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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Gemini-Pisces Relationship

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Gemini man, Pisces woman

I'm a pisces woman, and I have many troubles with my gemini man. He is always too busy, though I am busy, too, but I can, unlike him, always find time for him. I have tried a lot to forget him, at first I was working and studying all day long in order to forget about him, than I realized, that it is impossible, so I decided to get in love with another man. I flirted with 3, but in the end I truly confessed them, that I love another man and they are only good friends for me. Now I miss him a lot. I know that if he returns, everything will continue, he will go on hurting me... but I can't manage without him, and if there is a thing in the world that I really want, is him.
—Guest LM

What have I done??

As a Gemini, i have to admit i dont do well in relationships, now im with a piscis! He's so committed to the relationship, i want to be too but he's so calm and collected... and lazy! Not to mention self-pitying, i mean i am very attracted to him, but I don't know if I'm attracted to his personality, I try to fet past is all and trying to make myself fall in love with his loving nature, part of me really wants to make it work.. the other part wants to run from the love! We clash in the worst and best ways, I'm trying not to do anything I'll regret, I'd never hurt him.... Wish me luck!
—Guest Italy Hime

best relationship

I became bestfriend with a gemini in highschool we talked to eachother nonstop we had fights alot and id get upset alot but we aalwys wanted to have eachother in our lives we went out at one stage but our feeling werent mutual and I broke it off after that we didnt talk much then as I said before we always end up talking again then we really wanted to go out he was so charming and respectful and tried to care about me some thungs he didnt really say nicely but I learned to control my emotions but it was always on and off and sometimes we just wanted to be friends he ended breaking up with me thankfully because I wws gonna do it anyway I felt relived and good after it but then I started to relise how much I still loved him and we would talk a bit but he ignored me and it broke my heart but I still wanted to talk to him I tried everything then the new year started and I got a message from him and we started talki g again and we got closer and closer then he told me he was moving to qld
—Guest zoe

air and water

I luv my gemini guy evn tho we broke up cz he cheated. He's very unstable in relationships cz he gets bored easily and hez emotionally unavailable and thts no gud for a pisces chic lyk me who recquires emotional stability and security. It's tru bwt us attracting lyk moths to light cz evn tho we broke up, we hooked up lyk twice alredy nd we alwez talk all the tym evn tho we r both seeing otha ppl.. I dont want to luv my gemini guy anymo.. I know we culd hav this awesum relationship. But i know tht wont happen.. It hurts luving my gemini guy bt i knw a piece of me will always adore him
—Guest pisces gal

Pisces woman dating gemini man

Continued...So I text him today making a light & fluffy yet inquisitive text. Will see if he responds later tonight after work but I'm not holding my breath. Yet I don't want this one to fade out. & btw he's got a very demanding work schedule so I understand his exhaustion & just love relaxing when he has time, but I'm not a puppy dog. I don't want to wait around forever for this guy to contact me & I sure as hell won't respond right away when he does. After all I don't need him, I am fond of him, but he's built up this mutual feeling of just being "right" with each other that I don't want to run but I don't want to overwhelm him. Opinions welcome.
—Guest ME

Pisces woman dating gemini man

It was hard enough for me to accept his interest & now not a word for 2 weeks? He also has Gem in Venus & Scorpio in Mars, not sure about his rising. I find that even though I'm a Pisces sun I love like an Aries. I also have pisces in mercury but he has Taurus in mercury. So to expand this sun sign post I must say as far as his sun he seems like a finicky gem & now that I'm letting my emotions show I'm being a sensitive Pisces. But I don't want to let this connection go. But I am giving him his space but I don't want to feel like an option. So we are both slow moving with our emotions due to Taurus moons but we think so differently, yet strangely alike. & yesterday I had like 5 diff references to him pop up spontaneously through out the day. Days before I decided to leave this gem guy alone & then the universe shoves him in my face? It was a trip, these "coincidences". & I've learned to not ignore my gut because, not to sound arrogant, I'm usually right! Continued...
—Guest ME

Pisces woman dating gemini man

Continued...About a week ago I decided I'm not going to invest any more time in him because I'm not desperate or needy. I'm just confused as to why we were both having such a great time & had clear understandings of where we were going & taking things slow ( we both have taurus in our moon). We are both communicators. Last time I saw him he spontaneously brought his best friend over. Which to me seemed like something more serious because what I understand is if a gem includes you in their personal circle they want more. We've been seeing each other for a little over a month at this point. But he left in an odd hurry that night & I haven't heard from him since? His friend seemed a little tossed and kept mentioning things this gem guy had said about our interactions. Was he embarrassed? Is he distant now because I let my guard down & started to show him more interest? If he just feels real with me & we have so much fun why is he suddenly on another planet? It makes me feel turned off...
—Guest ME

Pisces woman dating Gemini Man

Continued...We spent the first week constantly texting each other, saw each other every few days. Then me being the fish I am started getting more deep in texts. He responded at first then dropped off the face of the planet. When we first met he said he had this vision for the last 2 years of meeting someone exactly like me. I called him on it & said oh that was a line! But he seemed incredibly genuine about it. Now I feel like I don't even exist to him, it's been 2 weeks since he spoke to me in any form. I gave him his space & don't blow up his phone. We both are on the same page of trying to balance life & that neither of us want to commit to a relationship for 2 years until we accomplish our goals. I know gemini men are known for being 2 diff people. The side I started to get to know was just so charming, affectionate & open about how "right" I seemed to him. Then he drops off the face of the planet? About a week ago..2 b continued...
—Guest ME

Pisces Woman dating Gemini man

I am a late 20s Pisces woman, he is a late 20s Gemini. Before I mention him I will state I've always attracted Gemini men but never gone for them until HIM. Maybe it's my Gemini rising or Aries in Venus & Mars that attracts this sun sign? This current gemini guy started pursuing me on an online dating site. I was trying to guard my heart so I made him wait before we met , like 2 weeks. I was just about to give up on dating until we started texting. I will say one thing I've noticed about our differences is he wants to be in the moment & spontaneous while I like to make plans & take a few hours to prepare before I have company. He would drop hints about wanting to come over spontaneously and meet each other in our "natural states". I finally gave in and he came over for a visit with the security of my friends hanging out for a minute until we decided to be alone. He made all the first moves & it was a change of pace for me to be led by A man, not leading ( aries in venus here)...2 be co
—Guest ME

I'm a gemini and he's a pisces

So I'm a gemini 20 year old getting to know my pisces guy he 23 year old. we star it talking on september 21,everything has change as in a good way he keep asking me questions to get to know me.Then he staring to call me baby and other nickname.I'm playing hard to get cause I don't want pisces to think if i'm every single girl he talk to.He ask for my number then he called me :) I'm falling in love with but I know i have to take it slow.Me and him talk about everything thing we never fight for nothing,we always Skype each other at night .I Love my pisces guy a lot!!!
—Guest gemini girl


im dating a pisces man, and im a gemini woman. we are so connected, it feels like dejavu. i love him like ive never loved anyone else and am willing to do anything for him to be happy and achieve what he wants. the problem is that he is slow like a pisces should be, and im fast like a gemini. i fell in love within a week and want commitment and he is wishy washy. in all aspects i know he loves me, even more than i love him, but his indecisiveness kills me slowly. i love him though and its showing me to be patient and sensitive. its showing me my faults and helping me grow. im showing him how to be expressive and how to connect and be unafraid of love. we are best friends, love eachother's company. always have something interesting to share with each other.
—Guest lvgem

My Gemini Man

I'm the Pisces and he's the Gemini. He's in college and I'm in HS. It's a very hard relationship for sure. Especially since his last relationship ended really badly. He stopped being the nice boyfriend. Although he is sweet at times but rarely. Being a Pisces I'm very emotional so I guess I'll take the little things to heart. Like if he doesn't say I love you back or give short un meaningful responses when I write paragraphs trying to make his day. My friends tell me it's not worth it but I went through hell and back for this guy so whether he likes it or not I'm always gonna be by his side. Gemini's need love. I've realized that. They might act like they're annoyed but they secretly love it. I've been dealing with Geminis my whole life. Smother them with love. And show them your spiritual side. And continue on being you. Even if they push you down. They'll respect you for getting back up. I never gave up on him. So if you feel hopeless, don't give up. Trust me, he or she is worth it.
—Guest Alisha

Guts and Words

i'm a freshman in high school and he's a junior. I'm the pisces and he's the Gemini. I really like him, I watch him at lunch just to see his smile. He's just got out of a bad relationship so that just makes me want to take his pain away. My only problem is I can barely talk to him because I don't want to stutter or say something stupid. but starting Monday I am going to seriously try to get to know him, because I really do care about him. He's been hurt a lot and I want to make up for that. wish me luck. I don't know why but I actually get along really well with Gemini guys and girls. maybe it's because I have a lot of Aquarius in my astro chart, I dunno. :) I hope this works out.
—Guest SilentbutlovingPisces

Gemini woman and my Pisces man.

Iam a Gemini woman and my husband of 12 years is a Pisces we get along great and hardly ever fight. We are always their for each, and go out all time we understand each other with our likes and dislikes and also encourage one another. We love doinn things tohathet,so i would say Pisces men are great for Gemini woman. thetimthe time we
—Guest Sarah

It didn't work out though we had it good

My Gem ex and I dated for 1.5 years (we're both 43 and doing the long distance relationship too). In the first year he spoke of marriage and babies - then things went slow at his work.. and I think he started getting distracted on social media (we wouldn't chat/text as much as in the beginning) and my need for communication and pushing for a return to how we were just made it worse. He withdrew more until there was barely contact. Sadly, I was more in love with him than he ever seemed to be with me. In the end, the last communication between us became a total disconnect and though it's been barely two weeks, I've never been so heartbroken. There were just too many problems that he wasn't working on fixing and it broke us apart - it tore me down more than I ever expected. Reading up more about his sign.. I see a lot of things which are as they said he would be.. though he was affectionate and caring in his own way.

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