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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Gemini-Pisces Relationship

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Birds love Fishes

Gemini girl here, in a relationship with a wonderful Pisces boy... Very long courtship from my side, months and months of being the silly, witty Gemini jester and bringing smiles and delight to my shy little fish. We've both been hurt, but my fishie was way more cautious and sensitive about putting himself in a position to be hurt again. Being consistent and truly making your Pisces feel safe and unconditionally loved and adored is the way to his heart, ladies! impatient geminis have a hard time with waiting, but it will be worth it. The only true conflict I've seen is that Pisces have no care for mind games or creating jealousy with flirting with others. For some signs jealousy creates passion, but it will only hurt your fish and make him withdraw into a protective shell. As a flirtatious Gemini I've had to put a rein on my outgoing ways, but the attention and dedication a Pisces will give outweighs whatever casual excitement flirting with others would bring, ultimately.
—Guest Gemini_girl

Not letting that stop me!

My husband is the Pisces and I am the Gemini. We are 8 years apart in age and that doesn't really play a big role in our relationship. I am the youngest and I do behave like a Gemini but he doesn't mind me bouncing off the walls or doing interpretive dance to Bohemian Rhapsody. I have noticed he's extremely needy sometimes and it took me a while to get used to but he's a very sweet, romantic, and caring man! Sometimes I may want to go out for a Friday night while he just wants my presence. So, I stare at him until he wonders what is wrong with me and then caves in. Our relationship is interesting and we have our ups and downs. I'm trying to be more expressive in my love and he's trying to be more talkative :)
—Guest Paris


I am the Pisces, she's the gemeni. I am 10 years older than she is, but we are perfect matches for each other. She can read me like a book, and I her. She is most certainly my missing rib (adam and eve reference )but and without her, my life has no meaning. I was married when we met. She was dating my douche bag cousin. Long story short, my marriage fell apart, then her relationship did, and we just kind of fell into each other's souls. We will bw together forever, of this i am positive
—Guest Pisces dude


I just met a pisces girl, so beautiful... me want :-) , smile to die for, soft skin, and a voice like slow falling rain... sigh
—Guest Gemeni guy


im the pisces she is the the gemini, i am allways away working and we only see each other through the weekend, she has changed so much becase she is an all out party mad tool who loves socialising and drinking alottt, but she has changed so much and dont go out as much, i sometimes feel as though im stopping her doing what she wants but i dont mind her going out as lng as i know whats happening so i can plan my time around her, i am deeply in love with her we have our arguments but im allways the one thats in the wrong ;) we get on like a house on fire and the bedroom antics are fun as she is very demanding which tires me out haha, she yaps on forever but i like it im a quiet person so she speaks for the both of us, im hoping we stay together forever i would spend the rest of my life with this woman,
—Guest seann

Pisces partner

i so much love my Pisces partner, we hardly communicate which I found inconvenience on me, not able to disclose my mind to her, buh notwithstanding, I love her, and want her to be the mother of all my children, I want to be with her in all my life, hope my thought won't be in vein? I need advise, must be positive advise please!!!!!!!!!!.....
—Guest Geminist


Well, what can I say? Pisceans and Gemini aren't matches made in heaven. She was... everything I ever wished for, but she never stayed by my side. Can't blame her though~
—Guest Justin Loh


Am a gemini (June 7),My best friend is a pisces(March 1),she's very emotional & is easily angered.Atimes I get irritated by her actions...& so many times We quarrel,afterwards I c myslf apologizn 2 her even when she's at fault..she's fun 2 b with...currently We r not that close cos of my actions...bt in all "she's d best of d best friends I've ever had" I wish her d very best & pray she applies her brakes on her temper!
—Guest Easy


Am a gemini (June 7),My best friend is a pisces(March 1),she's very emotional & is easily angered.Atimes I get irritated by her actions...& so many times We quarrel,afterwards I c myslf apologizn 2 her even when she's at fault..currently We r not that close cos of my actions...bt in all "she's d best of d best friends I've ever had" I wish her d very best & prays she applies her brakes on her temper!
—Guest Iz

Spot on!!!

I had never read anything so accurate regarding astrology! I am the Pisces and I can see my Gemini following the pattern! However, and since he is good and kind, maybe this information will help me understand the non-personal nature of his attitudes and perhaps help take things more lightly! Who knows... We might be another rare exception....
—Guest Olguita


Pisces girl in love with gemini girl, i met her when i was 16 she was 21 our relationhsip lasted 3 yrs. Should have only lasted half that. I loved the differences we shared but there wasnt enough stablility between the two of us. But here I am 3 years later with another gemini who is no different then the first except our age difference is only 2 years apart. We have been together for a month and have lived together that long as well i enjoy everything about her its just i feel very insucure when i dont have her around or her letting me know how she feels. Its not so much work with the relationship it is working on who you are personaly.
—Guest Pisces girl

Not missing my Gemini!

Im a Pisces girl and was with a Gemini man for nearly 4 years. At the beginning of our relationship he was caring and he loved me. But then he wasn't emotionally available for me. He loved his freedom more and broke my heart. I will never ever again going to be with another Gemini man ad they are very selfish and they dont keep their promises. An don't ever chase a Gemini man as they will run miles away.
—Guest Angelfire

gemini-pisces relationship

i'm pisces, he's gemini.. We've been together 2 and 1/2 years and really don't understand each other. He finds me over emotional, has hot cold tendencies and is rarely there for me but we have our happy moments.. He has plans to spend our future together but we've tried to be happy and we're not.. I think its time we go our separate ways, wish him all the best though
—Guest guest pisces girl

The best love

I am a Gemini girl deeply in love with my pieces guy. We've been together 3 yrs. When we first met their was a lot If chemistry that drew us to one another. We were both intrigued by one another because we are so different in the way we express ourselves& communicate. Shall I say he is more of a "feeler" he senses things& feels things out. He needs to "feel"loved (because it is true pieces are very sensitive& need reassurance) whereas I (like many gems) need to talk things out, & in fact prefer to "hear" how my partner feels. This can give cause to miscommunication sometimes. Two distinct different styles of communicating, and to us our innate "way" feels best. But this can be a Bridge that brings you two closer together if you are patient, understanding, and willing to try with an open heart. And shouldnt those things be part of your foundation anyways? Loving him has made me a better woman, because I am more honest w myself about who I am and what I want. He brings out the best in me
—Guest I'm the Gemini

gem woman married to pisces man for 16 y

I am typical gemini, i hate being tied down, love travel, reading, talking, thinking etc, but I love my pisces man. We are chalk and cheese, and have our own separate houses. still a great relationship, and intimate, after 16 yrs. I think I'm just used to Pisces men, my dad was one.
—Guest gemini woman

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