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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Libra-Libra Relationship

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my soulmate

My gf and I have only known each other for a year... we started off as friends... we connected on a level I have never experienced before... She is an empath she feels my moods and does whatever to calm me or cheer me up. I love her with my very being... we balance each other out... we may not be perfect but we are perfect for each other... I hope we can continue this path this journey together
—Guest Libra Makaveli

Nothing Feels Better Than This.....

I met a Libra man for the first time in my life and it turned out that he had never met a Libra women either. 2 months later we have embarked on a friendship that feels so right and is easy. He makes me feel like I'm 16 again and I find him looking at me with a smile. Never thought I would feel this way.
—Guest guest

Libra and libra

We are always happy people but always disagree. The relationship is more like friendship then lovers though both show mutual love to eachother. Both like to look at other possible relationhips but would never leave each other an always Jelous lol. We share everything but still need our own space with friends. We live together so it's very easy to spend time together. Been living together for 2 years and been together for 3 years. Fight leads to cuddles its a verry cute relationship
—Guest Sarah and Ahmad

Libra love

Like it says, our romance is a breeze! Friends for over 10 years. We realized we both were single and got together and it's been amazing so far! 19 months and still going strong, we have to keep our alone time with separate friends sometimes but we always work things out and rarely argue. We are both ambitious and it is hard sometimes to make decisions but we manage to always be the support we need for each other.
—Guest Angie

love and compassion

well anyway i found this guy he is like wonder full i think we belong togather, cause we both know that we are in love, and when your in love you think how important they are two your life, and sometimes you could feel something that noone could ever felt before. when you do fall in love you think how much you really love him and how much he loves me back. but you cant take something really fast or it wont work.i want him two know that this relationship is the most best thing on the planet its called love when you are in love you just are. when you know hes the right one you just know. dont think that it wont work make it work. this relationship is going well and i love him more than love can explain. and this really worked out for me go libras.
—Guest alicia

Good Vibes...

Things have been going so well with this older Libra boy I started seeing, I googled Libra-Libra relationships to see why and how I felt everything we did, everything he says, anything we do - perfect. and the stars don't lie - it's perfect. We are the same person, one a boy one a girl. It's so impossible and wonderful. He's so easy to be with, even on our first date, it was magical, like nothing I've ever felt with anyone else. Going on a second date this saturday. I'm pretty sure it will not be the last ;) here's to the start of something wonderful
—Guest Katie

If I would have been more

I found in all the years in relationships by far the libra woman is was the best . With me also being a Libra we enjoyed so many things in the short relationship we had . I found that trust issues from both of us was huge and repected this in her but sadly I lost my trust as she seemed to venture to others and more material things .I believed so in her words and did see actions but fear stepped in too and a total change of heart left me confused and very hurt . I just hope that one day my words and actions did mean something to her . Love with this special soul was a wonder in it's own and loved every minute of it .
—Guest hollywoodrags


Couple made in heaven. Its like having a bestfriend and a lover, im so happy i cant stop smiling. They always say opposite attracts, i dont think so. Birds of a same feather can flock better togther. We are so thoughtful of eachothers feelings, that if we do argue we always end up working things out in a quick like matter. Such clowns to, i don't think ive ever laughed this much before in my life wth anyone else. Even my own bestfreind. I know i found my husband.
—Guest daline

Libra connection

There is a libra male I've been talking for about a year.. Things haven't gotten to serious yet and sometimes I hardly see him.. We're both so guarded with our feelings but still manage to some how let it go sometimes with out even talking it out. We know mentally and emotionally there's something there connection so strong bit at the same time we're to similar it's hard to know where this might go.
—Guest Lily

soulmate libras

Me and my love are both libras of the same moon..our birthdays are only a day apart. We have such similar exact thnking that often one will do something the other has already tthought of. We never have to explain to eachother things to do and not because we are on the same wave length . I know we are meant to be
—Guest a and a

libras are the best

I am with my libra girl, we have been together for 3 years. Its craaazy how alike we are there's never a dull moment we always have things going on. The only hard thing we have faced is that we live far away. But somehow we even make that work. I love her with all my heart its even cuter that she is only 3 days younger then I am. I love to spoil her and take her out to places I can't wait to see her in a few weeks! :)
—Guest xavierstrain

One Balanced Household

I am a libra and my partner is also a libra, even our cat is a libra; we have heaps in common so we enjoy doing the same things although we both bring to the table something different. We both have great taste and love of luxuries; We love to talk and could talk for hours about anything. We are also both thoughtful in our relationship and being together is the best time ever. The only honest time that i personally find the two signs clash is when both of you try and constantly avoid conflict so issues aren't brought up. But other than that its blissful and you get not only a dedicated partner but also a best friend... :)
—Guest Cherhys

Libra woman Libra

Ummm.... I been in a relatuonship with my libra for three yrs now. Its just scary how we are so much alike sometimes... Lol weird at times too! We're totally soulmates tho!
—Guest Nicole Brown

Ma and Pa ?

The only two big troubles in this relationship is that one of them always treats the other like a parent. the other is finances, they each expect the other to provide for them. oh yeah and they both fool around on each other, but thats nothing new. Glad it isn't me.
—Guest LauraLuv896

Libra-woman and Libra-man

I am a Libra-woman, and my boyfriend is Libra also. What to say here?... We have been together for 5 years. I can say only that it is kind of hard to be sooooo allike, and sooo different at the same time. He is the one who loves the apartment to be clean which I don't mind either, but at the same time acts like 5-year old boy who trows things everywhere. What I like is we can talk about anything. We both love to explore the world, and swallow information around us.
—Guest Libra - Libra

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