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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Scorpio-Pisces Relationship

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I am a scorpio woman in love with a pisces man for a year now unfortunately we're both with other people and have kids but I love him with my whole heart and soul and just want to make him happy. He's everything to me and maybe one day we can finally be together.

right one money...

All the scorpio men Ive dated were so intruging. Im a pisces and the passion bwt. these 2 signs is just natural.. scorpios strong sexual nature with pisces playful soft nature. Great match:)
—Guest Annie

this is the best connection

I am a scorpio woman who met her pisces love when we were teenagers. The connection was instant in the first glance, and we never lost that, even when we split up and didn't speak for 10 years. We got back together a couple of years ago and we still get that "wow" feeling every time we look at eachother. It's such a fantastic connection. In the time we had split I was with a sagitarious, virgo, and had a taurus husband who was just awful. I was always looking for someone who really matched me and I found this in my pisces. Our love is pure magic and we instinctively know each other so much emotionally. We are really happy. I wish all pisces-scorpio relationships the best
—Guest pisces/scorpio


My girl is a fiery Pisces they talk about Scorpios...ha! She has more venom than any scorpio I have seem. Definitely there is chemistry but lately she is trying to control sex and what I say is stay out of the Scorpios sexual plane, that is only asking the Scorpio to fly the coup. You little Pisces out there need to stop claiming that you go with the flow and actually go with the flow. This relationship is definitely hot!!!!
—Guest Pisces Scorpio lovers

torn between 2

Wow the experience with my Scorpio man ended in me being hurt and even in a different relationship now I still think about him and its crazy because I knw he thinks about me its like I can feel it now that I'm with someone else. For about a year now he decides to come back around and I dnt knw how to deal with it I'm confused and torn between my cancer and my ex Scorpio
—Guest goddess

Pisces loves Scorpio

I am a Pisces and my fiance is a Scorpio. I met her through my ex who just so happens to be her sister. The instant we met, sparks flew. Once we confirmed our love, we did it like 3 times in one day. So yeah we got pretty hot and heavy. On the other hand, we also share a deep connection that I have with no one else.
—Guest Matt


That described my new relationship word for word... so intense reading that I'd love to learn more.
—Guest Larisa

Want This Forever

I'm a pisces female, in love with a make scorpio.The first time I saw my scorpio was when he played in his championship bball game. Something about his dominance on the court grew on me.i told my bestfriend one day I'll get him .i wasnt serious at all but his demeanor pulled me in.a few months later at our high school homecoming game a mutual friend introduced us.at first I didn't think I would b interested but for weeks after we were inseparable.teo weeks later we started dating and it felt like I had knew him my whole life.we dont have the best relationship but we dont have the worst.he has a difficult personality n so do I but the secret bond we share keeps us grounded..i party this love lats a life time.i love yu scorpio!
—Guest Lost In His Heart

Scorpio man, Pisces woman...

Well I love her more than my self and I feel like I'm drowning my Pisces in too much love. She is easily annoyed and she is severely insecure!!! She thinks I'm too clingy and I agree, but I can't keep myself alone from her.. I have no clue what to do but I don't want to leave her even if it isn't working well. We've never argued. So my opinion, Pisces is too easily irritated and always thinks she doesn't deserve to be happy!!!
—Guest Scorpio guy

My life is spinning around HIM

I tried to love him one once but i got stung, the ususal Scorpio! n run away got him out of my life, tried to forget him Guess what, it was not only once but many times that our path crossed and everytime that happenes we both read each other like our palms and i can't discribe the emotional connection we've got. What a strange bond which i can't seem to control! poor Pisces!
—Guest Storm

Pisces Guy, Scorpio Girl

I dated a Scorpio girl for about 5 months. The first couple of months were fantastic, a real honeymoon period of laughing and unforgettable sex. There were periods where I needed my own space that she couldn't grasp. Things got progressively worse. Arguing due to conflicting personalities. Eventually she left me.
—Guest Jay


I am a Scorpio female with a pisces. Yes we can be intimate sexually but why bother. He does not maintain intimacy on an intellectual level. Hence, there is no stimulation here. I need to shut this thing down. :-(
—Guest Nette

We Connected

I'm a typical piscean, here because of my recent deep connection with a Scorpio. We fell in love very quickly, first through the electric passion between us, then through a deep emotional bond. Though life has intervened and sent me 5,000 miles away, which the relationship couldn't stand, this has been the greatest love of my life and unforgettable.
—Guest KenCat

Abusive /Control Freak

He is 100% scorpio and I pisces. It was love at first sight, at least 4 me. He is insults me when he feels like it. He uses me and takes advantage of me. He isnt honest and everything ends up being my fault. He wants to control everything including the sex. Unwilling 2 comprimise. His way or no way. Does not consider others feelings. Only what makes him happy. I wont ever do that ever again!

been in love10 years

Hi I am 24 n im a pisces and been w my scorpio for 10 years. We have a child together. I can honestly say this article and astrology.com is so accurate. We r both stubborn but I would say I am more stubborn them him. When we have a reallt bad situation I leave bc I can't handle the pain however scorpio attend to pisces needs and makes thw sign see a different view that was not seen on her own. Basically, with my attitude and personality no guy of any other signs except scorpio wouldn't have made it last this long
—Guest Ms pisces

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