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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Libra Relationship

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Have you been in a Virgo-Libra relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

libra loves virgo

i have been dating a virgo female for 5 months and just recently we became intimate. Now she smiles a lot but doesnt really talk. What should i do?
—Guest librainlove

Libra woman Virgo man

I've known this Virgo man for over 20 years he was my first love. I honestly feel that he's my soul mate. Unfortunately he went to the service right after high school and when pushed to go with I decided not. After i heard he'd married another and it took another 10 years to find him to ask why. Long story short he was married I wasn't, then I got married and he got divorced. I'm still married but I feel so connected to him that I can't connect with anyone else including my husband. I'm the over-thinking Libra and I need all my ducks in a row, but I need this Virgo man like I need air.
—Guest casslove

Me Libra, She Virgo - Instant connection

After reading responses it seems to be true, Libras and Virgos do not match that well all the time, but when they do it seems magical and explosive all say. Met a Virgo girl and its true, self oriented and do not show how they feel, frustrating. "I ask myself, is it love?" Remember the following: "Keep in mind that love chemistry is more than the Sun sign." A relationship has a deeper meaning than day to day issues showing up. True love is all in the stars, that we cannot fully grasp. All has a meaning. We are to much into this earthly, daily, stress to understand and feel what is happening with our wandering souls. Slow down. I guess we can all find true love despite our signs, its all about respect for your mates behavior and balance it. To understand/respect is the key to love and end to conflict. I believe forgiving Virgos and Libras do get along very well :) because Libras need that center and ground(virgos) that we are lacking(Libras). For LOVE - I will accept this challenge :)

Virgo woman -w- Libra Men

I am a 20 yrs old Virgo and he's a 29 yrs old Libra. I wish i have Been serious enough to make this Libra n virgo thing last. I honestly thought he only called me for sex because he never Have spoken to me seriously. I was a bit confuse. But other then that I really felt for this Libra's aggressiveness. I am a very shy person, and I felt very comfortable speaking too Libra, mostly about anything. Our communication was perfect. He takes things very serious and that can get me as a Virgo annoying because me as a Virgo is a silly type of person. Libra can get very charming, and prepare a dish for his Virgo. But money wise Libra helping Virgo, Its out of the questions because sadly to say, Libra Men is to much of a selfish person. Libra, once had an terrible attitude with me on the phone. I told him off with--> Listen you speak to to me with respect the same way I speak with you with respect. Until that day, he knew not to disrespect me. To be continue.
—Guest Leena

Virgo Guys

I met this virgo man months ago we instantly connected everything just clicked we talked all day everyday and never got tired of each other I thought he was perfect although he's two years older than me. I really liked this guy I guess it was too much because now he tells me he really likes me but I'm too young for him to date so we can just be friends and mess around? What sense does that make all. This was my first experience with a virgo so I'm starting to assume that they're all like this..
—Guest Lost Libra Girl

Still together

I am a libra girl dating a virgo guy for the 6 yrs now.i can say he complements me a lot and he is my best friend. Though i agree there are times when i get so irritated and annoyed wit him, we still together after breaking up a couple of times over disagreements.He can be overcritical over issues but he is romantic and always makes up for his mistakes.I just love him for being himself.
—Guest libragirl

virgo man libra woman

well me and my virgo were pretty ok well he had a girlfriend den i was his girlfriend he said he would never break up with me but he loved me he changed and i was obssed with him den he said he hated me and got me n troblue now i hate him but still love him but a virgo and libra go good together they can last forever u just have to find the right virgo xoxxohis name was manny my name jatyia he was mexican i was black maybe thats why idk my heart still broke even thou it happen three months ago i miss him imacall him we used to txt and talk on da phone for hours
—Guest jatyia pryor

Libra woman courting virgo woman

I'm a libra who has been dating her virgo girlfriend for almost a year and we've had our typical up's and down's, and our not so typical up's and down's. I tease, she get's upset, she teases and I take it too far--but then we cry laugh and live together in harmony after the volcano has erupted. She's very conservative and sometimes doesn't like when I have to be social all the time-especially with my ex's. But then she loves it when I talk myself in circles and get confused, because she's always so orderly and strait laced that it has never happened to her before. I hate how constraining she can be and how she tries to get under my skin and understand everything, but at the same time she pushes me to achieve and makes the order appear in my chaos. It's a good match, it's only been about ten months, but I see a lot of potential in this relationship. I hope for the best because she very well might be the one for me :)
—Guest Katie


Im the Libra and hes the Virgo and a typical virgo he is. We have been together for 2 years and bout to have a baby in Oct. I liked to go out and have fun and talk alot. He talks to but sumtimes he so picky and crital and judgment that it drives me crazy! But I love him a lot.
—Guest libralady

Hot and Cold

I'm a virgo, he's a libran. I've known him for a year now and he is the only person I lost all self-control for. We arn't dating although we both love each other.. He's complicated really; not that simple. Sometimes he just wants to be with me and no one else, sometimes he completely shuts me out. When someone hurts me I can block them out in minutes but he just keeps reeling me in. I told my girl friends I was gonna get over him, didn't work. They laughed when I told them I gave up giving up. I just wished he'd stop playing these games with me and be upfront for once. I havn't critised him once ( Which is surprising. ) Everyone thinks we're together; denying those rumors hurts a lot, cause I've never cared for someone like I've cared for me. He just doesn't believe it.
—Guest Alyce

virgo woman Libra Man

I am with a older Libra Man (10 years my senior) his love for me took me by surprise...mainly because he was married lol. We have been dating for a few months and he is two months into a divorce. I think we get along beautifully but it seems we are so distant from each other. In past relationships I would always be cuddle with my man and I would be comfortable jumping on him, falling asleep on top of him awkwardly, licking his face, playfully biting etc. but with this Libra man I find it hard to get close to him...also he is successful financially and while he takes very good care of me but I find him to be a bit selfish sometimes...I think if I was financially secure on my own our relationship would be better because I could buy him some of the finer things he likes to buy himself and maybe he would feel justified buying me something nice.
—Guest sexyvirgochick

Virgo woman libra male

Ive been married to my libra husband for ten years. We have issues here and there but we still get that high school puppy love feeling with each other at the end of the day . Love him
—Guest Conscious now

Virgo Woman, Libra Man

When its good, its really good, when its bad, its THE worst. We started out strong. I am very reserved and an introvert, he is the social butterfly. He is charming and romantic and spoils me constantly. He gets irritated that I think so logically and feels like I pick everything apart at a cellular level. He hates when he is talking and I try to relate- it always has to come back to you. Learning to listen, not be so analytical- and he is trying to not get so easily frustrated at my different way of thinking. We love each other dearly and are commited- but I worry that the kinks, the very foundation and driving force of our personalities will ruin us. He has taught me to be more fun, more active- I have taught him to be more responsible and grounded the ying to my yang for sure!!
—Guest Trying to hold on

Re:What is up with this selfish Virgo??!

I'm a female libra who had the exact same experience with a virgo guy.... I feel like if a libra is going to date a virgo and they don't see eye to eye on almost everything in life they're doomed. Communication is a nightmare and virgo doesn't like to compromise. It's "my way or the highway." Avoid!
—Guest Laura

Libra female Virgo male

I've been with my virguy for a year now and it was instant attraction but then it began to deteriorate with his push /pulling , hiding and reappearing but however he has been the most kindest loving and attentive and caring man ive ever been with .... I just wish he would open up some more and tell me how he feels.... I want to break uo many times but like i cant !!!!
—Guest lotuslilly

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