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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Scorpio Relationship

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Leo woman Scorpio man

My Scorpio put a spell on me when I first met him Our sexx chemistry was through the roof and we had similar interests. As it progressed I could never fully understand him- he a thinker and I, the feeler. He didn't feel the need to make our relationship public, however I did. He was easily distracted so I ended things, but he always came back for more. Currently in a relationship with a saggitarius who adores me but the Scorpio still intrigues me to this day
—Guest Guest leo

Great until it falls apart

I dated and slept with a Leo over 2 years ago now and it was explosive. It didn't last long though, I wanted more than she could give but we remained friends long after. She wanted what she didn't take and being a Scorpio I declined over and over again. We were like 2 peas in a pod who behaved like kids, talk about bringing out the silly side of a Scorpio. I made her a little more serious and to become that loittle more intense. But I loved her and I always will love her. When we fell out the words were horrible but my god I respected her more because to be honest I like a fighting spirit and I like it when it makes sense and not just petty crap. The sex was good, the compliments were lovely and the glamour that a Scorpio and Leo project to the world is something that makes everyone jealous. Everyone had an opinion and everyone wanted a piece. We would have still been together if we took our time, didn't allow interference and actually made our bond stronger. Love to die for!!
—Guest Scorps

@Mary on "I m th Leo-He's the Scorpio"

Your ex will not care much after sometime. In any case, he is going to a business man first and will not interfere much. Real men often consider women's feeling first before their own so no worries.
—Guest Leo

I'm th Leo-He's the Scorpio

We just started seeing each other about a month and a half ago. The sex is so amazing. I'm lucky if I see him once or twice a week though. None of our friends know about us being together. We're still trying to figure out if its just a sexual relationship we're having. See he works for my ex which to me is not easy. And my ex has no idea. I need help. Right now his family comes first which I love about him. He's been divorced now over a year. And I just left my ex bf. My decision. Help....
—Guest Mary

Lesbian Scorpio And Lioness

This type of relationship is not for the weak. If you're a weak little pissy baby exit center stage now and babble about it later, bc the funny thing is you love it... Do you want something boring, and why would you want to be involved in something easy? Both these signs are fixed and need a challenge... Most of the readers on here complain about LEO and how they are not loyal.. First of all I am a LEO cancer in Venus and I am extremely loyal until you take me for granted and act like I am not worthy of your love that is when I close in and act like I don't care. It hurts me to see when someone doesn't appreciate all my radiating love that is so warm and snugly. These two are always drawn to one another, Friendship or LTR, it's not easy and you need to work on it, just like a diamond it needs to be under pressure.
—Guest Leo Queen

Confusing "Love" or just Lust ?

I'm seeing this Leo guy and he's really immature, he doesn't seem to care enough about me. Its always what he wants or what he needs, but he never consider the things that I want. He doesn't make me entirely happy and the sad thing is that I love him so much, I'm always thinking about him. Sometimes I feel like he's using me, but then again I feel like he loves me & he can really bored me at times too, its VERY confusing. He can be very hard-headed at times and cold-hearted, but there's times when he's so sweet to me that its hard not to fall for him ! He rarely talks about his feelings or his past and I want him to open up to me. The sex is amazing, I really enjoy it, but sometimes I think if that's the only reason why he's with me. We do argue alot about stupid stuff, but I'm always right there for him just secretly waiting for him to come back to me and he does AND the funny thing about all this is that he doesn't know how I truly feel about him, he knows I like him but NOT this muc
—Guest GinaLOVE

Scorpio Woman Leo Man

I'm a Scorpio and I've been talking to this Leo guy for over 3 months now, we're not in a relationship, but its kinda fine with me. When we're together he's the best, he's always kissing me, telling me how much he cares for me, caressing me, ect... Yes, the sex is intense and the physical attraction is great, but that's not enough for this match. When we're apart he always waits for me to do stuff like call, text, ect... He's VERY immature and its ALL ABOUT HIM & he can be very hard to deal with at times. Sometimes I feed his ego, but that's something that I HATE to do, I rarely compliment him too. We argue for the stupidest things, but at the end of the day we're always back for each other and one thing that I love about this "Relationship" its that we can be really mad at each other and not talk for days, but once everything is settle down we both forget what happened & never ever talk about it. We're both avery attracted to each other, but that's not enaough for me :(
—Guest Pinkyx3

Friend with a Leo

I'm a Scorpio, and I have an intense friendship with a Leo, we don't agree on everything that comes out of each others mouth we agree about it, but we move on with the conversation till we get both our points across. I can feel her roar but I think she might want to see my sting. She sure won't be a potentional girlfriend with her not agreeing with something I want to take high speed with. I will sure keep my hands out of her wants, and hope she doesn't want any sexual attention from me. We talk non stop tho. It's like if our voices could f*ck, they would. But I don't think I'd like to date a Leo. I think this sign only works as friends. So, I will remain friends with this Leo, if her sexual tension builds up I will walk away.
—Guest Scorpio drummer

Just started dating

me and my scorpio just started dating about a month and a half ago i really like him so far and the sex is amazing....the only thing that drives me up the wall is that we hardly ever do any pda and i almost never see him out of public. but other than that our relationship is awsome and laid back.
—Guest leo woman

Leo + Scorpio ....outta ordinary.

You haven't lived your life yet, if you didn't date any Scorpio or Leo.
—Guest astor

my sweet heart leo

im scorpio girl,fall in love wit my leo 8ys back,but ididn't tel him til 2010,when i expressed my love he disagreed,til den i shared my every feelngs wit him im so possve n reserved n so innocent.im stil waitng 44 his love.
—Guest sincere scorpio


I dated a Scorpio female a while back and it's true we were attracted physically but after a while there were alot of trust issues that caused us to fall out idk it is what it is.
—Guest True Leo Male

im a Leo Girl hes aScorpio

Oh man! Scorpio guys must be my weakness because i have had 2 scorpio bfs and i have been madly in love with them, but i always find out something bad about them or their personality that i dont like. my first scorpio was always a player and liked keeping things away from me. and me i always believed them because i guess love blinds all...i was always proud and never let them talk to me a certain way or tell me what to do, which is where we always clashed, because as proud and stubborn as i was he was too. we broke up because i ended up meeting a guy who really liked me and appreciated me which he didnt take lightly. he was EXTREMELY jealous...and at first its flattering but at the end, it gets really bad and really annoying. My second scorpio bf, i really liked him we had a lot in common, including our temper :P which wasnt always a good thing. im a leo, im always friendly and outgoing and i like making friends, he didnt like it. hes a mean guy and is picky with friends but i LOVE hi
—Guest Leo Girl

MATCH MADE IN HELL - going on 5 yrs

Leo woman and scorpio man - I knew this was a recipe for disaster but the sex was great and his laid back attitude tamed my neurotic leo nature. After a year it slowly all went sour. Scorpio man is agressive, short tempered, closed in, reserved, doesn't communicate,praise,love,hug! It is a nightmare! Constant compromise from me doesn't help, he became a control freak and a walking time bomb. Life is sex-less, plain, lonely, resentful and boring. I have no friend in him, he shut me out. It's been over 4 years now and I'm about to snap. I WILL DEFINITELY STAY FAAAAR AWAY FROM SCORPIOS in the future. This leo is so hungry for attention!


I agree with almost all of that...Its the jealous and possessivness which needs to be overcome for this relationship to work.. not to mention no SNEAKY SNEAKY.
—Guest E

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