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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Sagittarius Relationship

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im a sag girl and hes a leo they really do match their horoscope they need ALOT of attention they r so sexy and protective. we broke up becuz he likes to talk with his ex alot. me and him are talking now but he never gives me any compliments. he always ask me if i still like him and if im dating anyone. idk y i keep liking him if he has a girlfriend and im just the other girl! hes just so ..... ATTRACTIVE! i still like him even if im unsure of his feelings.

in luv w being in luv

Met a leo a couple weeks ago he seems interested but im pushing away scared of heartbreak uhhhhh
—Guest sag fem


i'm a leo man and had a brief relationship with a sagittarius woman that ended quickly because of endless differences between us that i did not expect, the most important of all that drove me away from her was the sheer hunger of sharing me and comparing me with other men either by talking constantly about her ex-boyfriends or admiring so many men openly without showing any respect for my presense wich i often found offensive, generating so much negativity around us... she never praised me or even complemented me on anything no matter how simple that my strong feelings towards her got weaker and weaker until they diminished! from my own experience this is a very temporary shallow love match
—Guest a

perfect match

I'm a Sag woman and my Leo man and I met two years ago through mutual friends! It was instant chemistry and although we have had our past downs, we're tieng the knot and couldn't be more happier! He's the only person that really understands me, we love one another passionately, our sex life is AMAZING, we have fun, cry together anmd share everything! I can certifiably say that he is my soulmate!
—Guest desire

want you're sag man

So I was looking at some of these posts an just wanted to say to all you Leo women interested in a sag man, we don't really jump at commitment honestly lots of times we pass up some of the best opportunities cause of it. But if ya want to know the secret don't play the cat and mouse game, instead just lay still an let him nibble a few! times. so in other words call him message him an devote some attention
—Guest halo with horns

Right on the money!

I am a Leo woman and he is a Sag man. We're both proud and extremely stubborn. He drives me up the wall! We disagree on almost every topic of conversation, even the insignificant ones since I get defensive easily and we both become so passionate about almost everything we talk about. I find us raising our voices quite often because we both are so opinionated and passionate about our beliefs! He admits to enjoy being obnoxious and loves to have the last word. This Sag man is a really competitive one. Even with our excessive arguments we enjoy making love and still love each other very much though at the end of the day.
—Guest Marigold


For the last ye. N a half I have had this crazy on an off relationship with this Leo Guy but it was crazy becuz all it took for him to get me was a smile an ever since then lets just say I've been in love but its weird when we fight we fight but when we love we love :))))spirits passion fire u name it but no. Matter what he never wants to give me a title or at least to my face idk its confusing but I love him and he's worth every challenge
—Guest AngieSAG!

Leo sag relationship

My hubby is very controlling and has bad temper. He gets angry really quickly and comes to raise his hand on me if I talk back or speak loudly. I am tired of fighting and making up for 6 yrs so I moved out. I have two kids with him. I told him to get help; like go to a anger management class or therapy. But he said he won’t go unless I come home. Again, he is trying to control the situation. I just don’t know what to do. Should I go? I am afraid if I go he won’t get any help. I still love his sweet part but not his anger problem. I can’t be submissive. Thats just not my personality. But if I stay with him I have to be like that. He makes me feel low like I am nothing. I thought leos are suppose to be compatible with Sag but I was wrong, very wrong. I know I made a mistake when I married him but am I making a bigger mistake if I divorce him? Tell me…
—Guest Pretty

sagg and sagg

yes i am with a saggitarius and im one too. me and him been together for 3 months me and him loves each other a lot , we cant stop loving each other because we are sag i love him the same amount that he loves me we cant get over each other i mean yall leo's and other signs have to know who we r i mean u need to seat doen and get to know us alot so my live is likke peaches and pears LOVE MEHH :)
—Guest jada carpenter

dead on

It's true I'm a Leo and want tothero be with my sagittarius girlfriend but she keeps pursuing empty relationships with other people. I've lost her a couple of times and we've always gotten back together. I guess the match is true
—Guest Eric

together forever

I'm a leo and my boyfriend is a sag we were best friends for 6 months now have been together for almost 7 months, we have a strong love for each other, not all sag is the same, we do have our times when we don't get along but that happens with every relationship.. we love each other and work threw all of our problems, he is totally worth my time (: good luck
—Guest shelb23

Sagg Falling Quickly for Leo Man

I am falling so quickly for my leo man, known each other for 6 years and I guess he has always liked me and Ive never noticed, until this past valentines day, a few weeks ago he invited me to his house, all we did was sit and watch a movie and it was as if an unseen force was drawing us in.. he even asked me did i feel it?!! o_O I said YES!! Ever since, we have been having blissful nights of wine drinking, cooking for him and lots of laughter!! Im falling soo quickly and even though his is VERY demanding, non chalant, and distant at times.. it is such a turn on!!!! Because when he does communicate he says the most adorable I MISS YOUS in the world, makes me feel SO FCKN LOVED! Hes a manly man.. and it takes a LOT of man to dominate me.. and I love it!! Im just scared of falling too quickly and being hurt.. sex is incredible!! Hes so dominating! Im just trying to take it slow.. but its been 3 weeks and all i can think is i want to marry him... have his babies and bathe in our love lol
—Guest Sagg Woman


I am a leo, when i met this wonderful sag he was just everything i wanted from the start we bonded n connected in so many ways, we kept it as friends witch we turned in to best friends but for the 5years that i known him we always had some kind of weird love connection for eachother. Like 6months ago he just spilled out that his had feeling for me since we met & i feel the same but that was it we never tried to be anything else we left it As that. Were so alike but yet different. Without him i dont feel myself im lost My feeling towards him got stronger each & everytime now its so hard to get over it we hardly even talk now we both hurt each other so much & he has so much pride to admit anything his done wrong or what he feels & so do i so that makes two of us. But even when we dnt talk for a good min something always brings us back together n our love we have just gets even stronger! I wish i knew what we have for eachother is he confuses me with all his mixed signals that idk anymore
—Guest Chyyy

sagittarius woman/leo man

i helped him to clean himself up and walk a little taller. he helped me to not be so manic and pretty much saved my "life", though i'd never tell him that. our schedules and distance revent us from seeing one another sooner than once a week, but when we do it's on. we talk multiple times and text daily. we talk about music and life and love. he doesn't understand why i won't ask him for money or anything. i have never had to ask! i was always given! i think he just likes the act of me asking because it shows that i DO need him. i am three years older but he acts 20 years older. i love him dearly. i spazz out when i miss him lots. he misses me more but is so much calmer about it. i cannot believe he finds my emotions endearing. i think they are bothersome traps, emotions. my soon to be ex is a cancer and was just as possessive, but my leo is a man's man, a strong man and protective. cancer was anything but. i am anxious to see how things will be when we live closer. he makes me soft, ug
—Guest msX

Love my Leo

Im 26 yro sag woman seeing a 19 yro Leo. He is amazing. He is kind and sweet. He's attentive and always listens. He make sure to remind me everyday that i am beautiful and he thinks Im special. I have never experienced someone who treat me so well. I would do anything for my Leo. He's loyal and caring and makes me want to be a better woman. He inspires me to chase my dreams and live my life to the fullest. He's a very hard worker and rarely takes a day off soo when i do convince him to take a day off and have some fun it allows me to be more appreciative of the little things in life and the time we spend together. And the sex is amazing. He's always willing to please and everything i do pleases him. I love my Leo.
—Guest Proud Sag Woman

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