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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Virgo-Sagittarius Relationship

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A sag and he's a virgo. One thing i'd say that seems to be the core of our problems is that my roots are strong and he's a changing man. It's like dealing with a different man ever few months.. Still though, his principles and values remain the same. It the toughest pairing ever BUT the highs are definitely worth going through the lows. They have hearts of gold.
—Guest Shaggie

Head over heels in love

I am a virgo and my boyfriend is a sag. We've been dating for about a year and I can honestly say that I've met my soulmate. The night we first met there was instant attraction but since I wasn't ready to be serious, he began to really really like me because sag's love the chase. Soon enough, we would spend every day with each other and were completely head over heels in love after only meeting 3 months prior. He's told me he wants to marry me when he gets out of med school and I can't wait because right now were doing the whole long distance thing and its rough but we'll get through it. The sag sign is known for cheating but that's not the case with him and as for me I'm more laid back, spontaneous, and adventerous than the Virgo sign credits me for so I suppose that makes up some of our vast differences. We enjoy doing the same things and have similar personality traits. Our differences come from how we think, how we were raised and brought up, religious beliefs, & political beliefs.
—Guest Natalie

simple and innocent

Well im a female sagittarius and he is the virgo male.... I noticed him in the crowd of people... he was, glaring at me... so that kind of ticked me off. I wanted to know what his deal was. Hes quiet and keeps to himself. I walk up to him and introduce myself after that. We became friends. I had to do everything though, almost like he was expecting me to all the time. I decided to ignore him for a week. And afyer that he started the conversations. Little things like how was your day. But he has a dark side to him that I dont know but I want a better stronger relationship
—Guest simply anonymous

2 year joy ride

My Virgo boyfriend and I have dated on and off for 2 years. Between those two years has been ALOT of tears, arguments, and a lot of ups and downs because it’s hard for us to agree on certain things. The only thing we can be 100% with each other about is that we love each other very much; we want to be with each other, we want to have kids someday, and never get divorced after a marriage. He always pictured me as the one and in the beginning I tried to conceal my feelings avoiding getting hurt. He loves me in a way that’s foreign to what I'm used to. His loyalty and commitment is different from what I have experienced before. I'm used to the regular charm and deception but when I look into his eyes and he looks back into mines I know he's real about everything he pours out from his heart to me. I'm the fun loving girl he needs and he's the one that keeps my emotions under control and helps me to feel loved and special like any woman wants to feel. I love him.
—Guest Virgo Lover


Having known my Virgo boyfriend for 6 years before we started dating, I can say that he's the most dignified and sincere partner I could ever find. Our relationship is passionate, and while there's always healthy communication we don't really need words to express our love. The compatibility is amazing! However, being a flighty Sag I can get restless when he's quiet and into himself while I'm wanting to get into an engaging discussion or do something fun. But that's ok...and I don't mind being the crazy one in the relationship and he gets to be Mr Perfect. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Love my Virgo to bits!
—Guest ALewis

can't read

I have "seen" someone that has perked my interest and found out she is a Sagg. for the first time in my life I took the first move. I haven't received a response. meanwhile I'm on here and I cannot read any of the Ebonics on here. WTF?! are these response from the children that should have been left behind but weren't?
—Guest Virgen

older sag woman and younger virgo man

I'm 35 and he's 30 I'm falling for him and I no he likes me he wouldn't spend time with me if he didn't, its jus now he's askin random questions when I get ask why or not answer he gets sulky and its makin me wonder is he gettin more involved?? Help
—Guest a strong sag woman

Fresh, and strange

IDK, I was drawn toward him, but being with him, I feel completely clumpsy, and brainwash. Want to be close but not letting myself too close. Want to spending all the time, but have nothing to say. I'm stress. And one problem is that we are not alone, I will act like we are complete stranger. I can't go with the flow as good as him.
—Guest Ann

Virgo Man And Sag Woman

My man is A Virgo and hes 22 and I'm a Sag Woman and Im 27 we have been dating for a week tomorrow (08-27-13) its has been an amazing week...when we saw each other we immediately fell in love with each other...He told me that he could see a future for me and him...I know in my heart that we will be together for the rest of our lives...Our relationship has been the best thing that has happened to me...I love him so much...We are a match made in heaven wish me luck

Me (Sag) & Him (Virgo)

I just recently met someone while on a vacation, yet we have been seeing one another now for almost two months. He moved to my city & we have been inseparable since. The night we met: immediate spark. Nothing has changed yet! Were always able to talk out issues in a calm manner, enjoy all types of activities together, & of coarse the sex is just amazing. He is smart, very organized & talented with tons of life experience: he is also older than I am. I couldn't be more thrilled, I have waited a long time for not just a "man" but someone who really understands & respects me, like an actual "lover". He does all of this for me & more. Some people say that our type of match (star sign wise) is no good, but I would advise anyone else to go for it.. If you can compromise like we do, & you feel some sort of magnetic like attraction: don't miss out! He jokes that I am the "young one" & keep him on his toes. He loves how open, free spirited, & of coarse how "sexy" I am. ;) Good luck!
—Guest 90'sArcherGirl

Still don't know.

i'm completely and utterly in love with a virgo guy. He's seven years older than me tho :/ and its been the worst, I recon if it wasn't for the age gap, we might actually of been together. We talk 24/7 and he cares for me certainly. However, everyone kept saying I was too good for him and if he won't bother to fight for us the way I did, there's no point. I deleted him, and blocked him and haven't spoken to him lately, I walked past him today, he noticed me but he was with his brother, I didn't have the strength to look at him though :( It's too late but I just realized he loved me, whether he would admit it to me? or himself? was probably a long shot. Now I know.. But I left without a reason... I don't wanna go back with an excuse... I love him, and he loves me(?) I just wish he would do something!!
—Guest SevenSevens

Sag woman Virgo male

We've been on an off for the past year he is 10yrs older than me im 32 but I am drawn to him he makes me want to learn from him the sex is so AMAZING im in love but scared to tell him.
—Guest Sag in love

Best sex of my life

My last 3 relationships have been with Virgo men. For whatever reason, I'm drawn to Virgo men and them to me. I find the attraction and the passion to be irresistible but the timing is always off. My first Virgo lover was and still is the love of my life. However, he is so closed off, whereas I am very open. I feel as if I will never get over him and vice versa. He expresses the same feelings towards me but only when he's drunk which I find incredibly frustrating. My last Virgo lover, however, was incredibly sweet and open. At the time, I was trying to get over aforementioned Virgo and couldn't see what this one had to offer. He now has a girlfriend, yet we still share the same chemistry. He reaches out to me when he should be reaching out to his current girlfriend. I haven't a clue what to do. Do I tell him How I really feel and take the chance of losing him all together or do I keep it to myself and let it continue? I used to think the Virgo/sag thing was in my head!
—Guest Sag chica

my soulmate .

August 1 2011 , im a sag , he's a virgo. He is my everything. From day one i was crazy about him, im a year older than him but i look up to him. He's amazing , very humble & patient. Im a crazy ass , lol he accepts me for who i am. And thats why i love him. We been through some shit! Fights/Arguments. Everything you can think of. Im only 17 haha. He took my virginity and our sex life can get no better. Im young,but i found my other half. I cant wait to grow up and have his childern. Im going to the navy , coming,home to him is going to be worth it. I believe we can work , i love you #LAFJ .
—Guest dk


Virgo/Sag is miserable. Idk if its drastically different for male Virgos but I am truly a Virgo. Kind, Loyal, Dedicated, Thougthful, Wise...a.k.a. A Doormat. I need DETAILS, I cannot make sense of things without them. I like to indulge in emotions and conversation. My Sag is cusrt, to the point, almost disinterested. At the same time he is full of news I cannot use, grrr. Not tender, loving or kind. Its beyond them, Virgos are ppl pleasers and Sag will take full advantage. No remorse. I have been with my Half Man Half Beast for 4 years and Im getting to the end of my ropes. WHAT CAN WE DO????? I feel like Id have to be the one to change but I take pride in being outspoken and kind hearted, things I am unwilling to change. Sincerely Frustrated. All I read is we have similar outlooks on life but completely different brain patterns. I do not see a solution. It feels like a losing battle.
—Guest VIRGO

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