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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Libra Relationship

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Have you been in a Virgo-Libra relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

Virgo woman -w- Libra Men

I am a 20 yrs old Virgo and he's a 29 yrs old Libra. I wish i have Been serious enough to make this Libra n virgo thing last. I honestly thought he only called me for sex because he never Have spoken to me seriously. I was a bit confuse. But other then that I really felt for this Libra's aggressiveness. I am a very shy person, and I felt very comfortable speaking too Libra, mostly about anything. Our communication was perfect. He takes things very serious and that can get me as a Virgo annoying because me as a Virgo is a silly type of person. Libra can get very charming, and prepare a dish for his Virgo. But money wise Libra helping Virgo, Its out of the questions because sadly to say, Libra Men is to much of a selfish person. Libra, once had an terrible attitude with me on the phone. I told him off with--> Listen you speak to to me with respect the same way I speak with you with respect. Until that day, he knew not to disrespect me. To be continue.
—Guest Leena

Virgo Guys

I met this virgo man months ago we instantly connected everything just clicked we talked all day everyday and never got tired of each other I thought he was perfect although he's two years older than me. I really liked this guy I guess it was too much because now he tells me he really likes me but I'm too young for him to date so we can just be friends and mess around? What sense does that make all. This was my first experience with a virgo so I'm starting to assume that they're all like this..
—Guest Lost Libra Girl

Virgo female libra male - strange

My boyfriend and I recently reconnected after 7 years. We met while I worked on a project with him. He told me back then he wanted me and I would be his. When the project ended , he pursued me even more. We had sex and I thought it was just that. I didn't think he really liked me. He's 16 yrs older, so I was not ready for a family at 22/23. Fast forward to 2013. We found one another aNd immediately I was told he wanted to be with me. He needed me. I started to feel the same. Now. I love affection. He pursued me before we got back together. Every day calling and texting. But, now that he got me, he does not really call. I've broken up with him 2 times because I felt he didn't truly love me. But, he is really focused on his career and I am too. I am in love with him and cannot wait to tell him. He wants a baby and I do too - with him. Virgo need to learn to relax. Focus on the future
—Guest Finally In Love

Virgo man Libra woman

I dated a Libra woman bout 2yrs she's beautiful , very artistic,sociable, classy. I love her but she thinks I'm mean. True when she can't text back , email I get mad I know she's honest and good.... But I don't understand I love her. She's told me she loved me first....,then she says I'm mean and we barely talked two yrs. now were talking again. I love her. Confused
—Guest Mah53

libra woman virgo man

Continued.... So come to find out she was his fiance. That Virgo MSN lied to me and gave me some wacky ass apology and basically wanted to know if I was willing to b his side chick until he leave his old woman...ABSOLUTELY NOT...I WOULD NEVER BE SOMEONE SIDE CHICK....but I was really hurt to know how he really viewed me and he is soon selfish and manipulative and a dirty dog. I cut him off for good and told him not to text me ever again and he asked to take me out of town...like are u serious. Virgos are liars and soooo selfish that's its disgusting.
—Guest ti

libra woman virgo man

I met this Virgo man one night with my girlfriends and our connection was craazyyyy good kinda scary and I gave him my number and then we finally met up like 3 days later. He told me that he was 36 when we met and mind you I am 20 but then probably a month later he told me that he was really 47. Atthe At the moment I didn't care because I already developed deep feelings for him because never had I met a man and our passion and attraction was soooo strong. And our sexxx life..to die for...he was soooooo freaky....ANYWAY he would tell me that the reason why we couldn't go to his house was because he didn't want his family to know about us until we progressed.....so I never really questioned it. however eventually I felt that we should break up because eventually we would have to go our separate ways with our age difference and I didn't want to keep on sleeping around with him secretly. About a month later I get a call from a woman asking if I new a man and she said his name and that was
—Guest ti

i love my Libra man

So we didn't really know each other really well, he's two years older than me But i actually couldn't keep my eyes off him. Later I found out that he kept looking at me too by a friend. "Omg he wont take his eyes off you! I think he likes you!" I'm a shy Virgo and couldn't get myself to tell him I liked him but I sent him a note telling him how I felt and we have been together for almost 4 months. So far its been incredible!! Hes really sweet and we hope to stay to together for more (hopefully,wishing,working on it) I love my Libra man
—Guest Virgo girl ^u^

So long wait love of libra(male) 4 virgo

I was 8 and she was 6.....i am loving her till now.....after 3 years it finally came my great day...she love me and says she can nevr leave me....i am a bit lazy 2 express my love 4 her but cant stay away 4rm her a bit.
—Guest K.tesia

virgo man - libra woman

Im a 21 year old libra woman and im currently dating a 30 year old virgo man. He and i are great together in bed, so the physical romance is there. But what bothets me about him is his attitude. Im more loving and caring while hes stern and uptight. Dont get me wrong hes a caring person as well,but it takes alot for that to come out of him. Its hard to impress this man due to the fact that hes such a perfectionist and he expects everything and everyone around him a certain way. When things arent going as planned he overthinks to much. I dont because im always optimistic in downhill situations. It took alot for him to express his love and hes still working on it, for hes afraid that he will be hurt. But me as the libra female takes that emotion of worryness away from him with my charm and compassionate skills. We are always getting along except for the fact that hes so stern that it makes it hard for me to open up and be the real freak i am. I never know what his reaction will be.
—Guest monae

Don't Woory about the "bad stuff"

The criticism people talk about is really up to the person in the relationship and how they handle it. When my Virgo girlfriend is being critical, it's just in a positive way.
—Guest Libra Guy

It's going great.

It is really great. Many of the "bad" parts of being in a Virgo-Libra relationship, I see to not be so sure fire. Many of the problems people post about aren't at all in my relationships. Like, criticalness of the Virgo. My Virgo gf is not really too critical at all. She is very supportive and loving. The only times she is being "critical", is when she's being honest, or I'm being as ass or something. We love each other so much.
—Guest Libra Guy

Libra Woman / Virgo Man

I am the libra woman and I have been with my virgo man for a year now. As soon as we looked at each other, I knew he was the one. I don't know really how to explain it other than it was like I could see me in his eyes. Strange I know! We have a lot of similarities in past and even present. Our past is very similar and even down to dates. The beginning was a little rocky but it wasn't too bad. I guess it was more less figuring each other out. Our relationship moved very quickly as no time has passed. Three weeks after we had met he moved in with me. Which is totally NOT like me at all. We have spent pretty much every single day together. We have already talked about marriage and spending our life together. We have this amazing unconditional love that existed from the beginning. All of our life lessons in the past has prepared us for this relationship. We have no secrets and we talk about anything and everything. This is the first relationship that I can say is perfect love. I love him!
—Guest Tammy

Libra women and virgo man

It has been a year since we spoke , I still remeber the day he approached like it was yesterday. You can say his laid back kinda type cold little . It started so nice , I never been so happy like that in my life . Knowing I was in past 4 year horrible relationship . We talk and see each other most of the time . In after months in the relationship I felt the true love but later I find myself trying to get in his deep walls I find myself , fighting with myself he won't be 100% honset with his feelings , so confused person and it just werid Now that everything just got sour we argue and disagree most of the time .To avoiding each other to being busy not even texting as much . I felt on quiting but I keep on holding on. He has been cruel cold and an ass . I sometimes don't even think it's has to do with zodiac I think men personally act the same when they are interested or not . But I truly loved him . Life is a lemon
—Guest Xoxo

Libra woman Virgo Woman

I met my libra gf and it was love at first sight she didn't know me I met her threw a friend a year later we saw each other and she found out I had a big crush on her and found her very attractive we startee talking and we got together quite fast even moving in together after a month of talking.She is the light of my life my best friend I am the virgo I just want to say that virgos and libras are a special unique pair they are indeed ying and yang oposites that attract its a relationship filled with learning an understanding an patience never is it a dull moment which is a valuable thing for me. Its as if these two signs become one I can read my libras mind an vise versa sometimes I love how strong libras are independent and never afraid . So libra and virgo are the best kept secret in my opinion ;)!
—Guest Amy

Libra m Virgo f

Libra guys, do you enjoy being criticised? Do you enjoy negativity? Well if so this might be the sign for you! There are good traits to virgo f, they are caring, have feminine characteristics, but their openly critical stance is a big turn off for a libra male. How about I criticise you? You wouldn't like it. I think the dynamic is that the virgo thinks they are trying to help, they are good at organising, cleaning and other traits which can help a libra in maturing. But not a fun couple.
—Guest Sons of Empire

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