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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Sagittarius Relationship

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I am a sagg woman in love with a leo man. But theres a catch, he has a child with a taurus woman and is living with them, but they are not in love. I am currently dating an aries man because I cannot be with the leo (since he has a kid with one of my best friends, the taurus)He is nice (the aries)- we connect sexually like crazy and his calming energy soothes me, but the love I have for the leo man is uncomparable. This leo is my soulmate and it is so hard because I cannot be with him. I will always love him and am in a battle with myself because I love the aries man, but its a different kind of love.
—Guest I'll always lovehim

I luv leo's

Recently I really got into astrology btw I am a happy-go-lucky-adventurous sagg my bestfriend of 5 yrs is a Leo nd we didn't know our signs worked well together nd the more I get into astrology life makes a little more sense like I cannot stand my Taurus boyfriend but leo's are the shit besides Sagittarius.
—Guest Teensagg

Leo Sag

Sag female here trying to get over my Leo male. I wz seeing him for about two months & I asked to be his girl. He said it wz too soon & I got mad. I immediately regretted "breaking up". @first he wd pick up but wdn't c me. Now he hasn't called & won't answer mine. From evrythg I hve read I hve no hope. I really miss him.
—Guest Tara J.

wht is it ..Oh my God :)

Im a Leo ...she is a Sagittarius.....we are friends, we are friends from childhood..... now adays it seems that we cant live without our chat, sharing of events, admiring new things and most of all sharing the feelings. I dont know whts going on.... sometimes she gets silent and observes my reaction, tht wht I do if she not there..... simlpy i get mad and ido unexpected things....then she comes up, smiles and strts evry thing with more power, trust and dependencies. I guess she likes my creative and arrogant nature, so do I like her nature of being beutiful, center of gravity :), romantic... I miss her whn she is silent.... and I am defntely sure tht she misses me whn Im not expressive and mad... Do i love her??? dont know
—Guest Mr. Cast

Overwhelmed by feelings

I was young and completely crazy about him. No one else has affected me like that. We reconnected recently after many years. Undeniable passion. That's all I can say.
—Guest FemaleSag

Almost perfect

I'm a young Sagittarius woman whose been with a Leo man for three years now. We fell in love when we were in high school after much effort to win me over on his part. I was madly in love, up until a year and a half together when he dumped me out of the blue because he couldn't help but spend all his time with me instead of being productive. I took it badly and was horribly depressed, assuming he was cheating. But I eventually talked him out of it and we made up. But I instantly felt like I may have made a mistake. I was cold to him after awhile, still hurt by the abrupt breakup. I even went so far as to almost cheat on him with a libra man. Soon after I dumped him because he wanted to break up anyways when he went off to college. It turned out the Libra man was a major disappointment (in soooo many ways...) and I Had a fling with a man I assume is also a Sag. But I missed my Leo and when he wanted to get back, we did. He's great but I have an untamable wandering eye, now on a Gemini.
—Guest Wandering Sag

dont hate the player hate the GAME

irealy care for him im leo he sag went perfect fora wek n today tells me dont think we made for each other WTF over it!!!Not realy ihad gave upon men till himnow im givin up again so if u male leave me the fuckaloneThen get home he pokes me on fb we need a shoot buttton on there lmao noim just gonna miss him n his fam !!!much love xx
—Guest gypsy love

Love triangle

I am a sagittarius boy, and I'm deeply in love with a Leo woman. Another Leo boy who I am friends with likes her too. She probably likes him, but in the past she's liked me. No real tension between me and my friend yet, but I am madly in love with this girl. I haven't asked her out, but we danced at the school dance. So it's kind of like a Leo man, Sagittarius man, and Leo woman love triangle. So in short, this is going to be interesting anyway you slice it...
—Guest James

Love At First Date

We fell in love from the first date. It was the most perfect day and I felt myself thinking that he was the "one." Almost a year later and I still find myself thinking that. The initial attraction was unlike anything I have ever experienced before! I've read that Leos typically aren't the jealous type- this is so untrue for my Leo he is a very jealous person and because of that I find myself being that way towards him as well. So that was a little unexpected, but we're still doing wonderful (: It's definitely been fun, we're both outdoorsy and like to go kayaking and hiking and things of that sort and we're both very romantic and affectionate towards one another. I'm not as good with words as my Leo but I've never been one to last in a relationship long and it's almost been a year so I guess that says something about our connection (:
—Guest Laura

From a Leo male perspective :)

I just just started dating a sag and I gotta say, this is pretty dead on. I was in a lazy rut for months alone, and just seeing her for a couple hours is a joy, and I drive 45 mins one way with a smile! After dating only a week, I went from lazy, tired, and bland, to excited, awake, and thoughtful. I'm on week three now and it's getting better, and better. There was one little fight about me flirting with another girl a few days ago... But after a day of me moping and giving her space (that killed me by the way) and her letting her anger out and talking with friends, we made up. There really is something to astrology. You know who I seeker advice from? My best friend who's birthday is exactly a month before mine. Been my best friend for 8 years now ;)
—Guest LeoGuy

not true

this is so untrue. My husband is a Sadge and I am a Leo and I deal with bouts of guilt and shame over my flirting. My husband has a great personality and doesn't flirt half as much as I. I also get crushes on people a lot. It's something I am actually praying to release about myself.
—Guest junebug


this article is pretty accurate. im a sagg woman dating a leo man and im falling in love. every time were together its like an adventure. even when were sitting around the park doing nothing. there are so many things that i love about him. he can be a bit selfish at times however i believe that is a permanent part of his nature and im willing to accept that, hopefully he is able to taylor that quality for the better as he matures. however he is very sincere he can be very caring compassionate charming and a ball of fun to be around. his touch is amazing and i truly admire him. he has 2 children of his own and i admire him for being such a great father. hopefully we get married and have more one day. i picture a huge house with about 5 kids running all around. food. love laughter. i have a feeling i have met my soul mate. if there is really such a thing that exists
—Guest falling in love

i love that sage

its so true evry lil thing i jus read and i never knew it waz like that 4real it just told my rlasonship.
—Guest eisha

Oh so true!

This article describes my relationship with my sage husband to a tee. I'm a sociable person but he's more so. I constantly accuse him of prefering to go off with one of his gazilion friends than be with me. It was hard for me to understand why he would want to be anywhere else but with me, especially with moi being used to having everyones attention. I was bossy, intolerant and dogmatic. Six years later (after a couple of dramatic break ups and even sweeter make ups, and two kids along the way), we've gotten to understand each others personality and more importantly, accept it knowing we are in love despite the dissimilarities. We now share a strong bond resulting in us being closer than ever.
—Guest kay

Passion & Honesty

There is a passion like I've never experienced with anyone! He was patient with me (Sage) while I lived the varied romance life in the beginning. He proved his faithfulness by never giving up on me, and I proved mine to him by always returning to him. Through complete and utter honesty we have the most AMAZING committed relationship now!!!
—Guest ilovehim

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