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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Taurus-Cancer Relationship

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this is for u cancer women thru thru

if he care for u more than anyone just open up with him tel him that u love him i know u r shy and if u want him to open up it will take a long long time if u really love him tell him but first observe him that he takes more care [more care from a taurus man for any girl is a perfect sign of love] because i am a taurus man and i know it very well -you can ask me if u have any doubts.
—Guest love

Cancer woman Taurus Man

I have been with my taurus man for just over a year. We are different but alike and compliment each other in so many ways. It felt like i was on ecstacy the first week of bein his girlfriend. we connected so well, had the same sense of humour and wackiness, felt like we were in our own little warm cozy bubble, sex was out of this world and the way we would look at and hold each other felt...perfect. And you know what? still feels like that til this day. we have our ups and downs because we are both stubborn, im extremely sensitive, hes a bit selfish, im moody and defensive...but we always manage to work it out because we couldnt bare to be apart. we are both so caring and loving towards eachother and others, passionate, creative, humane, nurturing and many more common attributes. he loves me looking after him by me cooking for him etc and i love serving him. i love the appreciation he gives and how deep his thoughts run. powerful combination taurus and cancer
—Guest Cancer girl

Torn:Cancer(23-f) Taurus(18-m)

On this really dark rainy day he (taurus) completely opened up to me (cancer) about how hard it is to trust people and that he only has one best friend. I didn't do anything but listen and smile the whole time because he seemed so tortured and so sweet. He sang to me and constantly tried to make me laugh too. He even shared his dreams and goals. The entire 15 minutes we talked, he looked into my eyes as much as possible even though he was driving (he's bus-driver/officer and I'm a student)! Even on days when we cant be alone, he shouts me out but apologizes for not being able to talk with me. "Hey, I'm sorry we wont be able to talk today". What really convinced me was the day he didn't open the bus doors and he sat fidgeting and sighing. When I told him, he immediately said "I forgot, I'm so, so sorry,"I smiled and assured him it was okay. He's really friendly and sincere, but I'm not sure what to do. I've never had anyone take interest in me. Should I open up tomorrow or next lifetime
—Guest Aelly

i love my cancer women

i realy love ma cancer women she means a lot for me. the thing that atracted me is her behaviour attitude etc she is awesm i am taurus and taurus men love beauty but ma girl is dark but even then she is beautiful in ma eyes i think i got ma best partner ... and i am happy sometimes i get irritated but again i saw d love in her eyes for me she is ma princes and she will b :-)
—Guest love


I am a Taurus woman, I have been in multiple relationships and it never quite worked there was always arguing and fighting. Now I'm with a Cancer man and I'm the happiest I've ever been. We've only been together a few months but haven't had a single argument or anything. We truely enjoy every minute we spend together. I feel so lucky to have found him :)
—Guest Sunshine

linked by the heavens.

I am a female taurus with cancer man for 10 years. Just remember you are his princess-so you should always act like one and if your not acting so he will let you know it-in indirect ways. He is your prince in shining armor-he should act like it and if he forgets to-she will let him know in more direct ways-be more gentle in letting him know this. accept this part of each others nature. hey its not always easy being a princess but it will always be worth it with a cancer man at your side.

good as gold

As a taurus woman with a cancer man for 10 years now-i can say it can work out in really good ways-long as your both aware of each others faults and tendencies and willing to accept them-cause with this combination its so easy to see each other as having no faults-stay together long enough and you will see for yourself-this is never true-always be aware of one anothers good qualities as well and do not focus much on the not so good ones-just be aware of them and your good as gold. NEVER forget to pamper and give your cancer man the best of your good side which is not so hard to do because its always returned with a lot of respect and admiration from him. when he's seriously moody or critical this is not the time to get seriously moody or stubborn yourself-return that respect and admiration let him cling to you-be there for him. he will come out of that shell and when he does he's going to cling to you and you let him-hold no resentment towards him. he will make it worth the wait.

Felipe Juliane

I'm Felipe born June 26, and my girlfriend Juliane born April 24. Leaving my scorpio ex-girlfriend for a taurus woman was the best decision I've ever made! REAL TALK! Shes funny, cool, outgoing, smart, sexy and awesome in bed. My scorpio lover was just way to demanding. She criticized on almost everything I did and say! Told me who I should or should not hang out, Was really harsh on what she believed was right and wrong, Really really bossy and overbearing! This taurus woman lets me to be myself and same with her and we really enjoy each others company.
—Guest Felipe

A.R.G taurus

im so in love with you, but you lied to me many times that i can't take it anymore.
—Guest monaliza

My husband-a cute crab.

I am a taurus and loved this man.Even after ten years our relationship is as good as it can get. It took him a while to confess he loved me.This was when i broke off with him because i couldn't figure where our relationship was headed. He came around after a few weeks,more sorted about himself and much more in love with me.With me shutting contact,he realized he's totally in love.And all this while i thought it was over.We both are always there for each other. The best part? Unlike most men,he's sensitive and more tuned in regarding my needs.He remembers casual snatches of conversation ,not only what i like ,but my likes as well.
—Guest Bibi

I love my man

My cancerian guy and i played like cat and mouse game for years before confessing that we loved each other.i liked a scorp first,but trust me,scorpios can be mean and cut with their words.With cancerian man it's true that the relationship progressed slowly.I was attracted to his sensitivity which even today has a calming effect on me.It serves well to that i'm pretty demonstrative.the fact is,cancerian men are attracted towards taurus,but taurus girls get restive when they're stuck in a static relationship.i ❤ my cancer And will any day choose cancer man over any other sign.
—Guest Sara

I mis him

I'm inlove with a cancer man ,we met 2 months ago ,he broke up with his gf 4 me ,n later found out he was talking 2 other girls ,he says they jst frnds .bt didn't trust him animore ,n kept calling him abt 8 times a day ,asking wher he was ,I gues I pushed him away ,he stoped coming 2 c me ,no calls ,bt he answers my calls ,n he bcame so cold ,wat can I do 2 get him back?I'm also wondering if ther is any chance 4 us ,
—Guest confused

together forever

The most compatible zodiac signs , we've been married for two decades an d everything's perfect . can't explain here how happy we are along with each other and with our beautiful daughter ,what can i say is taurus and cancer are perfect for each other
—Guest taurus husband and cancer wife

something from my life

cancer boy love all the girls in some way as i am a cancer boy i know it and they cant tell to their loved ones that they love them and they mostly get shy in front of girls and they sometimes forget things and after a long time they know not much about their past and they get angry and get angry even if someone is trying to love them too they are emotional,sensitive,protective and not the good fighters but when they get angry everyone get scared and no one mess up with them at that time when they get angry but sometimes they look awkward and foolish when they get angry believe me and they are simple,lazy,day dreamers,not supportive much but they love their loved ones alot but cant tell them that they loved them and their love is a great support in the whole world which cannot be purchased or borrowed from someone so their love cannot be purchased becoz its priceless so proud to be a cancer boy
—Guest cancer boy

I'm a Taurus And I can't stand Cancers

My first love was a cancer , I thought it was love , but I realized how much I'm not attracted to them , the constant arguements I'm not for it .
—Guest Boss

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