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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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Hey, well sadly nothing. I had forgotten I bid on a reading on ebay ages ago. I won it and got the reading. I freaked out because at that time everyone said follow CG's instructions to the T. SO I emailed him and asked if I messed up and how bad. Well, basically, because I made the comment earlier about his emails, he made a snarky response that he wouldn't want me to post about it and that since i can't follow instructions there's no help for me. He basically, in a pretty rude way might I add, made it clear that he wasn't going to help me anymore...all because I posted his prices and the fact that the emails i got were form emails. SO that was $475 down the drain. Oh well :( I knew it was too good to be true.
—Guest sheenap

Don't bother with getting a crystal

The witchcraft sites are not real. you can't buy crystals and expect them to work. Its to bad everyone has sad stories to tell. I wish we never had to go threw a break up in the first place. I tried a crystal and did the hole ritual for 21 days and still no woman. love can't be so hard. I always gave her my heart and stayed with her threw thick n thin and she dogged me like nobodys business. I still love her tho.
—Guest Jesus M.

@ sheenap

Hey hun Whats the go? Update me please. Has anything happened? What was the last talk you had with him? x
—Guest Sarah

@John the poor

Here is what I learnt. You have to read the disclaimers are the bottom of there sites. This is why there are no refunds. We actually agreed to this when we made the perchase. That is what paypal and google said as well. Nothing can be done.
—Guest Jamie

Chris Golden

The WSJ "articles" are newswire press releases NOT WSJ articles. Press releases by CG might I add. I'm not going to share my personal story as it's personal..just warning people to be careful. It's very easy to scam people online and easy to fabricate stories. I am a victim of that. Also be aware if he's helped hundreds of people, why are there only good reviews by a few? Try the law of averages...of course things are going to work out for some of you...that's just basic odds. If someone tells you one thing then changes their story and charges you more, it SHOULD make you wonder. AND enlightened people typically aren't in it for the money...who charges 50K a month? really? Either way, your opinion is your opinion and mine is mine. I just know I was taken in for and nothing happened.
—Guest PO'd

Katherine astrology

Why is these scams aloud on this website you have to ask what is google and the rest of the websites doing about it I have just been fleeced for $79.00 what a idiot I was we all have to send a message that this is unacceptable and demand action what do you all think? John the poor
—Guest John

Katherine's a scammer

I was using astrologyanswers.com and got a free reading. When I read it (as gullible as I am), I believed it (cuz I'm still a kid). Once I got more emails I still couldn't see through the scam. I asked my mom if she would let me buy something. She asked what and I told her about Katherine and the website. Then my mom laughed in my face and replied, " honey, she a scammer. Don't fall for that junk,". My heart sunk to the floor because I'm one of those people that fall for everything I hear. So mark my words. Don't make the same mistake I almost made.
—Guest AgentVexis


Chris just sent us all out a beautiful essay he wrote today for Yahoo.com on the subject of "Love". Amazing read: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/psychic-christopher-golden-love-205900603.html
—Guest Bill H.


Let me assure you that Astrology Answers, Katherine, our website and our services are real and here to help. Astrology Answers looks at various factors surrounding your life including your Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth and Star Sign. While it is not economically feasible to personalize every free sample reading that is requested, I assure you that every purchased reading is 100% personalized and no two are alike. We have helped thousands of people reach a higher level of happiness since we opened our doors in early 2013. You can check out our Facebook community with over 17,000 followers at: https://www.facebook.com/AstrologyAnswers Also learn more about us by visiting our website and checking our testimonials http://astrologyanswers.com/ If you do have inquiries about Katherine, Astrology Answers and AstrologyAnswers.com please email me at astroclientcare@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Sincerely, Susan Head of Client Care
—Guest Susan, Astrology Answers

Po'd - re: Chris

Yeah, why don't you share your personal story of what happened to you, rather than hurling accusations about WSJ. If you Google Chris and WSJ that answers that question. He's in there twice. If you Google all of his interviews, sure enough there is stuff going years back. But that's beside the point. What is it about your own experience that you are so Po'd about?
—Bill H.


It appears Katherine has a standard form letter and places names to personalize the letter... Above comments are exactly what I received.. moving my reading to the top of the list,,, voicing concern, I don't mean to alarm you etc.. Shame on you Katherine... Please do not waste your money on this scam.
—Guest Deb

Guest Brit/ Chris Golden

Guest Brit. Thanks for sharing your story. I've been working with Chris for a while but it is a difficult case. I royally messed up and contacted my guy, had lots of panic, anxiety and constantly thought about the whole situation. Well Chris told me to heed the instructions! I was worried that it wasn't fixable or he'd given up but perhaps it's just starting over? So Brit, after you messed up and started over again- how long before you got your ex back? Thanks!
—Guest Gigi


Why don't you share your personal story with Chris so we can judge ourselves on that. Based on my intuition he's not a fraud at all and I fully trust him. If's he's been in WSJ or not or when he started his online publicity to offer his services is not so relevant, I couldn't care less and sure is no proof of fraud.
—Guest Isa

Silver Moon Light Love Spell

Don't waste your time on this site. They never ship the orders for hand dipped candles and send fake tracking numbers so you can't make a claim. Lost time and lost money.
—Guest Mirena


I got a free reading done by someone named Katherine from astrology answers and when my reading came I got extremely worried because she said I don't mean to alarm you but I discovered something shocking about your future and as I read on she said that it is important that I buy this eBook with more info on my cituation . at that moment I knew she was a con artist and I didn't buy the book but I was so close to buying it and being scammed
—Guest sophie

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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