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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Taurus-Cancer Relationship

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Best match for me

I have never been involved with a Taurus man until now. I have been amazed at how romantic and giving his nature is. Truly haven't been this happy in a lot of years.
—Guest Totally shocked cancer female


ive beening bumpn n2 a taurus man for over 5 yrs got his number but called him this last time i did and oh my in 5 days i felt like i have wasted my life away but now he is in a relationship i read his sign bcuz i was having a funny feeling a good feeling i never felt before and everything i read in his sign was exactly wat i saw n him i know he likes me n i dont think he is a cheater n i dont want him to be so i guess its to late for us but deep down i hope its not

cancer trying to get her taurus back

I am a cancer and he is a Taurus. We started dating only a few short months ago and everything was great. But somewhere along the way I began to lose trust in him. We broke up but now that we have been spending time together again I have realized that I let so many of my bad cancer traits get the best of me. The mean attitude, being needy and moody and the insecurity. He's a great guy and I really couldn't ask for anything better but now the ball is n his court and if I know Taurus well enough his stubborn hard headed personality is what's keeping him from making a decision about us right now, because right now is when I want it to happen. I'm just trying to be patient because I think I love him and the short time we have been apart has made me realize I don't want to be without my "bull".
—Guest july13girl

What does this mean?

There is a guy I went to highschool with, always seemed like a really big jerk. I see him at a party and we start hanging out. Not really hanging out, but he is always at the house I am at. He sings and dances in front of me and I see him stare at me as he sings. I was talking to him outside and I say, why are all guys assholes? He says "I'm not an asshole." I don't know what to think abouth this guy. I never paid attention to him before. He just got out of a relationship that was full of drama, and he claims he doesn't want to date anyone but her. But jesus christ, when he stares at me, and know is because I stare right back and hold eye contact, it feels like something big. WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS MEAN?! Does he like me? What is going on?

Taurus woman - cancer man

Take care of the cancer man , he wants love affection sweetness attention , and he want more of it . But he won't let you down , he will love in the simplest of ways . His depth takes time to unravel , but once you touch the deeper emotional side , you will work well. Also , don't argue with him , coz a cancer man if he's dead wrong you will get an apology fast ... If he isn't .. Nothing u say can prove him wrong . He loves sweet nothings like kisses here and there , PDA and knowing and remembering his likes and dislikes . Nearly 4 years , now working on the wedding :) go for it with the cancer man :)
—Guest Nsk

So caring it's almost creepy.

I am a cancer girl and I think I've found the love of my life with this taurus man. He is sweet and nice and gentle and cares deeply about me. He keeps telling me he misses me and that he wants to see me. I really do think I'm in love.
—Guest Cancer Woman


Taurus Man with Cancer Woman: Heaven and Hell combined. Cancer woman are extremely passionate and loving. They will make you feel alive. The mix of a Taurus's stability, loyalty, love and dedication mix extremely well with the passionate, impulsive, spontaneous and energetic Cancer. But... that's also the hell. They are opposites that complete each other. It was impossible for me to gather enough trust to open myself (Taurus's are sensitive) because of her implusive nature. She was lying and changing all the time. Constantly lasing out emotionally when things didn't go her way while I was clamly looking for a solution that would respect us both. The sheer intensity of cancer is what drives us to them and make us go insane if they don't have their emotions under control. This was the most painful relationship I've ever had because it was so good on every plain.
—Guest Nova

Cancer vs Taurus

Ive been dating a cancer on and off for the past 4 years and its been a roller coaster , he changes moods 6 times a day . But its easy to love this person and easy to hate too. We compete like crazy. In cars , looks , who gets the most #'s and attention. We are so different and we dont seem each other type But at the same time we get along so great. Our chemistry cant be compatible with anyone else. We cant be mad a whole with each other . Is like one of us always ends up swallowing our pride. We might be no models but in our eyes we see the sexiest beast alive. And in bed every time it gets better and better . everyone doesnt want to see us together thats where we bump heads and we listen to others peoples opinions and we let go of each other, we both say we arent jealous people but we both lie to each other cus we are always test each other and we end up loosing and giving in ,,, we are one weird couple but no one understands us like we do (:
—Guest Monique 90

Cancer Guy has a split personality

We were madly in love for a year and a half, but my GOD he was self centered. Extremely so. I felt he was so afraid of abandonment that he sabotaged the relationship by being a jerk, and basically being emotionally abusive... like his personality changed overnight. He had a nice side, which was absolutely wonderful, and a JERK side, which came out anytime I disagreed with him about something. I don't think he ever thought I was serious. Loving him was just a battle: like i felt like I was never believed when I told him I much I loved him. I couldn't deal with the mean, jerky side anymore. He just seemed to have a split personality in that way. I told him he was abusive and I never heard from him again, even when I tried to text him to fix things, he was too freaking stubborn to admit he was wrong, even though he knows he was. This taurus will never date a cancer again: they say one thing and mean another. I need someone who's going to just be NICE to me.
—Guest Taurus Guy/Cancer Guy

Sweetness will win

I am a cancer woman. Cancer girls...please listen and take note of this: Taurus men are extremely sensitive. You must never show your angry side to them. It is ok to be yourself but do not disrespect them because you feel so close to them that you can show them everything...even the horrific, mean and evil side of yourself. Do yourself a huge favor and always be kind, sweet and gentle with him. He is not a Scorpio and will never forget, forgive or understand why you would ever be so mean to him. Even if his non caring, overly critical and self absorbed "off- in- the- fields"attitude drives you to anger...respond by being gentle and sweet. This is the only way. I have ruined 2 relationships with Taurus men b/c I lost my temper and was mean. I didn't hit or yell. The look on my face did all the damage. Be mindful of how you look at a Taurus. They also take a ridiculously long time to get over. If you don't want to hurt for years...take my advice. Love you Cancers! And Taurus men are #1.
—Guest Gorgeous Behavior

Me-Taurus Her-Cancer

I'm only 14 but i really want to get with her. I try to text her for as long as i can cause i hate when we stop talking. She is gorgeous and I'm not so hot. And every time i want to ask her out or to go somewhere i seem to always chicken out. But in high school I'm gonna one day hae the guts to just tell her how i feel. But for right now I'll just keep dreaming about her.
—Guest Anonymous

So in love with him

I am a taurus girl with a cancer guy. He is the sweetest most romantic oyfriend I have ever had. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and I'm happy to do so. This truly is a perfect and magical match. We are convinced that we are soulmates =]
—Guest Sondra

Cheating Cancer Girl

I am a married Cancer girl and not proud to say that I am cheating with a Taurus man. So sad to say that this is the first time I've been in love with somebody and cannot explain why. I didn't go looking for whatever this is. It found me. I also cannot explain the type of energy that this man gives off and the way I receive it. The best way I can describe it is by saying that it feels like a blanket of love whenever I'm near him. We can hold a conversation with no words...............I don't regret him. Just wish this "thing" would have caught me in time.
—Guest It Found Me

Thats Crazy

I just met a taurus and i didnt know he was one untill just now. We are already taking things slow. But i really like him.
—Guest Hannah

Cancer-Female Taurus-Male

Best match ever as a cancerian. I rather be with my +taurus man, any day. We get along, speak without words, handle problems as they arise. He treats my like a lady and a Queen and I treat him as the dominant man and King he is. I am submissive and love to make him happy. We have the same humor and laugh @ the same things. He is the love of my life. Our sex life is amazing. He always looks deeply into my eyes during, as if I am the only person in the world. He touches me so tenderly and sweetly. I will do anything for him. I love to cook and plan to cook for him for the rest our lives. I want to be barefoot and pregnant with all of his children. I pray for us everyday.
—Guest The Don n His Dona

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