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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Cancer-Capricorn Relationship

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Have you been in a Cancer-Capricorn relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

Capricorn female Cancer male

I love my sweet little cancer so much, but I swear sometimes we act backwards. He is the one that is always comforting me because of MY insecurites and he is always so serious about work. He dosen't really like to talk about the future but I can understand that. I read about how this is a callenging relationship, but I dont see that at all. We get along great and I will always be at is side for as long as he can stand me. LOL
—Guest Ray

i am a true capricorn

I have a cancer for a best friend we became like god brothers. I knew for some reason are friendship was going to be a long one since I first meet him. I knew him sense I was 11th grade, and he knew me sense he was in 10th grade and we been brothers still this day 6/17/2014 .We knew each other for over 7 years and few month the more we hung out the more stuff we found out we have in common it was so creepy, but yet awesome. I grow with all sister he grew with mainly all brothers we are the definition true friendship ,and I don't mine at paying for him at all if he low on cash, I tell him don't worry about paying me back its on me bro and that always. He is like the little brother never had and pisses off when I see him gets yelled at ,or pick on by his older brother that where I have to step in. We were both born the year after each other I was 1990 He was 1991 and our friend is the strongest he the coolest person you ever want to meet
—Guest justin24

cancer woman-capricorn man

I was attracted to this capricorn man right away . Honestly felt that it was meant to be . We have never dated yet because he has never told me straight up about how he felt about me . He sends me love songs a lot and tells me they mean something to him but never straight up told me . We have a lot of nights where we spend spend together . And we talk almost all day everyday . This has been going on for almost two years and i feel like im in love with him . But capricorns do take a long time to be in a relationship . Especially since were still pretty young . But as a cancer woman im kind of getting sick of the ups and downs . And sometimes hes just straight up rude and cold . But for some reason I just cant let him go .
—Guest blossomxo

Cancer girl - Cap man

We cancer women are instantly attracted to cap men because of their masculinity, work ethic, and simple strongness. I dated my cap man for two years, on and off. It is true, you do appreciate his seriousness and work ethic, but that is basically all he cares about. They do not have the capability to express themselves emotionally. If you get into an argument, he will try to avoid it and avoid long enough to make it seem like it never happened. That was the only thing that completely tore us apart. Communication is super important for us cancers, let alone a relationship. Unless you're about to tell him what he's feeling and what he should do 24/7 you will get frustrated with the passiveness and all of the initiative that he WON'T be taking.
—Guest Lady Cancer


I'm a cappy and he is crabby. I love him so much but then the first impression is not good. He thinks that I'm not a nice person.
—Guest jHeN@iKo

Cappy Woman & Cancer Man

I'm a cappy woman and he is a cancer man. Our relationship goes like this : ups and down, hot and cold, wrong and right but i think we love each other more than what we utter or do. He was rude and mean person but i think it's just part of him being a sensitive type of person and that's his way of expressing it. Sometimes he was rude, sometimes he was sweet. But there is something in him that i can't let go easily. He is the man of my dream, an ideal type of guy for me. He always think that he is not good enough for me but he always is because for the first time i saw him, i loved him until now. We end up like he had someone and i think it takes time to forget someone like a cancer man.
—Guest jHeN@iKo

Cancer male- Capricorn Female

I am not sure whether to say its good or bad luck, 80% of all women I've dated are Capricorn. All of them have cheated on me but the recent one seems to cling on me. I can't help feeling a bit insecure with my previous experiences, so am in constant alert of any signs that trigger my suspicion of her cheating on me. But for most cases she takes care of me domestically and I can't do this to her since she gave birth to our beutiful daughter. I truly love her and I know she loves me too though I can't get my mind off the fact that she's gonna cheat the like the rest
—Guest Justinus

Capricorn girl cancer man

cancer drives me crazys sometimes. i feel life i cant do my daily activities without him I love him so much but he's very sneaky he scares me I don't really know to much about our pairing I would of never even Knew tht he was jealous type he acts as if he doesn't care he withdraws from me a lot I miss him I he the first guy too make me cry in along time he has a girl but I want him to be mine I wouldn't mind spending my life with him I can't think right cuz the pain is enormous when he gone I upset him hopefully he returns
—Guest hmmmm? ?

Capricorn Woman Cancer Man

Just like other stories mentioned I fell in love with my cancer male when we were 15. We dated for a few years and shared most of the important firsts. We broke up for seven years due to wrong timing. He found me one day on facebook and we reconnected. I felt like it was my second chance and he felt the same. We been together for 2 years now. We plan on getting married. We have overcame a lot of hurdles but I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else. A cancer man will always keep you wanting for nothing. They are amazing, family oriented, and great talkers. It's amazing that time does not make a difference between these two signs because there is always a connection. Once one has been established! Best wishes.
—Guest CapricornusGirl

I love my cancer man

OMG he drives me nuts sometimes but he's been the only person who has been there for me when times got rough , we faced many obstacles together and I wouldn't trade him for the word he's my other half , he's my best friend I couldn't ask for a better man in my life
—Guest bianca


I have been with my cancer man for ten yrs we or ingage now yes we have our bluestormy times its very stressful but we love eachother we bonnie and clide i will nt give my good love making up the good sex helps them to open up and your trust and affection yes we want the same but to make it work someone has be the strong one to keep it together if true love is there,why me but need in want him hes more stubborn than i.just stay in prayer.drunkinlove we be.LATOYATUTT AND RICO STEPHENS CANT LET GO. BLUESTORMY'12 ME DECEMBER30 HUBBY JULY12.

Pt 2 - Girl Cancer - Man Cappy

2nd story. 26 yrs ago I went to a psychic show - a guy read my past lives. Skeptical I named myself "X" & didn't say a word. Left not believing. 15 Yrs later, I'm watching an indie film. An image comes into my head of a young boy - vivid, real like I knew him or am supposed to know him. Didn't know who the boy was or the the actors in the film. Fast fwd 5 yrs, watching another film. Same actor. Same image. Couldn't make heads or tails of it. Fast Fwd again 3 yrs, watching another film. Same actor. New image of the boy. It had changed with it a message and memories - aligned to the past life reading from 26 yrs ago. Now I'm intrigued why is this happening. The actor is a Capricorn; not A-list but well known. Started looking into this person. Discovered 26 real life moments where our life paths mirrored each other - exactly. 3 times we were in the same place - same time. We've never met. One of the past lives was of us in Tuscany. He recently went there. What do you do with this?
—Guest psyche

Girl Cancer - Man Cappy

Hey all. I can share that in my life, all who crossed my path that were significant - were all Capricorns. My longest friendship was with a male cappy (18 yrs). We "adopted" each other - immediately. He had no sisters; I no brothers but after meeting - we became spiritually bonded to each other. Six months in, I told him how special he is to me (couldn't hold it back). He opened up and told me everything about his life - especially the life moments that really hurt him from childhood. He's happily married to a beautiful woman who I respect and admire. We have that pure "higher" type of live. I LOVE my brother - and always will. 18 yrs in, he told me how much he loved me. And then he abandoned me. It's been 5yrs, not a word. No email hello. Nothing. Like I never existed. It's happened with the other cappy that crossed my path. It makes my heart cry every time I think of him. And yet, I can feel him thinking of me. I don't understand why. Did he "cross the line" emotionally"?
—Guest psyche


JOGESH TANTY- me boy (capricorn-makara) HELEN JOJO- wo girl (cancer-korkoto) dear friends, ham dono mile pyar hua or bichad gaye sacha love eisa kyun hota he ladkiyan kyun dhoka deti he aj me mar marke jee raha hoon par meri bhi 1 galti ho gayi par bhagwan bhi apne sisya 1 galti maaf kar deta hai par wo to insaan he thoda bhi samaj nahi he, I LOVE YOU HELEN bas itna hi kehne chahta hoon
—Guest Jogesh

Capricon female vs. Cancer male

Before I met him, I was in and out of relationships. I never commited to none of them. I was never interested enough to catch feelings until I met my cancer guy. He was not my type.. he was overweight but he had the most beautiful smile and he was the funniest person I've ever met. The first time he gave me his business card, he then told me he liked me more than a friend. I rejected him. We talked for a few weeks as friends. Now I can't be without him. He completes me. I never met anybody that made me feel like this. Not even none of my geminis..... he been the only one to make me feel........
—Guest Tien

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