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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Scorpio Relationship

Responses: 152


Have you been in a Virgo-Scorpio relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience! Share your Experience

my love for a scorpio

Me and my man are in a great relationship and Iam a virgo and he is a scorpio but we complete each other
—Guest jacqueline dschaak

Good Man Virgo Workaholic

Well I told my Virgo man friend today he work's to much threw the week and when he's off I'm working every weekend 16hrs .Its one month into the relationship but I told him I cnt be with him. He told me he dnt wanna lose me I'm a good women so he told me if I can give him one month he'll have his truck if he hope I haven't found another person
—Guest luckycookie

Virgo man Scorpio woman

He chased after me for 3 months I said yes finally I'm a very attractive woman so I hear numerous of times... I don't dwell in that place... I'm 56 now we were 13 yrs apart.., he being younger ...I'm in excellent shape have been I fitness for 34 years... He was so insecure.., I hung in there for 1 year and a half ... We were breAking up and making up hundreds of times... I finally left .., he tried to get back with me ... But I felt I wasn't going to be disrespected anymore.., I gave him the silent treatment when he kept treating me badly ... But I knew the bright thing to do was break... The most painful break up ever... I've tried to be friends.., we live every close to each other.... I know we have a tight bond and will always love each other ... He has moved in with a woman 20 yrs younger... I don't know Don't know what I want... Bit I miss him every day
—Guest Energy 2014

virgo woman scorpio man

I have recently embarked on a relationship with a scorpio male, and even tho it is challenging at times, he is the absolute greatest love of my life. He is an excellent provider an amazing lover and the passion intensity compares to nothing lve ever experienced. Hes possessive, controlling, verbally abusive and sometimes he lays hands on me but the animal magnetism associated with this union keeps me coming back. He loves me and I love him. I dont expect anyone to understand.
—Guest momma

scorpio woman in love with virgo man

We met on the 7nth of December a year later after I got out of a 4year relationship I was still stuck on my ex.The first two months we always told eachother that we liked just eachother I guess we were both scared of revealing our feelings for eachother.But from our first date we clicked and also realised that we like the same things.He is often the one who is calm and find solutions when we fight and in a hard coconut to crack.Well I'm an introvert who suffers from.depression and my virgo man supports me and he's my pillar of strength.We are bestfriends and we are unseperable,we stay in together and watch sports,movies and play games.The only time we go out is on our anniversary and to our friends' parties.Holding him and being around him completes me.The problem we have is that we get judged due to our age difference..this is not easy for both of us even though we live together although I careless about judgements somehow it just discourages us.I just can't imagine life without him.
—Guest Chi Chi

Virgo Woman Male Scorpio

We have good conversation, tangible and realistic goals with incredible sex. Me being the Virgo appreciates spontaneity and can quickly get bored with scorpios rigidity.
—Guest guest

scorpio woman Virgo man

I was married to a Virgo for 7 years. Scorpio and virgos are not good match. Both want to have power and control. The sex between the two is amazing. The virgos are stubborn selfish puts their own wants before anyone elses but virgos can supportive. The Scorpio is sarcastic but fun, affectionate and romantic. Virgos seem to have trust issuse and does not know how to be romantic or show affection. I seem to attract virgos, I have dated several of them and they are alike in many ways. Was never one to believe in horoscopes but the information given I do believe there's some truth to it.
—Guest sugarpoo

Virgo teen girl n Scorpio teen male

First of all I'd like to start with all of my faults, I always go and pick on him, am too emotional, love him too much, am too straightforward sometimes but still feel the need to keep to myself about how much I love him, and I am not ready to make the first move. We are not too far in our relationship, but something that I just can't put my finger on tells me that he loves me. Perhaps it's his smile, or how he doesn't mind my teasing. In the 6th grade he found out I liked him n I gave him space for 1-2 years. Now that we are older, he is showing evidence of liking me, for example, every time he sees me he has to use the bathroom, while it is clearly evident that he got a boner. I love everything about him but he never makes a move, I have even gone up to him n whispered in his ear. He just is too skeptical n is overthinking things. He won't even ask me for my #, and he is NOT a shy guy. I am too scared to ask him out, even though my friends tell me to, should I make the 1st move??
—Guest Marshmallows


I love them so much and they always defend me in every situation ;) i just can be myself and i am the Virgo one.
—Guest Me~


I think all of you share a relationship with a lover or as you call it a boyfriend . But mine is special because it's between me and my biggest sister and brother . We used to travel together and do funny things .. And you may find this is odd but i feel like a mother with them ... Even my sister called me that .. And my brother always said that when he go anywhere far he thinks about me and so .. Things in common : We have alot of personality , independence , confidence , passion for everything we do
—Guest Me~

Scorpio Woman-Virgo Woman

I am a Scorpio and being a water sign I am on the verge of tears as I write this. She is truly the most amazing woman I have ever known. I love her so much and I wish that I could start from the beginning so that she could see the women she thinks she deserves in me. We are hot and then we are so, very cold. She is extremely educated (Stanford, Engineer, works for Google) she is thoughtful. She is caring. She is a smart-ass, and brilliant in and out the bedroom! I truly want her to love me, but when she met me I was a 'bad' Scorpio and I think it is going to take a long time to undo what I have done. I don't think I could love her more than I do, but I play it cool and dont mention it too often because of all of the circumstances. I am learning about her more and more each day to be better for her because I want truly want this woman as my wife. I want to wake up to her every morning, my perfect girl. Okay, Im done. This is sad. Goodbye.
—Guest Only in Love War

Scopio woma with a virgo guy

Im dating this virguy for nearly two years now, i love him and enjoy bieng with him...his brother knws me but his parents doesnt..i remember his birthday he doesnt remember mine,he doesnt say he loves me but i need to hear those words,he is sometimes distant and cold and i hate that,he can be harsh during convisations... Its confusing me!
—Guest Sexy cleopadra

Indecisive scorpio

i dated a scorpio woman for almost 4 years, she was the most beautiful smart and sexy woman you could ever meet. Went on a trip came back in January and said she wanted a break, needed to sort things out, that it was not a real breakup. She said she did not want to lose me, or my friendship. Nine months later still don't know where she stands. She recently said that she is confused, indecisive, at the crossroads. Also admitted that she is walking around feeling really guilty about breaking the relationship, and that she wish she could undo what she did. However, she does not give any indication that she would like to try to work things out. I have made a few advances to get us to go somewhere and just try to talk about fixing the relationship but she refused. I believe that she is still feeling that way. i did hurt once, but she said that she has gotten past that. Not sure if she has. I think there a pisces guy she's talking to and possibly hanging with. I am a virgo man any perspectiv


I am in a wonderful relationship with a Scoripo, and I must say it is a thrill ride. HE can be so sweet and most times he is but try not to piss them off. They seem to like the silent treament the most. Granted this is from my experience, not always going to be this way. Best thing to do is give them space.
—Guest Jillian

my story

Im a scorpio girl, ive met my virgo 8 years ago, im 21, weve only gone out once 1 year ago nd he seems to disapear every few months. I get confused a lot nd i dnt know what we are or relationship status we have. Now throughout the years ivr known him i just give him hes time he comes back like nutting happen, nd i go along like he nevet left. Now ive growned tired of these "virgos time" so one day i told him i was tired of it nd if he had something to talk about i was here. It has taking him sometime to get used to it but he has gotten better at it .i still let him hav. His alone time. I try hard not to be clingy, nd call him every minute, the waywe. Have it is not how i want it, but im sure that if i try nd he keeps trying too we can have something perfect. (ive met his dad brothers, friends cousins, i havent met his mom tho..
—Guest scorpio girl

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