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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Scorpio-Capricorn Relationship

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Me & My Cappie

Me & My Cappie been together for 15months... We just clicked instantly.. We are to much alike til we scared each other at first lol We clash alot... He's stubborn & so sat in his ways. He likes to withdraw for no reason, I like to communicate.. I'm stubborn & like things my way, & so does he.... But we only clash when we're not around each other... But when we're together its like we're inseperable :) :) goshhh I LOVE MY CAPPIE
—Guest hisScorpionGirl


I'm a Capricorn lady, my best guy friend is a Scorpio, and he can tell what I'm feeling yet I haven't left any clues that I like him. So my point is, Scorpios can tell what we're feeling and bring them out even more. I think I like him more than I did before
—Guest Natari

Stung once

Well, I love my Scorpio man plus we have a beautiful son together.We have ups and downs like any other relationship,but it tends to get verbally emotionally abusive.I say things I don't mean he says things involving our child that hurts.I can't undestand why he tends to bring his past personal experiences into the relationship which makes everything sour.For the most times he can be real sweet then cunning.Sigh,what will I do let it all happen,fix,and work it out???
—Guest True Cap

A little Info

I'm a Cap woman & if you are confused by a Cap, then she probably has real feelings for you. If a Cap decides she is not interested in someone, she will make it obvious. She will leave no doubt where she stands. Cap women, in general, do not enjoy leading someone on. Why? A waste of time & cruel too. Most Cap women are not promiscuous, not smooth operators, not teasers. If a guy is confused, more than likely she is really interested but cautious. She might also have moments of hesitation or fear, but if her feelings are true, the pulling back won't last long if she continues to get warm signals from the guy. Cap women can be all business, level-headed, down-to-earth, but when their heart gets involved, sincerely involved, they feel vulnerable, and I will admit that sometimes we can be self-sabotaging, unconsciously, because of fear we aren't used to feeling & don't know how to process. But if a Cap woman loves, she loves from the bottom of her heart, steadfast, loyal.
—Guest CapCusp

those caps

I'm a Scorpio man and my girlfriend is a cap. When we first met it was like love at first sight. We can talk about anything. The sex is good too but be careful if your not ready to have kids. The problem is the arguments we always have and they be over the smallest things. It's hard for a cap to trust too. Every time I try to compromise with her or show her how much I really love her it's like she pushes me away like she don't want to be loved. I've always been faithful and always treated her right but its like she doesn't trust me. I do want to be with her and start a family with her but not with trust issues. I just hope and pray she can trust me that I'll always be there for and always hold her down and that she'll stop being insecure.
—Guest scorpman


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—Guest insanity


—Guest Isabel marant shoes

My Scorpio man is wonderful

It's been a year and we are a soul match. Actually we met 20 years prior in high school and came together after we had both done a bit of life. There are power struggles, bouts of jealousy but the upside it's an intense intimate connection that works on many levels. Trust and openness is still developing. I think the second year will be better than the first as we learn to work with each other emotionally.
—Guest Capricorn woman

scorpio girl cap guy

well I met this cap guy online 2months ago !!! I know it's sounds crazy but I really feel he's the one for me...we have alot in common we talks daily for hours & I never get bored I just want to spend more time with him ...we'v exchanged numbers at the first month ...for a scorpio girl it's kind a hard to open up so fast & specially that we haven't meet yet ...now he's going abroad for a year & I feel it would be like a test for both of us if we stayed in-toch the way we are now so the connection we have is not a casual one ...I know it's a gameble not to meet him before he go but what can I say I'm a scorpio girl of a challenges & I admit he's one of the biggest chalenges I have ever had ....all I know is I'm leaving everything to destiny ..as I believe in the moto says"if you want something to death set it free if it'll returned it's your's forever if it doesn't it wasn't your's at the first place " & I do want this man .....
—Guest Nora


OMG, I just found this site... This is amazing... I just had the most awful break up with my scorpio bf of two months... At first we were like peas in a pod... laughing until we cried... Great times... He introduced me to his friends they loved me... Our daughters love each other... And in a matter of minutes literally... Everything was gone over a stupid misunderstanding... There was no compromising with him... We are both alphas... Both stubborn and bull headed... Cap and Scorps are great as friends... Can drink together... Sex is absolutely fantabulous... But communications skills well they suck... Dont know what will happen... As of today... I will no longer be contacting him... He needs space... He's got it... OH when Caps say they are done... THEY ARE DONE... Im almost there... Time to move on... But because this is the third scorp i have known... HE WILL BE BACK!!!

Fairly New

I'm a scorp women and I am in the process of getting to know an incrediably handsome cap. His dad hooked us up and every since we exchanged numbers we talk almost everyday for hours. As a scorpio we are know for rushing in relationships, but I'm at a stage in my life where taking things slow leads to a better outcome. I'm ready for marriage and settling down with someone I can grow with. So we will see how this goes..Wish me luck!!


see this is what get me confused too, we argue all the time because I am a cold bitch at times you know... and I tend to push him away a lot when he's trying to be sweet and caring which is why we often fight because I don't trust him and well obviously he doesn't trust me. He told me I love you then leaves and doesn't even speak to me... why? well i don't fucking know he says I snap a lot not the case I just say things straight up and well with feeling I'll never admit that I love him until I know our relationship is for sure. He hasn't spoken to me but I do love him too... it's just hard to say I don't want to be put on ridicule.
—Guest CapricornWoman

Never find another like him

I'm a scorpio female My first boyfriend was a capricorn male. We became close friends then best friends then it became very inrense sexually...which is saying alot cause I never touched him. We were long distance lovers it was all webcam bassed but since we broke up I've been with a libra man and am so un satisfied. No one knows what I like but my capricorn man. So I'm going back to him this summer after 5 long years I plan to see him in person for the first time. We'll see how it goes but judging by the 3 long years we were together I am willing to bet big money on this working I think this could be the right one for me I havent stopped thinking of him I cant get him out of my head I dream about him every night my heart longs to belong to him once again. And surprisingly he feels the same. Waited for me this whole time. So wish us luck...oh did I mention my libra was a real liar such a jerk who couldnt do anything right really went under my skin! My capricorn was always honest to me and thats what I miss his down to earth realness I felt right there beside him on everything even being 2 thousand miles away
—Guest scorpgirl

It's good

I'm a Capricorn woman been with a Scorpion man for 6 mths. There was a connection from the very moment we laid eyes on each other. This connection has only grown stronger with time. We have moments when we seem distant which I think is the Capricorn of me that is not so verbally expressive and my Scorpio likes compliments and reassurance. I'm just better at physically expressing myself and he gets that for the most part but sometimes we I think we both loose focus of what the other needs emotionally but so far we just work it out but we haven't really had any real arguments. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I do.
—Guest DC

Sting you once, sting you twice

I just ended a decade and half relationship with a Scorpio. My advice to Capricorn women. If you choose a Scorpion Male make sure he has value for a woman's role. I've met many Scorpion men who were different and revered their mothers. The ex did not. He had a lot of issues and they became apparent as each year progressed. I find them needy and jealous. So my suggestion, look at the whole chart and if you see a Scorpio in Venus(high-probabilty) as well as, Moon and/or Mars...RUN!!!! He was malicious and ill-willed. Cheated and lied and was verbally abusive. If I'd had been a water signed woman, I'd probably would have died emotionally. The best way to break up with this kind, minimize or just cut all ties. Us Cappy women would stick to the end and we are loyal to a fault and sometime minimizes are need to be cared for.
—Guest Ms. Seagoat

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