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Readers Respond: Tell us about your Virgo-Sagittarius Relationship

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too hard to keep

m saggi n he is virgo...he is a divorce n a father of a babygal,i love him vry much n i knw he also loves me bt dres smthng wich distrbs ma relation like i sacrificed ma evrythng n evryone for him bt he isnt rdy to do so no adjustment or understandng frm his side..he is always out wid his frnz spend less tym wid me bt he dnt let me go also n since he cheated me once afta dat i dnt trust him n i bliv dat relation widout trust is useless bt he dnt understand all dis he is out all day n nyt bt dnt let me do anythng such wen once i was d same too free n too independent n confident bt now i totally lost ma confidence n self respect plzz tell mew wat m suppsd to do?smebdy plzz show me theway i too wanna b happy again plz help me
—Guest sweet saggi gal

never say never

I am the archer and he is the virgin LOL and we met in 1977 when were both 19. We were married in 1980 and have been together ever since. Still in love, with it growing deeper with every year. We both have the common traits of both signs but the deep commitment we have and love for one another makes any differences unimportant. We have been faithful to one another for 35 yrs when all the naysayers didn't think it would last because we were so young. All those naysayers have since been divorced, some a few times. So the moral of this story is.... never say never.

A challenge that I am over

I am a Virgo, my boyfriend the Sag. Started out like a wildfire, he was so enamoured. In true Sag. form we have been together 2 years and he is totally different now. Very secretive, not affectionate, and lazy. This Virgo would walk away from another Sag. knowing what I do now.
—Guest Virgo

It is how it should be

So I am a sagittarius and the guy is a Virgo. we met 2 years nd some change ago(Oct 2009) it was innocent nd we began talking on the phone alot nd there was a natural comfortability there. But because I was occupied with other things the phonecalls came less, then all 2gether stopped. In jan of 2011 he called me randomly nd although I did resond to nicely, I called back, I forgot who he was but was willing to remember, from then on we've been building such a friendship that is undescribable. We've taken turns going to see one another nd his loyalty, honesty nd respect have given me no choice but to love him. ive never had a bond with a man such as this except for my father. we have so many differences but so many similarites. he brings me down to earth nd I put things into perspective. Im so afraid of love but I fucking feel it. the only thng thats stopping us from committing is both our lack of trust nd the fact that he lives in NYC nd me in Boston. But in my heart, I honestly like it
—Guest Unknown

Admire A Saggitarius Guy

Hi there! I'm not in a relationship with him (Saggitarius) but I've been admiring him for like 3 years. We had chemistry when we 1st met 1 another @ our previous workplace. His looks if I didn't take notice of his kindness - I wouldn't fall for him but his actions r far way too attractive. Whenever I visited him in 'e office - damn he could be reading a book & that's sexy. When he dressed up, that's even hotter. He is like a superhero because he's able to help me with his abilities. We ever spent time alone recently, we did nothing but there were human touch going on & loved 'e way we watched tv together. Although I was 'e one who did most of 'e work, he sacrificed so much which a lady couldn't really give in unless you're a Pisces! Haha! I'm alright we're just friends. I intend to work with him - now in a new environment. I really don't mind if I could admire him for 10 yrs or so but will definitely stop when he's married although he's younger than me - he's 24. I'm sincere abt it
—Guest Virgo Girl

With Regrets

I'm a Virgo woman, he was a Sadge man. To begin with we known each other from High School and I was his crush. Finally some 20 yrs later, I crossed paths with with him - and being as charming as he was (typical trait of a Sadge, if I'm not mistaken), won me over. I had fallen fast and hard, looking back I was suppose I was attracted to his adventurous and fun side. But I guess I just didn't live up to his expectations...or maybe it was his Sadge nature. I ended up being the, "in-between" girl...you know, the one date one month whirlwind kinda thing and then they drop you like a hot potato and get into something more on the serious side with the next one in line. All in all, it was great up until I fell and started taken him/what we had seriously. Now he's 'in a relationship' with a Capricorn woman. Don't take everything they say or do to heart, don't over-annualized them, don't give them any hint of mistrust, and don't let them know you had fallen in love with them - they luv the chase
—Guest Shelly

Not good

My relationship is goin down i dont know what to do i love him so much i dont want to loose him hes the love of my life can someone help me advise me.
—Guest Susy


wel my star is sagitarious n my life partnr he has virgo signe. we bothe are atrective 4 eache other. its a best cople.....
—Guest rabiya

please earn my trust

I am the virgo and she's the sadge. Everything I see here is true , my ex is a sadgy and her stubborn flightly nature was our down fall. Currently I'm dating another sadge and I really like her a lot, my only issue is I'm not sure she can focus her heart on just me. If she could do this it it would put me at ease. This would put my cautious nature to rest and let me feel free to open up and let down my guard.
—Guest parre

Married 10 Years

Strangely enough this pretty much explains my marriage. I am the Virgo & my husband is the Sage.
—Guest K

I love my sag 2 bits

I hav a very difficult bf he is a man of few words not the most pleasant of people but he loves me to bits. I would do anything 4 him. And although i was dishonest at times he forgave me i believe he is my soulmate true love is when you find the one ur willing to sacrifice for and be patient with. Corinthians 13
—Guest Angel

virgo woman and sag guy

my sag was very loving only to gain my trust.then he did a 360 (n me. he came back for another chance but the trust is gone.he's too unreliable for me and kind of muniplitive.
—Guest babygirl virgo


I am a full blown sag born right in the middle of the sign. I have been misunderstood my whole life. People take my strong and oppininated personality for pride and conceite, Which I am far from I am extremlt loyal and truthfull to a fault. I have been involved with a virgo man on and off for going on 20 years now. I truly believe he is my soul mate but we will never be. There is alot of history not all good but I will always love him and I know he loves me too in his own way, because he always comes back to me. Unfortunatly people around us are judgmental and jealous and I get the brunt of it. But in tru sag style no one will keep me down!!!
—Guest sag girl


This is unrelated, but I am so disgusted with the numerous posts in this discussion that have a complete disregard for proper english. Please people, have some pride and at least try. Sounding ignorant and uneducated is not attractive at all!
—Guest bdizz

Resolving our differences

I'm a Virgo woman in love with a Sagittarius woman. Our thought processes are far from identical. I pay close attention to every word she says and she becomes frustrated with my fixation on detail. She's messy, I'm neat. She likes to philosophize on nonexistent possibilities while I prefer to focus on the world around me." I crave security and stability while she craves chaos and excitement. She says she has never butted heads with anyone more than she does with me. Despite the aforementioned, we have AMAZING intellectual chemistry. Both of us deeply value communication. We both feel the sex is the best we've ever had. I find her blunt honesty to be refreshing and her take-charge attitude is very appealing, as is her individuality and independence. She is good at coming up with ideas; I am good at working out the details and putting them into action. Overall, we have lots of love in our relationship. Yes, there is a contrast, but we have made it work for a year and will continue.
—Guest VirgoGrrrl

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