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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Sagittarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Leo-Sagittarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share Your Experience

god,never again!

i dated a sagittarius for 8months.mr Sagittarius came onto me hard and I fell in love quick.after a while his rough tough cold side came out.oversimplified every thing.at the same time get mad at every smallest thing and would go completely off.thought he had the right to criticised all my actions.played mind games.and would call me out if i tried to do the same.thought that his attention is a big reward you have to desperately try to earn.i was an ear for all his daily problem.but acted bored when i talked aout mine.in the end i felt like im turning into a clueless crazy bimbo just to keep him entertained(dont really know when i fell under this spell) i dont want to add anymore but sagittarius are definitely the most disloyal and untruthworthy people you may ever be involve with.its like they havnt developed emotionally and romantically.
—Guest leo,scorpio,pisces.


I'm a leo man. I dated a Sag woman for 7 months and she kept her eye open to other males and at the same time, she was highly jealous at me thinking I flirt with other women (wich is not true). She left me when I told her to stop threatening me to end the relationship and to hide our relationships. 3 years ago, I dated another sag and she had sex everywhere she travelled. Sags don't commit I guess !
—Guest mork

Sag totally confused

When we met it was strictly business with me but as we got to know eachother more and more, we no longer could stand to be apart. This Leo man was something out of this world, never did i imagine that someone cpuld be so similar to me, we liked the same things. He has children from a Taurus woman and claims she really hurt him. Anyway,We started dating and after a while i started to see a diff side that i did not like. Possessive, tempermental, Constantly accusing me of craziness,and made me feel so low,He was super cocky and thru all the girls he supposedly dated which i admit were bombshells, i once questioned him about on girl he claims he dated, i was curious to know what made him date her, she was not too attractive to me. His response was... Why? Do you feel she's better than you, i mean she's gorgeous and is well off. Are you feeling less? ...My first thought was WTF!! I've never put myself beneath anyone, nor am i insecure about myself but lately it just so happens I am........

Leo in love

I'm a leo woman dating a older sag man, he is everything that I could want in a man. He's very intelligent a great lover, teacher and friend. He truly is the love of my life.
—Guest Leo in love

oops,you just crossed the line....

was dating a sag for 2 years.recently found out he has been busy all the time.have to say dude just fell from the pedstal i had put him on in my eyes.very disappointed.......
—Guest bianka

Sagittarius women are the worst sluts

I am a leo guy and I say this to all Leo guys stay away from the Sagittarian slut! Sagittarius women are the most sluttiest and untrustworthy women of all the signs! They fall in love and everything and want to sleep with everyone! If you are willing to be a cuckolded Leo then accept her. A true Leo would never accept that because Leo's have a huge sense of self-respect which others mistake to be an ego. We need to have respect for our partners to truly love them, and Sagittarius women fail miserably on that level! The best partner for a Leo man is a Leo woman or a Libra woman. Sagittarius and Gemini women are to be kept only for sexual practice because these signs are the sluttiest signs in the zodiac who fall with everyone and sleep with everyone even the pizza delivery boys. Don't ever invest your feelings in Sagittarius, it is the sign most unworthy of commitment. Leo and Sagittarius is definitely a no-no considering Sagittarius's sluttiness which immediately disqualifies it.
—Guest Leo man

I love my man

I'm a sag lady and my Leo man is wonderful and caring. He respects me and seeks my permission b4 taking a decision bt he has dis pride dat gets me angry. I always try 2 calm down and respect him bt d more i do dat d more it gets 2 his head and he cud be so annoying @ times. He's so full of energy, luving and caring bt we lack communication 'cos he doesn't have tym 2 listen 2 me. He complains dat i talk 2much. Pls I need an advice, wat do I do 2 keep d relationship
—Guest Pichy

hell to the no!

leo girl here 18.dated 3 older sags.have to say:soo fun,positive,energitic,itellectual good friends.BUT controlling,bad tempered,unable to compromise,soo casual about importatant stuffs,way too promiscous,and selfish.(never again for exclusive,serious relos;)
—Guest leo g

I'm a bonified Sagittarius Man

I am a real sucker when it comes to the Leo women. This is not my first in counter with a Leo women it seems too me like all my life I been in love with these Leo's this one thatt I am involved with now it's like I seen her for about a year before I actually said anything too her but we both been looking at each other like who's going too say something first so it was up too me to say hey do you need some help with thatt because she had work for the same company as I did, so she said yes and I helped her carry a bag too the company van thatt she was driving knowing she could of carry the bag by herself lol so I asked for her number and we started too talk and text each other for a little while but in my head I knew she needed to cut some people off out her life before she committed herself too me and I needed too do the same. But with my temper and hers we stop communicating for a while actually it was my temper thatt was some bad but I want her and she want me now we are together..
—Guest Mr-No-Love

Leo man sag women

I've been with my sag wife 20 yrs. I do love her with all my heart and have given her everything she's asked for, but every few years she'll look for sex elsewhere. She says sex with me is amazing, but sometimes others get her so excited she can't stop herself. Promises it will never happen again, but it does. It breaks my heart everytime. I can't do it again. Ready to dissapear.
—Guest Jamhop

Bold nd brittle love

has been 1months since ive loved my leo girl she is over possesive sometimes but i love her truly she makes commitment of marriage nd i want to grow old with her truly
—Guest Yugant

Sagittarius man and Leo Women

I was married 15 years to Sag. They are moody and get depressed easy. They like women as friends so you better hope you are not a jealous Leo. We tried to stay friends but I could not handle him still seeing the women he cheating with. it hurts for both in the end. My advise - If you don't want to get hurt walk away since you will never come first.
—Guest smoothie


Im an 18 yr old leo female my sagg boyfriend is 21 , we met i was 17 & he was 19 jst turning 20 that dec.. we randomly met at a gas station , we txted & talked for a couple of months & surprisingly he told me he loved me & i kno it was real bcus i felt it too ... every since then its been crazy, mad, sexy love. I frickin love our relationship, the sex how sweet he can b to me & u kno us leos love the pampered life.. we both have crazy attitudes & tempers but the love is so strong it pulls us right back together.. we spend so much time together others dont understand it... yeah i can b a sucker for his love at times i give in like a kiss ass sometimes i hate it but i adore the f*ck outt my sagittarian ;) its been a yr & 2 months thus far
—Guest Wifey .

Falling for a Sadge man pt2

OMG YOU GUYS. It...Was...AMAZING!... I'm truly hoping this goes some where. Patiently waiting...
—Guest Skittles (leo woman)

Falling for a Sadge man

This is crazy. We met in high school. Since, we've went our separate ways. However, on Dec 9th he caught up to me. I reallllllyyyyy like him a lot. But I'm without a doubt terrified. I don't want rush but for some reason I'm anxious. We share A love for knowledge, travel, adventure and humor. On Jan 3 will be our 1st date. I just don't want to come on too strong... I'll be back to follow up on the dets everyone abd Merry Christmas. ♥
—Guest Skittles ( leo woman)

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