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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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Christopher Golden

Christopher Golden is the real deal I'm glad I hung in there me and my ex are officially reunited. I use to have doubts at first But I am a true believer I don't know what Mr. Golden did but whatever he has done it worked I'm very happy and satisfied I can actually say I had a positive outcome Chris kept his word he said he was going to get it done and he did . Thanks Mr. Golden you have given me a new out look on life I believe that anything is possible now ;-)
—Guest Brit

astrology answers

I got pretty much the same sample reading as everyone else as far as I can tell from what I'm reading here. The sample reading said she felt a "kinship" to me as she believed me to have psychic abilities too. I responded politely and said it was out of budget for me and was then offered a reduced rate of $17 total. I'd be willing to spend that just for fun but am cautious as I don't want other charges suddenly appearing on my CC without my authorization. Does anybody who has actually subscribed to Katherine have any feedback on this, or has anyone else had the same experience I've had so far, especially about the "psychic kinship" thing?
—Guest Tink


Hi, Let me assure you that Astrology Answers, Katherine, our website and our services are real and here to help. Astrology Answers looks at various factors surrounding your life including your Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth and Star Sign. While it is not economically feasible to personalize every free sample reading that is requested, I assure you that every purchased reading is 100% personalized and no two are alike. We have helped thousands of people reach a higher level of happiness since we opened our doors in early 2013. You can check out our Facebook community with over 17,000 followers at: https://www.facebook.com/AstrologyAnswers Also learn more about us by visiting our website and checking our testimonials http://astrologyanswers.com/ If you do have inquiries about Katherine, Astrology Answers and AstrologyAnswers.com please email me at astroclientcare@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Sincerely, Susan Head of Client C
—Guest Susan, Astrology Answers

Psychic Christopher Golden

Every morning I wake up and I think about the psychic reading I got from this man. There is only one logical way he could have possibly known so much about me and that is the Prince of Darkness empowers him. This was no slight of hand or a clever turning of a phrase. He knew. He say things before they happened. But what I find troubling is that, when asked, he said he was not a Christian. If that is so, and yet he is able to foresee the future, then this is what the Bible calls sorcery and the Book of Leviticus is quite clear that stoning is the correct punishment. America is a Christian nation. And we are being taken over by psychics and new agers. This man will try to mesmerize you and I think I know what comes next. He will take your religion from you and give you his. He even states on his website that his work is part of his religion. This man must be stopped. I pray to the Lord that, if it be His will to please strike Psychic Christopher Golden down to hell.
—Guest Lester Graham


Here is question to those who have been waiting for months to have their work done with Christopher Golden.... Did you have to wait for months of your choice or was it after frequent investments to speed things up? Chis gives us a choice... to either invest in more of his time or to have patience and wait it out.... Would just like to know.. :) Thanks!
—Guest Rose20


Is there a forum / blog where clients of Psychic Christopher Golden can chat in private for support & encouragement?
—Guest Rose20

Christopher Golden

I would also like to mention that I have been extremely happy with CG's readings and he has been accurate with my situation. I look forward to the post where I can confirm his results and I can inspire you to see where his guidance can take you.
—Guest Elle

Christopher Golden

I just want to say that I have been a client of CG for a few weeks and he hasn't ignored any of my emails. He is difficult to to get ahold of yes but responding to emails is not his job. I can confirm from what he has told me that he is in fact getting over bronchitis however because I was going on vacation he was accommodating and answered my emails and completed my reading before my trip. I have not seen results yet but as soon as I do I will update! Good luck to you all
—Guest Elle

Psychic Christopher Golden

Imma call me a loyer. Psychic Christopher Golden used the word black when talking to me instead of African American. I have 6 children and I want to have one more with my soulmate who is the man next door but he's already got a baby moma and 4 childrens of his own. I said how come he can't make this man commit. He said can't control that. I said why you say your psychic then. He said he is psychic but not a miracle worker and what about the kids. I said you mean cuz I'm black and he said I don't care if you're blonde honey I still don't think this is right and I'm not having nothing to do with it. So I says to him say black again and he says black. That's when I told him that peoples of African American descent prefer to be called African American these days, not black or negroes or what have you. He said okay but he said it like he didn't really care. The next door man who I want to have a baby with got the woman across the street pregnant with her baby.
—Guest Tanisha


I thank everyone who has ever dealt with Katherine from Astrology Answers. I have been in 2 car accidents in 2013 and 1 9 yrs. ago that almost caused me to be paralyzed. In the fall of 2013 I decided to have a look at the so called person named Katherine and thought I would try a free reading. Feeling a little down and hoping I may gain something from her insight, I chose to indulge. What an idiot I was. She made me feel sooooo guilty for not continuing to have my next 3 mo. readings in which I would have to pay for that I felt compelled to do so. Of course due to the fact that I was on disability I was going to only be billed for 1 mo. for the low low low price of, blab-ably blah and of course I could be refunded at anytime if I wasn't satisfied. She's a scam she's a farce she's an idiot. WITHOUT MY CONSENT, she they, whoever Astrology Answers are took the next mo. payment off my credit card even though I asked to unsubscribe. Finally after I threatened they refunded. STAY AWAY !!!!!
—Guest Miss M

Psychic Christopher Golden

@Guest - I WORK FOR CHRIS. He has Bronchitis. I am helping him get caught up on emails. So very sorry you've had to wait for a response. Monitoring activity here for damage control while he gets well. I will make sure you get an email from him tonight. Please accept our apologies.
—Guest Alex

Chris Golden

Yes we want it to all happen now but with the energy work it has no date. we must trust. I get low then high waiting but I have also found things in me I want to let go and things I want to keep so it will be a great reunion. ill never give up! it will happen!
—Guest Diane

Psychic Christopher Golden

Psychic Chris gone given me psychic powers. I don't know how he done it, but he really gone done it. I hear what other people are thinking, and I can see the future. This is all after talking to Chris - I think he gone put a curse on me. I spoke to Chris on the phone because I wanted him to help me get my beautiful love of my life back. She gone left me because she said I speaks funny and I gots no ambition. Well I spoke to Chris and next thing I knows all of er sudden I'm hearin voices, 'cept they ain't no voices... they be thoughts... other folks thoughts. And I see the future too. Just the other day I was watchin the tube when all of er sudden I felt like cheesies, and wouldn't ya know, a cheesies commercial came on right then and there. I just want my normal life back. I don't want to hear people's thoughts any more. Chris was supposed to be the psychic, not me! Is that how he helps people, by making them psychic? I am gonna probably sue him unless he takes my psychic powers aw
—Guest Bob

@Guest Brit

I need answers to my emails & confirmations to donations made to Christopher Golden and I cannot seem to get any response, good or bad.... Now this is frustrating.
—Guest Rose20

Uplift your Energy

Yes, Friends, I received nearly the exact same email from Katherine. My dates were advanced: January 7 to April 7 transit period followed by three month period of personal good luck. The foremat reminded me of the Sara Freder syndicate: extra materials and free pendant. In reality, all of us are experiencing a major transit as the Earth advances further into the New Millennium, This will bring an awakening to all who are receptive. Katherine and other clever Astrologers are possibly taking advantage of the obvious. If you feel at all apprehensive about engaging these people, simply be aware that remarkable changes in energy are whirling about at the moment. They are so profound that even the Sun has shifted its magnetic polarity. The alteration in celestial energy is dramatic and will result in a universal shift in awareness and energy for everyone. Remain alert for opportunities & receptive to change; celebrate the positive even in adversity; uplift your energy!
—Guest Enlightened

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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