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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Scorpio Relationship

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Incompatible? No way!

I basically think its a strong pairing. There's something in this relation that you do not find in any other relationship- the mutual respect. Scorpio feels the same as leo in love, only difference being, he/she is not as expressive as their leo partner. I sincerely think Scorpio is the best and the most loyal partner a leo woman can ever have. No one can control an extravagant leo like a scorpion, and no one can bring the scorpion's passions out like a leo. I rate this as a powerful union- infact, the most powerful if it does not succumb to ego clashes
—Guest Lady Leo

S and B

I am a leo virgo woman and the guy I was dating was a scorpio guy. This was the most heartbreaking experience as I wasn't ready. In the start of our relationship he would speak to me constantly but once he saw I was showing interest he then backed of and eventually he changed like I didn't know him we was on and of relationship it was not healthy as he was my first love and I cannot move on. There was something about him I don't know what but I can't seem to let go apart of me tells me to hang on but another part is telling me to move on. Every time I see him I walk the other way I cannot look at him it just reminds me of the sad past. I have his Grudge against him. But the relationship was do intense like something was not right but the boy was a player he played mind games with me constantly so I don't know if he like or not he would speak then not speak so I just stopped speaking to him and went my own way may be it wasn't time I don't know but I do know I need to work on myself.
—Guest Monica

Will he find his way back ?

I not sure what to think about, my scorpio man, he will not let me get to close to his feelings he'll tell me one of his secrets then bag away from any other question about the same subject I tried to be opening with him but yet he tease me with his emotions.the other day he start testing me and one of the articles I read that when they start testing you they starting to trust you with there secrets and starting to fall in love with because they need to be able to trust you. Well me being a leo I didn't understand what was going on with him I thought he was trying to push me out of his life or something.so I did'nt like what he was doing.so I told him it was over cause I did'nt like his little testing ways it was all too much at that time. After that I looked up the scorpio ways, an that's when I found out that what the scorpio male will do when they are in love at the begining of there relationships
—Guest Blindbeauty

I had to let go of the most beautiful pe

he was everthing I love about a man warmheart, kind, and very loveable but he just wasn't mine's my scorpio my was a married man and so am I (leo) woman are feelings was begin to get to strong for us. I know that mine's was a more stronger then his... And i know I will never leave my husband and I don't think that he will leave his wife and even if so we'll be wrecking two family. So I had to do what was best for the both of us. This was a very hard choice I had to make I had to let go someone who came in my life for 5 1/2 mos. Made love to me, my body, my mind.. He came to me at a time in my life when I was going threw depression.my marriage was just that a marriage.this man put joy back in ever part of my body that needed it and I thank him for that and I will aways love him for that so the story about leo's and scorpio man's are true yes, yes, yes all of it from there mean streak, controling ways, testing you, but it's all in good way's that will make you feel that wanted feeling
—Guest Beatifulone

Leo (f) and Scorpio (f)

My relationship with my Scorpio friend is okay. We live so far away from each other we can't communicate as well As we could When we were together in person. I was in love with her and she politely Declined, so I have accepted that I will never be more to her than a friend. But I am okay with that. I think one if the hardships of our friendship is that we barely see each other face to face. It's always via text. But she says that she texts me the most out if everyone, but I'm not sure if I believe that...she's my rock in any problem I have, Always listening and giving me the best answer for my problems! I miss her a lot, and I wish that we could see each other more, but I guess texting will have to to for Now. She says she misses me Too... I don't know if I believe it. I just think that texting isn't the best way for the two of us to communicate. We've gone through a lot and only when we talk it out over the phone do we resolve our problems and get back to being friends again. Help Le
—Guest Leo Kid

My bad

I made a big mistake today, I called it of from my scorpio man, everthing was going well but I tried to be patient with him and most leo's are not built for that, and he was starting to test me and I passed both of his tests,at the time not knowing this is what they do to see if they can trust you, which I never gave him reasons not to,i felt like I was trying to hard and him not enough, and again not knowning that's the way they are. So I just was feed up about everything about him. And I decided to call everything off. I did this before and he had taken me back, but I think this time he's not i'm going to wait until things calm down with him cause deep dowm I miss him, I know I had no reason to call it off but not getting my way.
—Guest Notsobesutifulnow

Lost feelings

What to do when you are confused with mix emotion from your scorpio man in your life do you roll them up in Bobble it imside or do you put it inside your heart and let hurt there or just throw them all away and later go back and pick it up and try to unscramble the hurt in find out what happen can anyone help this lost feelings that I loss
—Guest Mia

I don't know

Leo woman can't uderstand this scorpio man everyday it's something new....today was diffrent from any other day threre was something brought to my attension that shocked me I don't know if it was a challenge of being truthful or being stupid I don't know it could have been him just playing mind games but what ever it was he was trying to accomplish it didn't work on my female intuition then he turns around minutes later saying he wasn't serious But by that time thoughts had all ready set in my head...hmmm in I really didn't like it
—Guest Prettyblackbeautifulone

Just my kind of scorpio

He's intelligent he's smart he's brilliant reluctant he's entertaining funny and reliable one thing about him blunt and Direct get right to the point with no chaser says what he means in feels I have loaned to get around his ways I'm a Leo and of course he's a Scorpio he's the most sexiest person I've ever known and in bed the best lover I ever had by far he fits me like a glove the only thing about it he's not mine's and I'm not he's we are both married but we can't keep our hands off each other when we get together if the most intense moment I have ever encounter we see each other as often as possible and when we do it like that each time I have read most of the articles about Scorpio man and Leo females and majority of them are so true it seems like everybody's was describing the same person but for what is worth I'm going to try to hold on to mine as long as possible cause I can say one thing that he's magnificent for me and I wouldn't trade him for nothing else right now
—Guest Beautifulone


I'm a leo and he's a scorpio, he a strong intelligent person with a personality to match it...but the more i'm with him different sides of him come out his personality changes like the weather but I'm starting to understand it that's the way Scorpio's are built but once he calms down he jumps into this sexy mode and that's the part I love so all I'm sayin is once you get to know them your love everything about his stupid moody ways
—Guest Beatifulone


reading all of these feel like reading a page out of my own book, I met my leo in 5th grade (2001) we went to a SMALL school, 18 kids in our class, so everyone was very close, so our friendship didnt seem like it was any diff. than any other, in 7th grade we fooled around a few times, 11th grade had sex once, it never messed up our friendship or anything. Now, we are 22 & just started having sex more than once, & I honestly think I have always had feelings for him & just didnt know it. He is just... I cant even put it into words. Sometimes I feel like we have nothing to talk about unless we are drunk and parting but he just makes me feel completely different. Since I am the Scorpio, feelings in general are weird to have lol. We have always been super close friends so I am very guarded because I either feel like if I show him how I feel he will be scared and I will lose our friendship, or I wont ever put my guard down and he will give up on me. & just like everyone else, the sex WOW:)
—Guest hopeful scoripo lady

your by law mines by faith

this scorpio man said the most beautiful thing to me that I wasn't getting from my other half, so he got my attention all the rest of that day we texted back in forward with each other. this continue for about 2 1/2 months. then we start getting very close with are conversations I being seeing him now about 5 mos. we got together 2 mos. after we last saw each other in this man was so damn good I totally under-rated him I thought he wasn't going to bag up all the things he said he was going to do to me and boy I tell you yes he did and then some,.i saw It in his eyes from the first day I mat him and every thing we get together it's the same way there's so much passion between us it's so wild fun and more fun in to this day we are still calling each other every day 3 or four times and the text are about the same we can not get enough of each other that's why I say by law he belongs to somebody else, but by faith he's all mines... the true statment
—Guest part 2 a beautiful thing

he's your by law and mines by faith

when we meet it was so intense I couldn't stop looking at how handsome this guy was and he couldn't stop smiling at me i'm a very shy leo when it comes to relationship at the beginning but once I get to know you game on I never thought that he would ask for my number in I wasn't definitely not going to ask for his but after an hour passed in it was only he and I in the room I felt everything in his eyes they were so intense I did look at he and he wouldn't give up I felt something at the moment that ran thought my veins I had to bag back and get up from him for a moment. he left his number on my table and I picked it up and stored it away with a smile on my face. I let him out the house and he came back in the doorbell I just laugh to myself cause I know he was going to come back then he said can I call you and I said fine gave him my number cause he know I was not going to call him because he's much younger then I am and before I got a chance to sit down I see this text read it.
—Guest part 1 a beatiful thing

patient, patient, patient please

when you are a female leo it is very hard to be patient most leo's are not build for that not at all but somehow this scorpio male is teaching me how to be patience in it is the hardest thing to do. but one thing I've learned when you want something it's worth waiting for.... some of the things the scorpio male will do is very weird and shock the crap out of you, but somehow you find yourself wanting more of that bizarre no nonsense stuff this is the best thing that happen to me in years. ad I love every crazy moment with this man i'll tell you one thing i'm never bored with man he keeps me right on that edge and looking for more of whatever he got next for me...until then i'll be patient
—Guest just beautiful

if you like the sex then stay

me leo him scorpio we have two things in common sex and more sex we can not leave each other alone does anybody have a hand book on this relationship when it's all said and done this sign are crazy for one another once I can or can not figure out this scorpio man i'll let you guys know i'm on a mission to solve the mystery inside this man
—Guest leo woman on a mission

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