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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Capricorn-Pisces Relationship

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weird coincidences???

im a capricorn female and i usually gets linked with pisces male and the weird thing is that we understood each other and we are happy...even whenever i have pisces female friend it is really a smooth relationship and we understood each other.i just love pisces people and it takes time to get it over with when we are done... but that is how it is always been...but my instinct tells me that pisces males is impossible to spend the rest of my life..i just knew it...
—Guest charisma

Capricorn woman, Pisces man

I have been with my Husband going on 15 yrs., however Married for 11 yrs. When we met he was a virgin...BUT that doesn't mean a thing at this point or soon after the first time. The man connects with my mind, body, and soul. But we have our dark days when he seems to be in one of oblivious states and can't remember or seem thoughtless and basically the opposite of every good trait they have. AND OH did I mention the sex is unworldly?? lol
—Guest 30'sgirlRock

me and my pisces '''

I'm a Capricorn woman i have been dating a Pisces man for 2yrs now.Hes very confident loves attention to a point were it makes me feel less confident at times. An im also a beautiful,smart and vibrant person.But he always fines away to show his love and passion for me and every way when he looks at me my heart drops insistently.Yes i agree the relationship takes work with cap, pis, but i love the mystery in or relationship ,trust is the main key. For me being a Capricorn yes i have controlling way, and if i could make thing go my way i would do so.But i let my Pisces take over and be that strong man he is and i actually like the feeling.
—Guest Nav

cap women and pisces man

im a cap lady dealing with a pisces guy...these men have absolutely no direction when it comes to love they confuse a**holes,just like any man if you cant give him his freedom he forces it,one thing with pisces men are they dont want to share you with the rest of the world but you must share them with the rest of the world ...the way he loves me is everything i want and the way he treats me is tops ,his a very respectable guy and Sex is totally awesome one minute dreamy and so connected next it that rough sh*t ...will cap woman and pisces man really last or does this relationship always feel like a dream and never gets to a point????cap women being with a pisces man is the worst decision she makes but the best feeling she gets from all this wrong that feels so right!!
—Guest Monalisa

MARCH 7 Decmber 28

WE CAN READ EACH OTHERS MINDS Even tho Pisces feels the erg to compete 4 Capricorns Attention .. Capricorn Can B every thing The Dreamer Dreams of....With Many Talents and gifts Capricorn Iz connected To Pisces More than any other sighn out there ....And The SEXX If these 2 GET ALONE ....Orgasm iz not even Tha Word ..........Love Pisces Love Capricorn
—Guest VooDooLove

its suppose to be cancer pisces??

How was I just reading about a cancer- Pisces compatibility and the reader response says Pisces- Capricorn??
—Guest unknown

Pisces man cap woman

I love him he loves me we both love each other truly but i dun knw wht is up with him. He is so lazy n nvr tries to do nything for me. I luv him so mch n still he keeps testing my luv for him. Its lyk a sword frm both sides. Wen he doesnt wnt to tlk he wilL NOT TALK. He is the king of excuses. M fed up of his excuses.
—Guest Genelia

soulmates at last

I met my cappy online, we play xbox together he adde me months ago and started messaging me non stop for about 2 months just him trying to get to know me. I caved, we started messaging back and forth and turns out we had lots in common and a real connection. So we added one another on facebook the attraction grew, however he is in texas and I'm in Canada. We speak everyday on xbox in private chats and even message back and forth on facebook everyday. he gives me strength and although he doesn't like to admit things, I feel in my heart how he feels for me. I being a pisces woman of course tell him how much I care for him. I think God has brought him and I together, I met him in a rally low part of my life and he raised me up and I adore him for his strength and intelligence. Too bad we are countries apart because I swear he is my soul mate.

Water Earth

I'm a Pisces and he's a Capricorn. I'm the dreamer and he's the doer. I'm all-over-the-place and he's all-in-one-place. He helps me focus and I help him fantasize. I'm emotional and he's rational. We are complementary to each and compatible with each other. Our sex is intensely passionate and extraordinary... Sometimes sensual.. Sometimes rough.. Always fun and amazing.. Good match.
—Guest Lady E

I'd swim oceans. He'd climb mountains.

One night, his world met my world without any intention to mix them. Instant attraction, but nothing beyond sex. He wanted many women and I wanted many men. We were both just wanting to have fun. Our beginning was very casual--i.e. we both agreed we'd continue to date others without questioning each other's sex lives. However, we kept going to each other. A lot of time was spent both in and out of bed. All I can say is that we are each other's longest relationship yet and each other's greatest sex yet. We are both highly appreciative, supportive, and respectful of each other's time, space, interests and values. We always communicate our thoughts and feelings about anything and everything. We can be profound and we can be playful. Our relationship is truly extraordinary. It's really true, that saying, "it comes to you when you least expect it" or whatever.
—Guest Lady E

Cap girl and pisces man

Started liking him the first day he came to my church. He always was popular with girls I knew. A big flirt. We kissed once but he went after a girl he had been on and off with for 4 years. Wanted to marry her. Didn't happen. Watched him bring trashy girls to show off at church. He met a girl and after a year married her. I had to move on and erase the feelings I had for him. So I don't see him hardly for 3 years. He got a divorce and didn't even last a year. 2 years later, I send him a message. But he didn't reply, so I go after a new guy that became my first bf. A week later, Pisces man texts me and confesses his love for me. I did think anything of it because I didn't believe him. 6 month relationship ended...only because I thought of Pisces. He is then taken and I go to church and hardly say anything to him. Around the end of the summer I text him and he happens to be breaking up with his gf. Wasted my summer not hanging out sooner. So yes very complicated man. Worth the wait? Idk:
—Guest Cappy

Pisces Woman 41 yo / Capricorn Man 36 yo

A Capricorn man is very stabile, hard working, has goals, makes the things slowly but surely. He is driving, strong, tough, but caring, has a big heart, asks if you need help (I usually don't need help). A Cap is well behaved, speaks only what is needed to be said. He doesn't like women who enjoy a social life or spending money for no reason. He wants a caring woman.We had a love relationship for 1 year, 5 years ago. I (Pisces) was the person who gave up to our relationship, as he was too controlling and I was afraid to not lose my individuality. He had another relationship, for 3 years. We both remained just friends through emails. I appreciated that, even he was frustrated being with his girlfriend, he tried to make his best to make it work. Finally, he broke up. He is trying to come back to me, as we been very good matches in everything. As Pisces, I have been always admiring his way to know to be a man. I want him back with all my heart. I hope my story will help other people here.
—Guest Anandakali

Pisces women Capricorn men

These combination sooner or later will lead to divorce or separation. It can start very intense and beautiful; signs could be very much drawn to each other because of their different natures. Dreamy and prone to illusions Pisces will be attracted to the Capricorn's earthy strong and stable personality, but over time the differences will break them apart because its impossible to overcome them. Both signs can ruin each others life. Capricorn men needs a stronger women who is able to understand his responsible nature and will not shy away from working and contributing as much as he does. Pisces are lazy and dreamy by nature, they can be taken away by their own world, which is a no no to the earthy sign like a Capricorn. If you are Pisces women you should consider either Scorpio or Cancer. Even a Virgo man could be a better choice in the long run, because of its opposition. In the opposite sign there is always a room to grow or escape. Pisces -Capricorn could remain good friends.
—Guest Tammy

Not worth it !

So I met this Pisces I actually worked with him never gave him the time a day a first then eventually you know I gave in because he was charming btw I'm the capricorngirl and he's a Pisces man I eventually started going over and hanging out but I would be shy cuz I guess I never realized how cute he was until I actually started hanging out with him you know the sex was amazing and I felt chemistry but I just felt like he was so nanchalant about everything which would drive me crazy because I like time and attention and affection but me being a Capricorn woman I hide my feelings and have a tough exterior maybe I came off like I jus wanted sex even though I felt like he liked me and when he asked me If I liked him I said no cuz I felt like it was to early to say yes but now when I think about it I wish I was jus more upfront with him maybe it wouldn't of ended but it did cuz I ignored him at work for ignoring my text now it's jus awkward between us.
—Guest Cheetah

Im addicted to my Cap man

Oh wow! Where do I start? I met this CAP man on FB (Im a Pisces) we had mutual friends and we clicked I guess our humour bonded us. Somehow we just had an instant connection and we ended up in intense conversations daily. The sexual energy is euphoric and the feelings that pour out between us is magnetic and overwhelming....he makes me feel amazing, im glowing and im the happiest i have ever been in my life. Every word that comes out his mouth drives me crazy. He is much younger than me but is ambiitous and loves what he does. I dont have an issue with that though sometimes he gets moody when overworked but i always manage to swing him back in and we back in our world. I honestly am head ova heels no one has eva made me feel so beautiful and valued.
—Guest Berry

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