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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Sagittarius Relationship

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Very True-Love is strong

I'm a Sag woman, he's a Leo. We've been together over a year now (a feat considering his bad break up with a Scorpio...we noticed each other while they were still together, but didn't do anything till they broke up). I'm deeply in love and don't see myself with anyone else. My eyes don't stray, surprising I know, and when I see a couple I think of him and his attentiveness. Although I tend to overdo the admonishing when it comes to his jealousy or his demanding nature, there is an endearing side to these features that I love. We know that we need our own space to do what we want, and it's helped so much, especially for him. I love cuddling and being close, even if we aren't interacting, his presence is enough. *laugh* warning to Leo's, man or woman, don't expect a Sag to bow. You "lay down the law", and we jump right over it and look at you as if you lost your mind. Warning to Sag's: Stay still and listen, learn to compromise. It's worth it.
—Guest Melly1213

Im not so sure......

Hey there :) I am a 22yr old Leo female dateing a 20yr old sag. Now let me tell you folks.... this has not been easy. I am bossy and expect allot--- but seriously - this Guy is one of a kind! He is selfish, lazy, egotistical, can't hold a job, he manipulates me every chance he gets, he's defensive, needy, and the list goes on and on. I want to go outside and play... and all he wants to do is stay inside or only do the things that make him happy or else he h will though a fit. I have always been kind to his friends and he shit talks mine. I am the only one with a job to pay the bills and he wont even help pick up after HIS mess... then calls me a bitch or something if I ask. Don't get me wrong.. he has a few good qualities too... loyal, random, funny, cuddly... but its just obvious that the bad outweigh the good... and maybe I am not what he really needs. I'm glad it worked for someof u though.
—Guest Luna4044

sag women are a nightmare

I'm a Leo man, and I've gotta say that almost every Sag girl I've been involved with has been insufferably flighty and bitchy.
—Guest moot

I'm a Leo he's a sag

Well I met him at my local bank he was a personal banker there. Everytime I would stop by if I had any questions or dealings he would be the first to run out of his office. Sweet and attractive I was pretty receptive to his advance and couldn't resist. We started emailing eachother during work since I am too a banker. Just getting to know one another. I'll admit I went into this not expecting anything. I just got out of a 2 year relationship with an Aries. That was a mess.so much chemistry We slept together on the first date and from that point the sex would get better everytime.But he was very emotionally detached. Not talks about relationships , feelings or us came up except for the general questions when we first initially hung out. I can tell he needs his space, I know he prolly talks to other women which is fine because Im with other men. I just wonder will there ever be more I never question his motives or what he does when I'm not around which kills me sometimes but I'm over it.
—Guest Maria g


Roar! Yes I'm a Leo woman, him a Sag! I met him in a club, exchanged numbers and it's almost been a year together. True, the sag man doesn't bow down to Leo and he does try to treat me like a baby, SO ANNOYING! lol, however I'm jealous and demanding so that's annoying to him, lol. The sex is Great! He's an OTR truck driver so we travel weekly. All in all like any relationship you have to put in work, but since he is the comedian and I'm the director, our problems are easily resolved! This relationship between the two zodiacs is one I wouldn't trade on for the world!! Now that's LOVE! And that's what we have. ❤
—Guest The Queen of the Jungle

Leo Sag

I think.. I'm starting to fall in love. Im a Leo woman whose been seeing a Sag man every weekend for about 6 weeks. I can never bring myself to say I'm "inlove" specially after my Aries Man 3 years back (I never felt like that towards anyone in my life) but Sags energy keeps me in an upbeat attitude I find my self more energetic. I try to do as many things to impressive him, he's a tricky one though it's like I cant tell if he's really into me or not when I'm not with him but when were together he kisses me so passionately where I feel as if he was my long last love of my past life. when I give him space(really hard for me) he gives me more attention(which I live for) so that seems to work i just have to be patience. hes meeting my family this thursday and bringing his brother so that to me is always a good sign but then again the other night he said(after getting a little hot making out)hes not ready for a relationship so in response i never give in I only tease ;) I hope it works!
—Guest LionessRoar



Is it too late...

I am a young married sag women married to an older gemini... I feel too much like a baby sitter in this relationship and the fighting is scary and terrible. So I have never scoped but omgee someone caught my eye and this never happens!!! He is so understanding respectful and fun..i actually see myself Seperating from gem just to start something with leo... God sometimes brings new joy when your lacking happiness im 20 yrs old and happiness is ALL I want
—Guest Sunshine

leo sagg

am a sagg I've been datin a leo for six months,she is been wonderful,our sexlife is so out of this world just that she is overbearin though am a flirt.i love her still.
—Guest emeka fortune

In love

I'm not one that falls in love, but since I saw her at a bar/club, I was in love, we have talked since and she has kissed my lips one time we went out, but she was a lil buzzed, I tell her how in love I am with her but she just says "that's not true" I tell her I never felt about someone like I feel about her, this is crazy!
—Guest Oscar

Love my sagg!

I'm a leo woman, and my best friend for like three years is a sagg man. I love him so much, we had the most fun together! So, we started dating...it was the best relationship I ever had, but he I was super jealous of his flirting. We broke up but we are still friends. I wish we were still together, he understands me completely...I had the best times of my life with him. I miss so much!
—Guest Candy


I am a sagg woman in love with a leo man. But theres a catch, he has a child with a taurus woman and is living with them, but they are not in love. I am currently dating an aries man because I cannot be with the leo (since he has a kid with one of my best friends, the taurus)He is nice (the aries)- we connect sexually like crazy and his calming energy soothes me, but the love I have for the leo man is uncomparable. This leo is my soulmate and it is so hard because I cannot be with him. I will always love him and am in a battle with myself because I love the aries man, but its a different kind of love.
—Guest I'll always lovehim

I luv leo's

Recently I really got into astrology btw I am a happy-go-lucky-adventurous sagg my bestfriend of 5 yrs is a Leo nd we didn't know our signs worked well together nd the more I get into astrology life makes a little more sense like I cannot stand my Taurus boyfriend but leo's are the shit besides Sagittarius.
—Guest Teensagg

Leo Sag

Sag female here trying to get over my Leo male. I wz seeing him for about two months & I asked to be his girl. He said it wz too soon & I got mad. I immediately regretted "breaking up". @first he wd pick up but wdn't c me. Now he hasn't called & won't answer mine. From evrythg I hve read I hve no hope. I really miss him.
—Guest Tara J.

wht is it ..Oh my God :)

Im a Leo ...she is a Sagittarius.....we are friends, we are friends from childhood..... now adays it seems that we cant live without our chat, sharing of events, admiring new things and most of all sharing the feelings. I dont know whts going on.... sometimes she gets silent and observes my reaction, tht wht I do if she not there..... simlpy i get mad and ido unexpected things....then she comes up, smiles and strts evry thing with more power, trust and dependencies. I guess she likes my creative and arrogant nature, so do I like her nature of being beutiful, center of gravity :), romantic... I miss her whn she is silent.... and I am defntely sure tht she misses me whn Im not expressive and mad... Do i love her??? dont know
—Guest Mr. Cast

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