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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Scorpio Relationship

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scorpio woma and leo man

imet a leo man who literally made love to me with his eyes when we first saw each other. He is so contolling.
—Guest toi

ScorpioGirl + LeoGuy = AMAZING

i've known my guy since 6th grade. so i'd say i've known him for almost 8 years. we started dating about a year ago but we've always been extremely close. get along very well, he keeps me laughing and super happy. i love his presence i love being around him period. the sex IS AMAZING. so intense ; i love this man. to this day we literally have only had 1 arguement that was pretty intense. we have our differences and we bicker when we don't agree with one another. i feel like he thinks he is always right and that's hard to deal with at times. it all is worth it in the end the connection i have with him is so strong i have never been more physically attracted/ connected with someone in my life. he treats me like a queen and i treat him like a king. to me it's a match made in heaven i dunno about the rest of you. definitely blessed
—Guest #ScorpioGirlInLove

Leos are the best.

I have been lucky enough to fall in love with two leo men, one when I was 14 my 1st love and the 2nd time when I was 32-two years ago with my soul mate. Both relationships were/are fantastic, My current partner is the most generous loyal and funny man I know and for a moody scorpio- someone that makes you laugh is everything.
—Guest Amy Turtle

never felt love like this

I Leo he was Scorpio we meet and instantly connected feelings were strong between us I have never connected with anyone like that this story is one for the books but believe me were not together but feelings are there I want to share this story because there is true love but I Leo an Scorpio match very well together ;)
—Guest hottlikefire

Don't let your natures break you up!!

Leo Male and Scorp Female were born to fight-BUT they are also meant to Love each other like no other ever could. It all comes down to who will offer the Truce-and you Leo buttheads best listen to an Old Man who's been doing this for many years: is it gonna kill you to drop the flamethrower and tell her you Love her? You know damned well what she means to you, fool. She isn't going to disrespect you because you want a Sex Truce. She wants you just as bad, I assure you. And only she can truly watch your back. Trust me on this.

no good for me

Leo men are no good for. I have dated two leos back2back and I wish I didn't. They are just 2 flirtatious for my taste.

Scorp gal leo guy.... Time will tell

Im a scorpio woman dating a leo guy for past 6 months, yes attraction is great immediately all over eachother n still are. Trouble is his neediness really puts me off, im very chilled, like my own space where as i think he wuld easily be with me 24/7. I dont like showing my true feelings he does bring out a good side of me but sometimes i feel im pushed to. I feel he is very loyal i would trust him 100%. although for me i have a leo mother and brother too and the way he is reminds me probably too often of why leos can drive me mad! Time will tell on this one.....
—Guest Scorp_sting*girl

A Leo Man & Scorpion women

I met a Lio man & first off the physical attraction between the both of us was one the both of us couldn't seem to resist. We were never an "item" but there definetly was a big emtional attachment between each other more then just the sex behoned it all there was something R E A L with us and we drifted apart but for whatever reason he can't seem to let me go and persist that I am the one he's supposed to be with and I feel the same way ! But its the trust between the both of us that I feel like pulls me back from the good thing that we share
—Guest Scorpion Godess

scorpio woman leo man

I have been seeing my leo for a few months now and let me just tell you its insane! He is always up to try new things, the sex is AMAZING, and he gives me the affection I so desperately crave. He also can put up with my scorpio nature of being a little unfriendly at times. All in all I think I may have met my soul mate.... only catch is he is very flirtatious and it kind of bothered me at first but now I realize he comes home with me every night and every morning he is there to give me my wake up sleeping beauty kiss :) soooo I guess I cant complain to much!
—Guest Scorpio Girl

4 yrs

I'm a Leo girl and is living with a Scorpio man we have been together for 4yrs now and what I have learned is that you can't shove your opinion down the throat of the other and if you do both will stand our ground till hell freezes over!! You have to make dialogue and make things flow steady. But in return you get loyalty and someone who always got your back. But my Scorpio is honest and not more than normally jealous. They also need to have control as much as a Leo needs to have charge...but it doesn't mean you can't let go once in a while. Together as a couple or a unit leo-scorpio is a viewed as strong and almost famous like...
—Guest Lioness

Leo woman Scorpio man

My Scorpio put a spell on me when I first met him Our sexx chemistry was through the roof and we had similar interests. As it progressed I could never fully understand him- he a thinker and I, the feeler. He didn't feel the need to make our relationship public, however I did. He was easily distracted so I ended things, but he always came back for more. Currently in a relationship with a saggitarius who adores me but the Scorpio still intrigues me to this day
—Guest Guest leo

Great until it falls apart

I dated and slept with a Leo over 2 years ago now and it was explosive. It didn't last long though, I wanted more than she could give but we remained friends long after. She wanted what she didn't take and being a Scorpio I declined over and over again. We were like 2 peas in a pod who behaved like kids, talk about bringing out the silly side of a Scorpio. I made her a little more serious and to become that loittle more intense. But I loved her and I always will love her. When we fell out the words were horrible but my god I respected her more because to be honest I like a fighting spirit and I like it when it makes sense and not just petty crap. The sex was good, the compliments were lovely and the glamour that a Scorpio and Leo project to the world is something that makes everyone jealous. Everyone had an opinion and everyone wanted a piece. We would have still been together if we took our time, didn't allow interference and actually made our bond stronger. Love to die for!!
—Guest Scorps

@Mary on "I m th Leo-He's the Scorpio"

Your ex will not care much after sometime. In any case, he is going to a business man first and will not interfere much. Real men often consider women's feeling first before their own so no worries.
—Guest Leo

I'm th Leo-He's the Scorpio

We just started seeing each other about a month and a half ago. The sex is so amazing. I'm lucky if I see him once or twice a week though. None of our friends know about us being together. We're still trying to figure out if its just a sexual relationship we're having. See he works for my ex which to me is not easy. And my ex has no idea. I need help. Right now his family comes first which I love about him. He's been divorced now over a year. And I just left my ex bf. My decision. Help....
—Guest Mary

Lesbian Scorpio And Lioness

This type of relationship is not for the weak. If you're a weak little pissy baby exit center stage now and babble about it later, bc the funny thing is you love it... Do you want something boring, and why would you want to be involved in something easy? Both these signs are fixed and need a challenge... Most of the readers on here complain about LEO and how they are not loyal.. First of all I am a LEO cancer in Venus and I am extremely loyal until you take me for granted and act like I am not worthy of your love that is when I close in and act like I don't care. It hurts me to see when someone doesn't appreciate all my radiating love that is so warm and snugly. These two are always drawn to one another, Friendship or LTR, it's not easy and you need to work on it, just like a diamond it needs to be under pressure.
—Guest Leo Queen

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