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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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@ Gues Bill H

I'm not sure where you see I"m attacking his character OR being a big baby. This my last post in regard to this. Instead of trying to attack my character...read my words and try to comprehend them for what they are. Just a story of my situation. I have moved on and do not want the services of someone who doesn't truly want to help me. Also, note that according to you, you also broke the rules...we're all human and we all make mistakes. I'm glad Chris is helping you, because you obviously need it. I wish you well in your journey. Based on your comments I also sincerely hope you seek the help of a therapist. Good luck to you.
—Guest sheenap


Yes, I have had problems with women. And yes I have had a hard time holding on to a relationship. But that's unfair to use against me Sheenap because the reason people seek Chris out is to seek help with relationships. One of the things I am working on is my anger. After I started working with Chris he also said he would not work with me if I did not follow instructions. I had called my ex and yelled at her. Chris said he was not going to "help invite a monster into her life". I thought that was harsh and rude at first. But then I realized he was right and only saying it for my own good. He can be tough. But I totally disagree about the rest of your character assassination of him. No one has helped me to look at myself more honestly than Chris. I don't need someone to hold my hand. I need someone to hold me accountable. Chris does that. I think you are being a big baby because you messed up and want someone to blame. Grow up. I'm trying to and I know it's hard.
—Guest Bill H.


I understand you only shared your frustrations because you were asked, but if you feel better after he dropped you as a client then why bury him? Let it go. Some relationships don't work, business and otherwise.
—Guest Guest

That last response was not mine

Not sure who made the response about burying him, that was not me. I"m over it and have moved on. Just shared my story for those of you who wanted to know.
—Guest sheenap


I don't care what the rules are. I was upset. He should have made an exception in my case. I will bury him.
—Guest sheenap

@ Gues Bill H continued

sorry I ran out of space. As I was saying, please keep your emotions and opinion out of it and stick to the facts. I am. If anyone would like to give me their email address, I would be glad to forward you ALL of my communications with Chris to corroborate my story.
—Guest sheenap

@ Gues Bill H

I'm sorry that's how you feel about women, perhaps that's why you're having trouble holding on to one? I'm actually very type A so I have NO problem following instructions. Also, I'm not sure where you see I've blamed anyone for anything or asked for special treatment...and I'm not out for revenge, I actually feel much better after he dropped me...it was almost an immediate uplift in my spirits when he let me go. I'm just sharing my story because someone asked. There have been plenty of people that have messed up, that he continued to help...according to the posts I've seen. He actually made it sound like my situation was still salvageable with some extra time and work, but THEN wouldn't give me prices and time frames because he wouldn't want me to post about it. He dropped me NOT because I messed up, but because I posted the prices and the fact that the emails I received were form emails. Please try to keep your emotions out of it when you're responding to me base
—Guest sheenap


Where did Psychic Medium Tyler go? Her website is gone and so is her myspace page. I keeps calling and the main line is disconnected. Tyler stopped answering her cell phone and the other phone doesn't work. Where did she go?!!!
—Guest Anon

Psychic Angels Velmina

I find it hard to believe her so called great comments. She is one of the worst readers I have come across. Nothing she told me came true. Her time frame was so wrong, and the situation did not come true. Nothing she said came true. I don?t believe her testimonials, she made that all up. She was nothing but a waste of time and money. Complete fraud. Please don't waste your time or money with Velmina
—Guest Faye Jaswinda

Dumb generic psychic source reading

This site is one of the worst I've ever used. I chose readers with 5 star ratings and their predictions ended up to be stories of events that never transpired. The customer service deleted several reviews that I left that were less than 5 stars.
—Guest Kacee

Psychic Eye Bookstore Belinda

My best friend and I went in for card readings and got the most generic BS ever. I walked in for 15 min around 10 am on a Tuesday and she says that I am super creative and have potential to work in the arts. Are you SERIOUS?!! Everyone in Los Angeles has potential to work in the creative field if they are out and about in the middle of the morning on a weekday. She said that I had an opportunity coming and that there were 2 guys interested in me... my best friend got the same reading. Total waste of money and she wouldn't give me my money back. I'd like my 15 minutes back. So much for that.
—Guest Carrie Mae

@ Guest Po'd

But how long have you been working with Mr. Christopher Golden? And saying nothing happened? Did you follow his instructions?
—Guest Guest

@ Sheenap

Typical woman. You can't follow instructions and so he drops you. Rather than be held accountable, you blame Chris. You probably think your screw up was okay because you had strong feelings and that makes you need special rules just for you. Sounds like he gave you a game plan and you did not follow it. Now you are a woman out for revenge by overstating how you were harmed by Chris, simply because he expected you to be an adult. Shame.
—Guest Bill H.


Hey, well sadly nothing. I had forgotten I bid on a reading on ebay ages ago. I won it and got the reading. I freaked out because at that time everyone said follow CG's instructions to the T. SO I emailed him and asked if I messed up and how bad. Well, basically, because I made the comment earlier about his emails, he made a snarky response that he wouldn't want me to post about it and that since i can't follow instructions there's no help for me. He basically, in a pretty rude way might I add, made it clear that he wasn't going to help me anymore...all because I posted his prices and the fact that the emails i got were form emails. SO that was $475 down the drain. Oh well :( I knew it was too good to be true.
—Guest sheenap

Don't bother with getting a crystal

The witchcraft sites are not real. you can't buy crystals and expect them to work. Its to bad everyone has sad stories to tell. I wish we never had to go threw a break up in the first place. I tried a crystal and did the hole ritual for 21 days and still no woman. love can't be so hard. I always gave her my heart and stayed with her threw thick n thin and she dogged me like nobodys business. I still love her tho.
—Guest Jesus M.

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