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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Leo-Scorpio Relationship

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Have you been in a Leo-Scorpio relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!


Immediate attraction , get along great , world full of adventure that's about it. My scorpio female was a liar , nit picker , nothing was ever good enough for her. felt like I was walking on egg shells.. sex was awful and so was the kissing.. never knew where I stood.. we had a bad breakup haven't heard from her since. Its been about 3 months and yet I'm still in love with her and have remained loyal with my heart.. totally bs
—Guest lesbian leo with scorpio

scorpio woman

been with a leo for over 15 years and the relationship is great as well as the sex ,a relationship dont work or not due to when you was born but how well you treat the other person in the relatioship,if you dont have compleat trus,honesty,faithfullness,no relationship will work and none work if one sided,you got to be open and honst and thats that
—Guest susan


K guys I swear man I dated a leo it is hell we dated for six years but the bond was good even though there was a lot f arugments and stuff we still married man it's been two years and my life is hell little things makes her mad, Leo's are not sers at all if u bring up issues and concern it turns into fight arugments are every day the love and axe is best but sex isn't everything we both sign are passionate but sex is not everything u will fight all day over stupid things cu u both signs want control there's no way to nagotate cuz when u think if oeace she dosent or the other way around but yeh sex is good but arugments are not
—Guest If ur scorpio don't marry a leo

True Leo girl here

Currently in love with a Scorpio man. He's wonderful! Family loves him, he's handy, helpful, smart, funny.. You know, the package. I'm a leo woman and he handles me well. Sex is good, especially when no ones home. Didn't think he had that much energy! Anyways, never met someone as loving and honest as he is. I never have to pay for a thing. Just wish sometimes he gave me as much attention as I give him but it's a challenge and us Leos loves em, right? When I found out he was a scorpio, I wasn't thrilled due to past experience but this one now is definitely a keeper. ☺️ 5 years going pretty damn great! XOXO
—Guest TN


I'm a Leo woman & he is a Scorpio man , when I tell you that we was the best of friends I had his back he had mines until one of us had to tell the other about the feelings we had , boy oh boy scorpios are very territorial & whatever is theirs it's THEIRS ! Very jealous high sex drive , this Scorpio told me he loved me & the way he looks at me I can tell without him saying it ! That's my bestfriend & I love him (Tom)

leo and scorpio

bullshit , it will not last. scorpios are too cold for a leo. I was in love with one everything was fine and bam she left me .iced me out without a damn reason . I treated her like a queen.. so leos if you haven't been screwed over yet by one its coming .
—Guest shelly

amazing sparks

I'm a Leo woman engaged to a Scorpio male.our relationship is awesome! Gives me the attention I crave in every way. I help him be more sensitive. He likes to lead and I like to let him think he does. We laugh constantly. He is my absolute best friend.
—Guest insertnamehere

Leo F Scorpio M

My Scorpio male feeds me the constant attention, love and affection that I crave dearly. He crowns and places me on a royal thrown. I never ever have to question his love for me because it always shows. But he is extremely possessive, controlling and insecure.. turn off.

My leo man

I am typical scorpio woman. My love is leo, he is extremely jealous (me too), and very possessive. We sometimes argue about this thing,because I feel he closes me and owns me totally. But we cant be angry with each other truly,even if we are shouting.. I love him so much,and so does he. He is caring,loving,has very good taste in everything,stylish,attentive, attractive,passionate. I never met anybody like him before,it was the typic love at first sight thing. Leo men can be big casanovas,and unfaithful..but if they are really fall in love with somebody,they totally change.If you can catch them by their heart,they wont want anybody else. And in bed... no better pairs than leo man and scorpio woman i guess.. ;)
—Guest Daisy

Wish I need how to make it work .

I'm A scorpio female who is beyond in love with a leo male , we are both quite young I am 19- he just turned 18 years old and unfortanally we just don't work . As a scorpio female I tent to overthink , and overreact at times , I am a pretty quite , private person , I dislike when I don't have full control of situations (like this one ) and it drives me nuts . The leo in my life is very much like me in a different way - he is egoistic , he needs to be the center of attention , had lots of friends , also loves to have control . Here's where the problem lays him and I can't communicate his pride will never let him tell me how he really feels . I on the other hand have trust issues and it's hard to believe a word he says . I love him to death I have never felt this way before towards anyone , I have never met someone who made me so happy yet so miserable at the same time . We are on and off , on and off , always the same games . Like I said before I love him & would like it work .
—Guest Nng15

Bull Shit

So Who ever runs this webb must took off all leos compatibilities with Scorpios witch sucks because leos Leo's and Scorpios well over 200 it was pushing the 300 kinda sucks now so ,many peoples story went to waste
—Guest Tonya

Leo m scorpio f

I am the typical leo. Yes i am somewhat of an egoist and a hopeless romantic. She allows me to lead but she doesnt like being dictated to, and shes really stubborn. I get jealous easily and so does she. We often argue but we just keep coming back together. One day we're sweet and the next day we dont talk. But i really love her that way. :)
—Guest Gio

Idk what to do

All this shit about Leo/Scorpio instant attraction is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. As a Leo woman I have a stupid weakness for Scorpio men, and the sexual attraction is immediate and consuming. I worry that everyone around me senses it too which is really bad because I have a Virgo boyfriend I love and am desperately trying to stay faithful to.
—Guest Help

F Scorpio M Leo

True love is what this relationship is for me. He treats me like a lady and he is a true gentleman. Honest loyal and caring. Its a real love. I'm myself around him. We have grown together :-) He is my calm and I'm his storm. I can be his sunshine too. Oh and the sex is indescribable!
—Guest Scorpio10

I was sapose to be his wife

I can't change a grown man we going different paths and he not coming with me he rather be a dope boy I told him the streets don't love him but a typical Scorpio won't listen all I wanted was to love him he said he loved me but yett I told him ill leave knowing i wanted to stay and he didn't try to get me from walking away and mercy that shyt hurt honestly I'm not giving in and starting to think he won't either won't ever meet a girl like me he will always think about what he coulda shoulda did and when he realize it will be to late good luck to all his rebounds
—Guest Janiya

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