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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Sagittarius Relationship

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Have you been in a Leo-Sagittarius relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Love is Truly amazing

im a sag woman, and my leo man is my everything, though things may get really ROUGH we tend to always find our way... the key to our relationship is joy, and patience.
—Guest daisyD

Don't do it! Leo# Sag

I dated a Sag for about 9 months and ...lot of problems!! i'm not sayin' there will be troubles in any relationship...but if the zodiac thinks leos are proud people take a look closer and u'll be able to give 1st place to Sags..no way no how!! this is going nowhere..maybe better for leos to look for other fixed signs which are more alike them
—Guest Blah


im a leo girl previously dated a cancer guy whom was very controlling, jealous n the negative to the core.. during our first date itself he was like a parasite consuming me.. moreover adding water to my burning spirits.. we broke up 3 yrs ago.. Then comes my hero.. the sag guy who is a mirror of myself.. watever i thinks he senses it a sudden.. i dont know how.. he s such an optimist n has such positive fire in each n every things..even a nod motivates and lit my fire.. i feel like flying high.. he is a passion for my inner soul.. i m passive now being tied up in my past.. but he litting fire n i flying up like phoenix.. really.. i have lost my aggressive lioness n can well understand my sags guys aggressiveness n emotions.. i see my self whenever he expresses his anger or sentiments.. i know he ll cool within minutes.. he comes back every fight.. i welcome him warm heart.. im tied to his love.. his tenderness n passion flirtiness.. i love him..
—Guest leo girl

god,never again!

i dated a sagittarius for 8months.mr Sagittarius came onto me hard and I fell in love quick.after a while his rough tough cold side came out.oversimplified every thing.at the same time get mad at every smallest thing and would go completely off.thought he had the right to criticised all my actions.played mind games.and would call me out if i tried to do the same.thought that his attention is a big reward you have to desperately try to earn.i was an ear for all his daily problem.but acted bored when i talked aout mine.in the end i felt like im turning into a clueless crazy bimbo just to keep him entertained(dont really know when i fell under this spell) i dont want to add anymore but sagittarius are definitely the most disloyal and untruthworthy people you may ever be involve with.its like they havnt developed emotionally and romantically.
—Guest leo,scorpio,pisces.


I'm a leo man. I dated a Sag woman for 7 months and she kept her eye open to other males and at the same time, she was highly jealous at me thinking I flirt with other women (wich is not true). She left me when I told her to stop threatening me to end the relationship and to hide our relationships. 3 years ago, I dated another sag and she had sex everywhere she travelled. Sags don't commit I guess !
—Guest mork

Sag totally confused

When we met it was strictly business with me but as we got to know eachother more and more, we no longer could stand to be apart. This Leo man was something out of this world, never did i imagine that someone cpuld be so similar to me, we liked the same things. He has children from a Taurus woman and claims she really hurt him. Anyway,We started dating and after a while i started to see a diff side that i did not like. Possessive, tempermental, Constantly accusing me of craziness,and made me feel so low,He was super cocky and thru all the girls he supposedly dated which i admit were bombshells, i once questioned him about on girl he claims he dated, i was curious to know what made him date her, she was not too attractive to me. His response was... Why? Do you feel she's better than you, i mean she's gorgeous and is well off. Are you feeling less? ...My first thought was WTF!! I've never put myself beneath anyone, nor am i insecure about myself but lately it just so happens I am........

Sag man Leo Woman

I am a sag man and never been in love until I met my Leo woman, When I met eye contact with her for the first time, the whole world stood still and got quiet. All I wanted to do was know everything about her. I asked her out and spent every possible minute with her and we were perfect for each other and I fell in true love for the first time in my life. Flawless
—Guest Archer

Dating a Sag, cultural difference?

I am currently dating a Sag man (32) I'm a Leo woman (29) for around 4 months. He cheated on me in the beginning but confessed to me about it. I have been away for a couple of months and we talk every day-he says he's excited for me to come back to his arms. I have been hurt several times so am taking it slow and not getting excited, unlike him, he is such a boy! Am trying to channel all the water signs on my chart and not bring out my impatient Leo sun /Aries moon side. I don't mind him cheating as long as I know of it. I don't put boundaries on people or myself. He seems like such an amazing friend and I want to be with him till I rest my eyes. Also we're from two different cultures-and that worries me a bit. I wonder at what age do Sags become less wild?
—Guest Bunny

Rocky but worth it

Im a female sag currently dating a female Leo. We met in school & completely hit it off. Unfortunately I was involved w/ a cancer & she was involved w/ a Scorpio. We've been on & off for almost 3 yrs. when it came to her Scorpio she had no problem giving a title to her even tho she wasn't being fully faithful. But w/ me she's scared of a title. I worry a lot bc I kno she talks, flirts, etc w/ other women as well as her ex. & I've been completely faithful for this whole time, whether we were in a official relationship or not, which is rare for a sadge but I love her to the death of me. She brings out my wild side & vice versa. Things haven't been always great but our connection, sex, & love for each other makes it all worth it. She's protective, stubborn, romantic (on occasion), & WORSEM! But I wouldn't trade her 4 the world. Hoping it works out between us
—Guest Pot of Gold

Not sure but hope so

Im a Leo woman currently talking to a Sagittarius he is a great guy and everything I want in a man except I just don't think he is as serious as I am about being in a relationship they are a great catch but i dont think they like committing but it's kind of a turn on and a turn off at the same time
—Guest Leowoman guest

sag woman Leo man

Well seemed like I met my match which was scary... So I walked away..he's only 18 and I'm 26 he's living the life in replica to what I did so I know where his life is going. He wants to f*ck loads of women, and pursue a acting and modelling career. Good luck to him... Very cute and playful though!
—Guest pika boo

The Worst connection.

I agree totally with Guest Moot. Hypocritical, two timing, absolute no moral backbone, slutty, skankish, dysfunctional, untrustworthy, bitchy, revengeful, and awfully envious - that's how I would describe all the Sag women I met. Fixed signs don't mix with Mutable signs.
—Guest Leo

Heres My Story

So I am a leo girl and I like a sagittarius boy a lot. I cant tell if he likes me or not but im pretty sure he doesnt. I basically cry over him every night because hes just that awesome. Hes funny, ATHLETIC, talented, determined, nice, and i really look for those type of things in my dream guy. Infact, my dream guy is him and its kind of freaky because it seems as if im a stalker, but i mean ive known him since 3rd grade and we he knew that i liked him but i dont think he liked me. Now he looks at me and trys to make me mad by talking and touching my friends. If he likes me he should tell me instead of doing crazy stuff. :( He talks too a lot of other girls tho which is heart breaking. Well, until he tells me how he feels about me or texts me first I will forever cry until someone helps me feel otherwise ! (:
—Guest Tierracole

Fire on fire

I'm a Leo women who has had an on/off love affair/relationship w/a Sag man for 2 years. To attest to the intensity of our attraction I usually date women and this messy, silly Sag man caught my eye from day 1. He is fiercely independent and involved in everything. Me, Leo, wants his eyes only for me but I know that is not how he operates. This has given me a chance to practice some trust and work through my insecurities and to work at giving someone space...to which he responds swimmingly to. Truth be told we are the best of friends and lovers, but not as a couple. I think the unlimited supply of love and appreciation that a Sag is capable of is beautiful. My Leo self must remember that it isn't me that he doesn't want...it's commitment, being tied down and the mere possibility of being controlled. I wouldn't trade my time with him for the world.I love his wit, kindness and smarts and we have the hottest yet most comfortable and fun (duh) sex I have ever had(even more than w/an Aries!)
—Guest Roar1982

Match made in paradise

I am newly married to a leo man. I am a stubborn, angry, sweet, and righteous sagi female. Obviously he likes me because I am righteous but it took him awhile to be loyal. I stayed compromising with him but left him. Later he left me for another woman with a baby. She didn't give him a lot of attention and love, and she was not loyal therefore he left her and came back to me. Since he was like my best friend,i forgave him and he asked me to marry him. Since our marriage, he has been the primary bread winner, he cooks, and is very romantic from here and there. Romance every day is boring anyway.
—Guest Sharin

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