bro and that always. He is like the little brother never had and pisses off when I see him gets yelled at ,or pick on by his older brother that where I have to step in. We were both born the year after each other I was 1990 He was 1991 and our friend is the strongest he the coolest person you ever want to meet
—Guest justin24

cancer woman-capricorn man

I was attracted to this capricorn man right away . Honestly felt that it was meant to be . We have never dated yet because he has never told me straight up about how he felt about me . He sends me love songs a lot and tells me they mean something to him but never straight up told me . We have a lot of nights where we spend spend together . And we talk almost all day everyday . This has been going on for almost two years and i feel like im in love with him . But capricorns do take a long time to be in a relationship . Especially since were still pretty young . But as a cancer woman im kind of getting sick of the ups and downs . And sometimes hes just straight up rude and cold . But for some reason I just cant let him go .
—Guest blossomxo

Never got along with a Cancer

My dad is a Cancer and I'm his Capricorn daughter. We don't speak to each other. Another Cancer I met had a Virgo boyfriend who preferred me over her and went super-bitch on me when I hadn't even wanted anything to do with either one of them. Cancers are too emotional and need to learn how to use some common sense and intelligence.
—Guest A.L.M.

can cap

I im a cancer female and he is a capircorn we are equally inlove and he is my bestfriend...i believe we will be together for a lifetime and live out our dreams together all love
—Guest ava

Capricorn woman cancer man

I love my cancer man,and he says he loves me. The problem is he says i dont talk enough and his problem is hes a whore. He always chooses another woman over me but cheats on her to be with me. Even if it takes a few weeks or a few months he always comes back. The sex is always explosive and fantastic,but
—Guest Alesha n chris


My boyfriend is a Capricorn while I am a cancerian. Needless to say, we've outlasted our friends & are still very much in love. This article is quite accurate :)
—Guest Devi

Famous Capricorn and Cancer Couple

You guys missed a really important famous couple. Prince William and Kate Middleton
—Guest Chis Chis

wow seems like a chore!

I have recently met and seeing a Capricorn male who i can not stop thinking about. Trying to take it slow. seems like a lot of work... i'm hoping this is worth the effort.
—Guest cancer

My ex cancer

Was with a cancer and I ended it after 3 years ++ of relationship. I run away to a Virgo. Till now I still remember how this cancer makes me laugh with his jokes and makes me happy. But what I need is a secure relationship and a person that have an eye for future. He betray me by having another woman. Couldn't tolerate it anymore and we broke up. He will always be my past sweet and bitter memories.
—Guest CappyGirl

capricorn woman & cancer man

I have been dating my cancer man for 6 years. It started out perfect. He was warm, caring, loving and attentive. Once he felt himself falling for me, he started to change. He felt like I was going to hurt him.(past relationship) Cancer men are very soft hearted and there feelings can easily be hurt. Once he knew that we both were commited to each other, the fireworks went off. The body chemistry we have surpassed any and all experiences we both have ever had. It is truly a match made in heaven. He loves me just as much as I love him. We can feel the passion and the connection with every touch....
—Guest capri2010

Cancer man & Cappy women

Well the physical part is awesome. Sex is fun and quite often. However, we don't always communicate well, my Cappy with seems to think she knows more than she does. She often says too much around other people, not realizing too much said is as bad as not enough. She also spends money that I earn. She works hard and has a lot of ideas but often she has not thought them through well and when I point out the pitfalls of her idea it leads to hurt feelings. She often says things in fun that are hurtful to me, when I point it out I'm the bad guy. Most of the time I just let it roll off my back because I'm that way but sometimes it is hard to let it go, or if I do I think about what I should have said. Both of us want to control the relationship and this may be way we have some fights. 85% of the time it's good, and 100% of the time in the bedroom is good. It's like any relationship a work in progress.

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Tell Us About Your Cancer-Capricorn Relationship

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