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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Scorpio-Capricorn Relationship

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Strong connection; as friends or lovers.

I'm 100% Scorpio and he is 100% Capricorn. Him and i met about late 2006 or early 2007 and we were just friends. He was so aloof about everything, it would really get on my nerves. We both were in another relationship which is why i never saw the potential mate in him. I was moving around a lot and he was never in one place due to work so under complicated circumstances we grew apart and couldn't find each other until this past week. 3.5 years later, i found him on facebook. Upon reuniting with each other, my days have bloomed into a life so beautiful. We were both mutually intrigued by each other but didn't share these passions of love due to the other relationships we were in at that time. The long years have made our hearts grow fonder and the best part is, it was completely mutual. These signs are a true match that makes a natural but super strong connection with no effort. It took us long silent years to realize how much we need each other. No wonder we were so miserable til now.
—Guest Romi

by far the best match

Hey, ama scorp with a rising aquarius and venus in sag. So that lightens me up a lil from every other scorp; I love doing new things, vry optomistic, going places&outdoors, and I will flee if I feel overly controlled. Anywho, for some reason I almost always find myself falling for cappys. I find them very attractive and fun to talk to& I also always seem to feel a strong connection with them which I like. So most DEFF my type&always has been. But this 1 cappy at the moment is very sweet, caring, and somewhat sarcastic. I let him be the man, as I see he enjoys being in charge. But sometimes he takes it too far &starts telling me what to say &how to actt, &i hate not being myself but other then that I see a lot of potential in him as well as for starting a relationship. I have been inlove with other cappys, but overall I think they have one of the best relationships in the zodiac and can last a long time if you guys learn to be a bit more easy going . Trust me it won't kill you lol :p
—Guest dawllxface

Caps and Scorpions

I've been married to a Scorpio for 24 years. She has a temper. She's jealous Whew!), she goes through my drawers 'just in case'. She's mean as a snake, and that sting packs a wallop. Wouldn't trade her for the world. No lesser woman could ever keep me in any kind of line. Cappys, get a Scorpion. You'll never regret it except in moments of reflection. It'll pass. :-)
—Guest morgansjc

Scorpio/Capricorn relationship

I'm a female Scorpio and he a male Capricorn. He's the second Cap I've ever fallen for -the first was someone else I ended up engaged to within 6 months. This one burns a little slower but I still feel ridiculously intense passion for him. I agree with your assessment and find that balance is key. I sometimes find myself falling into the old trap of Scorpio game-playing and manipulation and have to keep myself in check. Capricorns are very good at keeping people grounded and being able to cut to the chase. As Scorpios we have to try to keep the 'water' side of our personalities in check so we don't over-saturate the earthy Cap's. Sexually, it's smoking hot, he enjoys finding new ways to turn me on and it can be intense passion. I feel very protected and safe in our relationship and he has said he appreciates my empathy and caring nature. Both signs are loyal and passionate - just need to not get too crazy and controlling Scorp's! Even
—Guest Shimmy

Crazy in love

I'm the Cap in this, and my bf is the Scorpion. We've known each other for 6 years, but we didn't really start dating until 2 yrs ago. We always felt a strange draw to each other (even when he was busy with an on-and-off relationship with a Gemini), but when we started going out it was amazing. At first we had our issues, we kept measuring each other up. I can't trust easily, and neither can he, so it took us over a year of dating to finally fall in love and trust each other completely. We also had a Romeo and Juliet situation, because our families had a fall-out and we weren't supposed to even see each other, but eff it, we were awesome together. Great team. He goes into a temper, I'm the calming voice. I brood, he makes me smile. He's the only one I trust with everything, and vice-versa. Things are getting very serious now, despite the family issue, but we couldn't be happier that we have each other :) Cap and Scorp are a great match in my opinion
—Guest Mar

Met the One

I met him over myspace! I'm a scorpio and he's a capricorn. He is def the one ive been looking for. things just keep getting and better. he is my boyfriend and my best friend. when we do fight or argue i can honestly say its because i either over reacted or because i was in a bad mood. but he has such a passive personality. its perfect with me because i cant fight if someone doesnt fight back! lol :)
—Guest Vanessa

Scorpio and capricorn.

I'm a Capricorn and my other half is a Scorpio. We've been on and off for about a year and a half. Things are far from perfect. We met through the internet and our bond is pretty strong. When we're not together we're best friends. We have a very strong connection and even though we're on and off a lot I know that he's the one and when we're older and ready to settle down we're going to end up together. I love him very much and we've been through a lot together but we always manage to talk about it and come to an agreement about things. We're always there for each other and we always will be. Scorpio and Capricorn are pretty good together if you ask me. :]
—Guest Nicole


im a scorpio, ive always been interested in what astrology says about the different signs, just like the other guest i also asked my bf for his sign & also saw our compality, also like her we both want to control, but ini the begining it was different, would never want to tell me what he felt & what he was thinking. He let me control him, but then after he got comfortable with me he wanted to control. Well the both of us being very stubborn didnt want to let the other control us anymore, & had alot of problems, were constantly were on & off. after a while we decided it was too much & decided to have equal control which was a better choice, but then after a while of dating we never had sex & he desprerately wanted to but i wasnt ready, us both being teens. So me thinking he actually loved me, all he wanted was any type of sex so we just broke up & never talk anymore. Its not all perfect but you cant give up on love.
—Guest ThaBaddest14


Ok well ima capricorn an for sum reason ive alwayz wantd a scorpio, well ders dis guy and we talk every day weve been twkn for a year n sumthm weeks he always tells me he loves me n i tell em bak ett may have been kinda early to do so.. But idc i do love em. The problem is we dnt have da guts to ask each otha to hook up. What do i do?? N for sum reason hes always tryin to get me jealous n he throws out lil comments like.. Maynee i needa girlfriend cuz im lonely. Or hes like maynee i wna settle dwn. An i jst say oh dats koo. Im confused...
—Guest GinaRar

hit it just right

Well this pretty much covered me as the alpha cap and my misses Scorpio. I hope everything continues to hold true. She knows I am always the settling natured beast and she my beauty. Xoxox to her.
—Guest slamminghard


well im a capricorn and i meet me a scorpio and he waz everything i ever dream of....even doe we fell in luv fast but it waz da best time i ever had wit him we had the best love connection he made me feel good about myself i made him feel the same....its like he the right one for me but some times its hard cuz he moved for away and he said he was comeing bacc to get me i trust him like crazy and i beleave dat he will be bacc for me...i luv him so much im juz so happy i found him..i gave him ma heart and everything......alwayz luved babii girl (ire)
—Guest irealle

scorpio-capricon intriguing

well i am a cappy and found this gal who is a scorpio, she is a bit stubborn, rude and wary and i usually stay away from such people, but with this gal that's not happening, the more i try to stay away from her, the more i feel attracted towards her, i found her sunsign and googled out, seems its in our stars stil don'know if shez the one!.
—Guest rick

Strongly believe its a perfect match!!

I am a scorpio and ive always been intrigue by the astrology world, No I am not the type to read it everyday but what i ment is that I've always been fasinated by the personality of each and every sign. Before me and my bf started dating , I asked him his sign, and he told me that he was capricorn. I googled his sign right away and what they said about our signs was that Scorpio will help capricorn express its inner feelings, and other things that said that we complete each other but our biggest probleme is that we both want to have control, . Well turns out that what was wrriten about our signs is true. My bf never want to show his feelings to anyone always wants to seem tough , but with me he is a big baby in other words. although we are both stuborn and we both want to have control or be right , we complete each other in everyway. So far Ive gotta say that in every situation capricorn sure knows how to surprise me, and in bed well lets just say , FiNALLY A guy who can meet up to me
—Guest evou

Scorpio Capricorn complications

I think I'm in love with a cappy but he really confuses me alot I have no idea what he wants from me. He already has a woman but seems so unhappy and I really try to resist but the hard part about this is that Im actually starting to fall for him...I think about him constantly and desire his company but I just dnt knw how this will all fall into place because he's already in a relationship. I feel so weird!!!
—Guest Ms. Kay


This fits my mate n I 2 a T! He's scorpio I'm capricorn we word in the same field we're hard workers we have been dating a yr and it just geting better he is controlling smtimes but I got him an he settles back into security.
—Guest Giana

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