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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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@guest Sarah

I was working in a love spell & stopped following on it when I worked with Christopher Golden but when things were slowing dowb instead of progressing, Christopher made the effort tivxall me & discuss the matter & decide that this was skewing his work & now he is working to undo the healer's work & progress with mine. That's the speed hump....:) I an still waiting for progress reports from Christopher Golden...
—Guest Rose20

@Shelly - Psychic Christopher Golden

I agree with you about Psychic Chris - I spoke to him twice on the phone and he emailed me a few times. I followed his instructions and everything worked out just the way he said it would. He is the best psychic I have found.
—Guest Patricia

Psychic Juliana Ray

I do not believe Psychic Juliana Ray is real. She said a lot of wrong stuff and I haven't had any changes in my life since I talked to her. Just fake and after mo' money.
—Guest Cynthia B

@Yasmin - Psychic Maria

I hear what you are saying about Psychic Maria Lowell - I had a similarly bad experience. Will steer clear in the future.
—Guest Diana

@Sheenap re: Psychic Chris

Hang tight! I was nervous at first too, and Psychic Christopher Golden came through in the end. An amazing experience. Patience is the key.
—Guest Felicia

Psychic Krystal

Psychic Krystal did not work well for me, I think she was a scam - I followed all of her instructions and I did not get the results that she promised. Also the things she told me about myself were not very accurate.
—Guest Joanne

Psychic Maria Lowell in Las Vegas

I called her too. Same thing. She took me for thousands of dollars. Totally ripped me off. She kept needing more money for materials and said was going to give the money to her church. Now I have an $18,000 credit card bill.
—Guest Angie

Psychic Maria Lowell in Las Vegas SCAM

Psychic Maria Lowell promised to bring my ex fiance back into my arms with results overnight if I send money to her church for more prayers and faster results. I had to bring her $4000 in cash so she could bury it outside her church and bring it back to me. She also took $3000 for materials to build a lifesize model of my ex and pray over that clay statue. He never came back to me and she wouldn't give me the money she said she would because the rain washed most of the clay statue away because it wasn't dry. I keep calling her and she hangs up on me or plays Christian music into the phone so I can't talk to her. Scam! Scam! Scam! Don't go to her!
—Guest Yasmin

@Guest Ariel Christopher Golden

Once you really follow the instructions the results happen very fast I can't really explain it but it happens so quick your going to be super amazed. Remember Follow the instructions I can't stress it enough you will have a good out come with Mr. Golden he is amazing :-)
—Guest Brit

Christopher Golden

Please stop talking about the energy work while your getting it done that will slow things down that's apart of your instructions as well. Be careful who you guys talk to on here because some people are scammers and his competitors so they will they to make you have doubts and write negative things don't fall for that go back re read your instructions Mr.Golden clearly tells you don't talk about the energy work while I'm working on it slows up the process. Once you all follow the directions like you are suppose to the faster you will see results :-) You don't want negative feed back watch who you speak to while your getting the work done can't stress it enough. Mr.Golden is the real deal this man is Amazing and accurate and very honest but you must do your part by simply following the directions!!!! ;-)
—Guest Brit


I was looking for reviews of Chris Golden as I am about to write one for his site. And I came across these. I feel Chris did a good job for me. I am going to give him 5 stars. It was a difficult process but one that finally paid off.
—Guest Shelly


Are you and Chris working to get you and your ex back together or is he helping you move on and break your pattern for a future relationship?
—Guest Guest

Psychic Shane Lovitz

His website was taken down and he run off with my $40. I have been scammed by like a dozen psychics so far. Does anyone no anyone who is good?
—Guest Johnny

First email psychic Chris

Are you and Chris working to get you and your ex back together or is he helping you move on and break your pattern for a future relationship?
—Guest @Rosa

Energy work

Thanks Brit your story is giving me hope. I'm so excited for my results to come but I know this type of stuff requires patience. I haven't spoke to my ex in a while now but Golden assured me that he will be contacting me. I have only spoke with golden twice and I can agree he does respond to most emails but at his own convenience. I'm sure he's really busy. He can't respond to every message because usually it's just us panicking and asking questions he can't really answer. Since the work I feel major side effects. I don't know exactly when I'm going to reunite with my ex but I know he's on his way I truly feel it!! But Brit, your the second person to say things happened fast at the end, what do u mean by that?
—Guest Ariel

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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