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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Scorpio Relationship

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I always afraid of Scorpio man...

During de holiday as a leo women i met dis scorpio guy Sphe" he tld me he is attracted to me" well calls me Beautyfull! i love him and so how hes secretive and m taking dis adventure to prove Scorpio man if they are bad news or nt coz i.ve been hurted so many times by Sexy romantic Scorpio hunks!!
—Guest Maphumi Gumede4 Sphe

Scorpio man Leo woman....(must read) ;(

I'm a Leo women and he's a Scorpio man. We met December 3 rd in the produce department of a grocery store. I could tell he had an interesting energy about him. Was it sexual, emotional or both? He approached me after I watched him from afar.  I don't think he saw me but he gave me his card as I was approaching the checkout counter. His 6'6 frame made me think of my childhood when I would climb trees. Just the masculine look of him paired well with my petite 5'4 stature. I wanted to be ravaged. The instantaneous chemistry was unmistakeable. Fast forward to me calling a few days later? The conversation was lackluster on the phone, but on text it was fire! Then it happened....the phone calls stopped and then all we did was text. He spoke of wanting to marry me and have kids with me after speaking to me within a few days. I felt duped for a moment and then really thought he was being real. For 5 days I felt on top of the world, really special. He called me regal and majestically beautiful.
—Guest Kat

Hard to handle

I'm a Scorpio and he's a leo we are deeply in. Love have been together for 4 years. We almost never fight but when we do it's a Dosey no mater what it's about it could be something stupid like I didn't make diner or a big fight usually he started to and I encourage it. One time we fought over him not knowing what quarter too meant on clock he though it meant 25 Minuit's of course it means 15 but they can be so sure of them selfs regardless or weather there right or wrong and Scorpio is the same way it can be a great passionate relation ship but it can also be a horrbul one
—Guest Scorpio

Scorpio woman, Leo Man

Dated a Leo Man for 14 months. We had passionate kisses, hugging, and affection for each other. He was hurt from relationships he'd had before. I was looking for a deep connection and wasn't fulfilled emotionally with him. We clashed often and fought a lot. Now we've moved on from one another.
—Guest Jessica

heartbroken and alone no matter what

Im a scorpio woman and he a leo man. We have been on and off since i was 16 with me being a couple years older than him. When we are together most of the time its nothing but fights and him making me feel useless dumb and hated. He swears he loves me but isnt willing to actually talk about his feelings or give me any reassurance at all until i praise him. Im 24 now and feel i am way past the age of playing such childish games and have tried to run several times over the yearsbut my love for him wont budge and we keep coming back. Im heartbroken to be away from him but with him im alone. I dont know what to do. I really do love him i just dont now how to get him to give some of that back.
—Guest lost scorpio woman

deep passion

Ours was one of deep passion, a wonder sexual experiance but me the leo and her the scorpio we found each to be apposing forces that were unyielding and unforgiving,it ended terribly and we are strong enemies to this very day!
—Guest chris hook

scorpio N leo love

I fell in love with my leo man a year before i actually met him face to face(dating site). It took me a year before I could gain the courage to message him. Our summer romance was full of desire N passion. Broke up for almost 2 months, it was earth shattering. We returned to each other with a renewed sense that we couldnt be without each other. Now that we have re-bonded, I want him to know how much I love N adore my leo man. We had our moments when we disagree on topics but itz always about live N learn nd taking the time to understand each others perspectives.
—Guest FemmeFataleScorpio25

MY LEO MALE EXPERIENCE (Im a scorpio wom

So Im a Scorpio woman dealing with a Leo man. We have been friends on and off for 4 years.. We were intimate the first year but for some odd reason he keeps popping into my life.. I've been reading alot about our compatibility and I feel like we could possibly be a good match for one another. I love how proud he is, his pose his posture his confidence everything about him. Thing is he is younger than me but I feel the sexual attraction everytime we are around each other its magnetic literally. I don't know if I will start a relationship with my handsome Leo man but I wont mind dating for a while.
—Guest ♠chocol@♠

M a scorpio nd hes a leo

We've bn 2geda 4 3mnths nd wow de love its amazing, hes lyk none of ma exes he lovin nd carin nd yup we bth jealous. Nd g2da bedroom oooh de love making is out of dis wrld I jst cnt get enuf oohh I jst love him 2bits. We hv misandastandins @tyms so we open 2discuss nd solve wateva
—Guest Bongi

OMG! This Lioness is hunting a Scorpio

I typed in Leo-Scorpio compatibility to give me a reason to stop fantasizing about this Magnificent Scorpio that I have recently met but DAMN IT now I feel like all of my hopes have been validated. I will concur with most of the responses that I have never felt magnetism like this before honestly I did not think that men like this existed. I would never tell this to his face (unless we were happily married or on the path to) but on a scale of 1-10 he is a 1,000,000! I was not into him at first and thought him to be a bit cocky but then we engaged in a conversation one day and I walked away thinking, "Damn it. Now I want to sleep with him". BUT this perfect specimen of a man is desired by ALL FEMALES! All of the ladies are constantly throwing themselves all over him so I just stand back and let him come to me. I am a proud Lioness, I grovel for no one but under the right circumstances I would be honored to get on my hands and knees and worship every inch of his manhood. RRRoarrr!!! XOXO
—Guest This Guest is de BEST!

am a Leo woman dating a Scorpio man

Well it's been six months and from the first time we met until now we keep getting stronger, I love him and feel empty when am away from him but when we make love words cannot express how it feels he's so sexy and knows just what to do to make it an experience I'll remember for the rest of my life I hope for this to go really far am keeping my fingers crossed for this one :*
—Guest ashy Browneyes

Wished I walked away when it was possibl

I dated and ran from a Scorpio man for eight years, and then married him. He asked me every day. We fought bad every 3 weeks and I would go to my house, and he would go to his. after 3 weeks someone made the first move but the moves were usually a matter of being hurt. We've been married for 17 years now and have fought so much we are desensitized. We don't respect each other much anymore and stopped having sex 3 years ago. He is younger at 51 and I am 57. I wish we could get back the touchy feely thing again and make love but he doesn't want it. So sad. One other point, every time I'm in a good mood, laughing and kidding around he brings me down by criticizing me. Oh well.
—Guest kay

i hate him

I'm Leo woman the Scorpio guy chased me for two years, finally gave in it was great he was romantic, and sex was awesome!! But he married someone else they divorced after one year of marriage. He contacted me apologize chased me again I gave in back to the same old ways!!
—Guest heatbroken leo woman

I don't have a response yet...

It sounds to me that Leo's love to cheat any chance they get, to me that represents a problem...I am a double Scorpio and as such, I can't deal with a lot of foolishness, drama, jealousy....I really like her...
—Guest Scorpio Male and Leo Female

Strong relation

I'm a Leo (m) and my queen is a Scorpio. We are 6 years together. We love each other to death, trust each other to death, respect each other to death. BUT there are compromises we both have done so we do not argue for childish things. For example i had to cut back on my social life as she was getting jealous for childish things. She s compromising on listening and following my opinion more often than what she would otherwise do. Im always there for her, she knows that ill stop God from talking to me so i can listen to her and solver her problem anytime anyday anyway. She behaves to me as the only one. In general a Leo man has to compromise with social life and "ruling" we think usually that our opinion is the only right and she has to follow, its not always like that. For a scorpio woman you girls have to compromise with your jealousy, we leos are social and we usually have women around us...but thats our yard..we dont let them in :)
—Guest Nick

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