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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Scorpio-Capricorn Relationship

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Fairly New

I'm a scorp women and I am in the process of getting to know an incrediably handsome cap. His dad hooked us up and every since we exchanged numbers we talk almost everyday for hours. As a scorpio we are know for rushing in relationships, but I'm at a stage in my life where taking things slow leads to a better outcome. I'm ready for marriage and settling down with someone I can grow with. So we will see how this goes..Wish me luck!!


see this is what get me confused too, we argue all the time because I am a cold bitch at times you know... and I tend to push him away a lot when he's trying to be sweet and caring which is why we often fight because I don't trust him and well obviously he doesn't trust me. He told me I love you then leaves and doesn't even speak to me... why? well i don't fucking know he says I snap a lot not the case I just say things straight up and well with feeling I'll never admit that I love him until I know our relationship is for sure. He hasn't spoken to me but I do love him too... it's just hard to say I don't want to be put on ridicule.
—Guest CapricornWoman

Never find another like him

I'm a scorpio female My first boyfriend was a capricorn male. We became close friends then best friends then it became very inrense sexually...which is saying alot cause I never touched him. We were long distance lovers it was all webcam bassed but since we broke up I've been with a libra man and am so un satisfied. No one knows what I like but my capricorn man. So I'm going back to him this summer after 5 long years I plan to see him in person for the first time. We'll see how it goes but judging by the 3 long years we were together I am willing to bet big money on this working I think this could be the right one for me I havent stopped thinking of him I cant get him out of my head I dream about him every night my heart longs to belong to him once again. And surprisingly he feels the same. Waited for me this whole time. So wish us luck...oh did I mention my libra was a real liar such a jerk who couldnt do anything right really went under my skin! My capricorn was always honest to me and thats what I miss his down to earth realness I felt right there beside him on everything even being 2 thousand miles away
—Guest scorpgirl

It's good

I'm a Capricorn woman been with a Scorpion man for 6 mths. There was a connection from the very moment we laid eyes on each other. This connection has only grown stronger with time. We have moments when we seem distant which I think is the Capricorn of me that is not so verbally expressive and my Scorpio likes compliments and reassurance. I'm just better at physically expressing myself and he gets that for the most part but sometimes we I think we both loose focus of what the other needs emotionally but so far we just work it out but we haven't really had any real arguments. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I do.
—Guest DC

Sting you once, sting you twice

I just ended a decade and half relationship with a Scorpio. My advice to Capricorn women. If you choose a Scorpion Male make sure he has value for a woman's role. I've met many Scorpion men who were different and revered their mothers. The ex did not. He had a lot of issues and they became apparent as each year progressed. I find them needy and jealous. So my suggestion, look at the whole chart and if you see a Scorpio in Venus(high-probabilty) as well as, Moon and/or Mars...RUN!!!! He was malicious and ill-willed. Cheated and lied and was verbally abusive. If I'd had been a water signed woman, I'd probably would have died emotionally. The best way to break up with this kind, minimize or just cut all ties. Us Cappy women would stick to the end and we are loyal to a fault and sometime minimizes are need to be cared for.
—Guest Ms. Seagoat

Re: Scorpio Capricorn Relationships

Worst experience I've ever had in my life. He came into my life under unusual circumstances and under the guise that he was a good person. He lied and cheated from the day I knew him and had someone pregnant which i didn't find out about until the baby was four, five months old. He got this woman pregnant while we were very deeply into the relationship, almost 2 years. I am a Scorpio woman, he's Capricorn. I wouldn't advise anyone, more less a Scorpio to get involved with a Capricorn. Most are manipulative, sneaky and habitual liars. From my experience this is both men and women Capricorns. Most are the worst of the lot and the one thing they can't stand is a confident Scorpio standing in the room. They can't bully or push us around so they manipulate to try and hurt the heart. I find most of them, not all, to be silly, shallow, dregs of the earth type people and I know a whole lot of Capricorns, only dated one. There are two types and yes, this is harsh but this is fact as I know it.
—Guest Scorp 11

Scorpio n Capricorn

I love DEM CAPS cause I can run um.................................
—Guest Scorpio

Capricorn Woman

I am a Capricorn woman and ive been with a Scorpio woman for almost half a year. We'ce had alot of ups and downs, do from the arguing and the lack of trust. But we've learned that from the previous break-ups that we've had that we love eachother too much to let anything break us apart. We argue over some of the smallest things that doesnt make sense and break up everytime. But somehow quickly find our way back together. Our shortest break up was 30-45 minutes and our longest was 2 weeks.
—Guest Tee


Found this interesting...read it's def what cudda been
—Guest Nicole

Scorpio Woman; Capricorn Man

I'm a Scorpio woman and I've been with my Capricorn man for the last two years. We definitely have different view points on things, and sometimes the subject may get heated, but we always find a compromise in the end. We find ways to calmly discuss each side and though we are both stubborn, we love each other so much that we know compromise is the only answer. 90% compatibility is the average for these two signs...don't let all horror stories discourage you! :)
—Guest Chloé

Cap n Scorpio match

I never believed in these Horscopes till I started reading these posts and understand how am related to them. I am a female capricorn and I been going out with a Scorpio man from 3 years it amazing to read other people's post we had ups n downs and at the end were always together. Just a perfect Match. we're both stubborn sometimes but gets back quickly lol I just love him a lot and he's so caring. All you scorpio and capricorns don't let this relationship and perfect match go away. It's 90% compatibility :)
—Guest Capricorn

My Good and Bad experience

I ‘m a female scorpion. I met my Cap guy via face book. Got chatting away via messages, then exchanged numbers. It was fun, new and exiting like anyone would when you’re getting to know someone new. We had those serious conversations too and I mentioned that I have had bad experiences and I’m looking for a serious relationship. Not that friends with benefits stuff and he agreed and wanted the same thing. I met up at his place and we just chatted, watched telly and chilled on the sofa. Well things started heating up and the sexual tension was there and we both just couldn’t help ourselves. Anyways after he kept bringing up how amazing the sex was and went into detail about it. Was a lil embarrassing talking about it, but then I noticed that every conversation was just about when are we going to link and do it again. I told him I don’t want this to end up all about sex and that I want to go out and get to know him more, the usual stuff like going for a meal, cinema, go out for a drink
—Guest Scorpion81

Cap women

Exactly what Im dealing with in my Scorpio guy. Immediate, intense attraction. He moves really fast and comes on strong. I, a cap, am the opposite. We are both stubborn, headstrong and want what we want on our own terms. I have always won the battle of wills in past relationships. 100% of the time. But I am not getting very far w/ this scorpio. I am much more open to talk about anything. He goes back and forth, push and pull, with everything he says. 'I want to marry you" then "Im afraid you ll break my heart. this will never work." It seems he in not capable of being patient in the relationship. he needs lots of reassurance but would never admit it. He turns ice cold on a moments notice, and a week later admits I said something (unknowingly) that hurt him! I am baffled and intrigued equally with my scorpio man. As a cap, I am determined and patient enough to keep waiting and trying to get him to open up verbally. No luck so far (2 months).His passion& raw masculinity are irresistable!
—Guest capwoman


So im a 23 y.o. Cap and he's a 31y.o. Scorpio. We've been working together for over a year now and about a month ago he started texting me and thats how i found out he liked me as more than a friend and i realized i liked him too. Ar first it was just foreplay and it was awesome, and then we had sex and i dont even remember orgasming that hard when i was married. But now since weve had sex its like hes not interested anymore and its just leaving me in this "wtf?!" State. Part of me says to forget it and move on while another part says dont take no for an answer.
—Guest Loomi

QUestion for CAP Women

list? I don’t want to blow this opportunity. Do I just keep waiting? Also, let me know if there is any more information you may need b4 you can answer. Thank You in advance.
—Guest Preston

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