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Readers Respond: Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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@Guest Patricia Chris Golden

How long have you been working with him ? He is very accurate with his reading and I agree it is very hard waiting for results .
—Guest Brit

Psychic Christopher Golden

I have been a client for quite some time. Chris told me about how he is being attacked online and how someone is trying to smear him. I volunteered to post about my own experience in working with him, which has been very positive. Everything he has told me has been right.
—Guest Luna

Psychic Christopher Golden

FULL DISCLOSURE: I work for Psychic Christopher Golden. All of these bogus claims that he is running some kind of a scam must be coming from a hostile competitor. We only accept PayPal, so there is no way to run up someone's credit card as we never have their credit card number. Steps are being taken to identify whoever is spreading these destructive rumors, to smear his online reputation.
—Guest Alex

@Guest rose20

Yes I agree it is very hard sometimes to get in touch with him to be honest if you want to get in touch with him faster sometimes you have to pay for a phone consultation I think it's well worth even though its hard sometimes to have patience and wait for a response :( Thanks for sharing your experience with me please keep in touch and let me know the outcome I will do the same I will be praying for you :) Happy Holidays
—Guest Brit

Christopher golden

Hi this is my first post my first review about Christopher's work. He is very good man and his readings are very spot on and was right about everything between me and ex. I still haven't seen any results yet. But the waiting part is killing me to death. So how long did it take for some people?. Did it take longer than 3 or 4 months?
—Guest Patricia

@Gina Chris Golden

OK thank you for sharing your experience with me :-) The hard part is really just waiting but I know patience is the key but Chris Golden is amazing and accurate he picks on things that I didn't even know will happen I was amazed.
—Guest Brit

Katherine Astrology Answers?

I had gotten a free reading from Katherine and she said I am on the verge of an extremely important Transit period. I'm not sure whether to believe her or not... there are many scams out there. Anyone know something about her and her readings/if they're true/accurate?
—Guest Zoe

@Sheena @Brit @Gina

I have been working with Chris Golden for 2 weeks now & was told that things would be done before the holidays which is why I am very anxious now cos I bump into my ex at work & I do not see anything happening. Yes it gets hard waiting for replies as well when its simple one line answers and as of now... its almost Christmas Eve.
—Guest rose20

He contacted me

He actually contacted me... knew exactly where i live... he said he felt like i have an emergency, and he will help me for free...

Psychic Christopher Golden

@ Brit - Chris told me 3-4 weeks and it took a little over 4 weeks. But he did it. I think that whoever is spamming all this stuff about him being a scammer is probably a competitor because it makes no sense. He told my girlfriend he couldn't bring her ex back, no matter how much money she paid him and not to waste her time but to move on. I think that's respectable. If he were a scammer he would have told her the exact same thing he told me.
—Guest Gina

@Guest Gina

How long did it actually take before you saw results working with Mr.Golden?
—Guest Brit

He's a scammer, period. No doubt at all!

I took a phrase from his "personal" e-mail to me, did a Google Search on it, and found the same, exact phrase NUMEROUS TIMES in the results. Coincidence or something sinister? Use your brain!!! He is a scammer, period. No question about it! Do NOT send money to this turd. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THIS TURD!
—Guest KM

Psychic Christopher Golden

I agree about the frustration of Chris not being the easiest person to get on the phone. However, he did save my marriage. So there is clearly a method to his madness. I will defend him anytime, anywhere.
—Guest Gina

@Guest Love Chris Golden

I'm currently working with him now doing the Chakra healing so far my ex still hasn't reached out yet but it's only been 8 days now he said it could take up to two weeks or more so I'm just waiting but the man is accurate in his readings. kind of hard to get a hold of him sometimes but other than that no complaints :-)
—Guest Guest Brit

@Guest Ariel Christopher Golden

Are you seeing any results yet? Did your ex reach out to you yet? Because my ex hasn't reached out to me yet I'm working with him as well it's hard to get a hold of him I have to pay every time I want to speak with him which that's not a problem. Some people say 2-3 weeks others say a month but im doing the Chakra healing now I'm still waiting for my ex to reach out to me .
—Guest Brit

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Avoiding Astrology/Psychic Reading Scams

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