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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Virgo-Scorpio Relationship

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Have you been in a Virgo-Scorpio relationship? Are you in one now? Tell us about your experience!

Me Virgo - Him Scorpio

I have to say it was the best relationship I've ever had even though it did end. He was the one person at that point in my life who I felt a mutual connection with. We had great chemistry all the time, great intimacy and he was very loving. However, he too did his disappearing acts and that's what did us in at the end. However, for what it's worth I will always remember the time I spent with him in a good way!!

my scorpio high school crush

When i (virgo)was in high school. I was a junior so was he (scorpio). We were in p.e. when we first met he was new to the school. And the coach made the class do track. And i noticed he kept looking at me . Until he finally came to talk to me. He told me i look like a very interesting person. Then we talk, he was very witty, smart, and funny. He kept making me laugh with such dirty humor. Then as days went by, we still hung out during p.e and he would bring books and talk about life, methology, and yoga. And i would be like "ok,.. Wirdeo. But at times i did get annoyed with him. Because he just talk and talk even if you werent interested. And i would also challenge him by asking him questions on how well he thought he knew about stuff he thought he knew (he he)... which would turn into debate. But we still hung out. So one day i developed feelings for him. And i confessed them to him. But he said he only wanted to be friends. Hes not ready yet. I felt rejected and hurt. I didnt talk 2
—Guest diana

my virgo bf

We have been together for a year. He used to keep my door keys accessible to come and go. Then I realise he tried to look up my past pic in computer after i showed few of my past pic. I had bully experience with few ex-boyfriends, he knew it. How can i tell him not to do it again but not push him away. I am not sure if he really loves me regarding to his curiosity about past experience with my ex.
—Guest Olivia

Virgo woman, mixed signals?

Well there is this virgo girl that i meet a lot lately. She gives me "the look" sometimes. But when I post something on facebok in a group that we are both members of she doens t read it. When somebody else posts something she rzds it very quickly. The sigsn are mixed. Can any virgo girl provide a bit of clarity?
—Guest BastR

him scorpio me virgo

Well I met him 3 months ago, and I never dreamed I'd be where I am. I can say he has drew me in in almost all ways, mostly with his sincererity & intensity. Hes very emotional, although he hides it to the world. I love his intensity, passion and protectiveness & caring. Hes become all the things ive dreamed of, yet still I find it hard to let down my guard fully. Hes over a decade younger than me but has come across mature. (due to upbringing) He finds me caring & nurturing, loves to come home to me.I feel very comfortable around him, like I could share anything with him, even in the bedroom were i was always a bit reserved, and could easily get embarrassed, that has nearly gone. I was quite shocked upon realising this. He spends time with me following me around, and he just stares at me a lot too. Even when im sleeping. His eyes really speak volumes. I feel like im losing my mind about him, hes just beautiful inside and out.
—Guest BB

Scorpio Queen && Virgo King

Lol omg jus sitting here reading every one stories is making me think about my Virgo King. We been together for five years and I must say yes my Scorpio ways do get under his skin .. He can't stand my "always wanna be right" ways and I can't stand his stubborn and wanna be alone for a few days ways. But I can say with confindence that we love each other . We can talk like best friends and I love that he can't keep his hands off me even if we jus woke up with our morning breathe Lol. Yes I agree that Scorpio && Virgos Are a Perfect match :)

Abusive Virgo Relationship

I've found that this relationship and start off slow, pick up, and become great! And that is what happened with my virgo. We were together for 6 yrs. on and off because things started to get touchy! Our communication was bad, he started to blame me of everything! He was never wrong, we were both stubborn as hell! And it went down hill from there, I couldn't take it anymore and wanted out! And that's when the REAL TROUBLE started! In my wildest dreams, I couldn't have imagined how ABUSIVE he turned out to be! His abuse damaged me in ways that actually still effect me today! Emotional, Financial, sexual, physical, you name it he did it with NO REMORSE! All I can say is be very careful with your Virgo man if he falls in love with you and you try to leave him. He will NOT LET YOU GO EASILY! They can become VERY DANGEROUS MEN! He even told me that it would be easy to kill me because I sleep too much. And the only reason he wouldn't is because the world is better with me in it! #speechless
—Guest MadamScorpio

scorps!!! geeeesh:/

i can't help but to crave him...he has some kind of hold over me, the thing that gets me the most is his unpredictability! He doesn't make the game of 'love' easy by any means. So...ok, i love him whatever, he's so weird with his coming at me like he wants me, to nothing at all, to almost acting like he despises me, when i did nothing!!! i mean seriously, i did nothing! what the hell bipolar! make up your freaking mind, you want me or not! geeesh. Oh, it gets better, then he goes as far as setting me up against an x, yeah, that happened to the point that this 'crazzzzy bitch X' of his and I, almost fought; I know how immature that sounds, but it happened, she actually ended up punching me in the face over him, so clearly he was telling her shit, making her think they back together, ouch! the punch was nothing to the fact that he burned me bad! dick! i still love him though, how stupid am I?? Guess i like a challenge, and a good fight, LOL. No, honestly, he shouldn't have provoked it!
—Guest virgo female

missing my virgo

i met my virgo man while in a GED program. i really liked him. he was very caring...we never argued but once and that was due to me being set in my ways. i ended up falling in love with him and our favorite song was miguel's sure thing. after a couple months we ended up splittin. his granddad passed and he took it very hard....i tried my best to be there but he kept pushin me away. it hurt me really bad becus i felt if he loved me he should be able to share that pain with me. so when he would come around i would push him away too. i left him for a sagittarius and we got married but our entire relationship i thought about him. he came around once and i wanted so badly to leave my sag for him but he threw me off when he said when u gone give me wut i been missin....it made me feel like he jus wanted sex.....maybe i should have jus talked to him about it but i didnt. now me and sag are not together and i see he's with someone and they have jus had a bby..i really wish it was me instead...
—Guest scorpiolady26

Im a virgo.woman in love with a scorpio

Lol.match made in heaven my scorpio man is for the most part good its been 5years for us n 3great kids later still.so in love even when we.fight all it takes is a look n we cant keep.our hands off the other
—Guest Elyse


I am a Scorpio woman dating a virgo man and the relationship is doing surprisingly well. We always seem to be late for everything being lost in a moment with each other. I M so in love with him and I do have a hard time showing it. We have been together for almost 3 months and all are in shock that the relationship flows so effortlessly. He makes me want to be the best I can be and makes me feel special everytime he looks my way. Scopio Virgo. IT feels like a match made in heaven.
—Guest babyclown

games vs love

scorps that play the dissappearing game is doing it because he knows you are waiting. scorps that truly love you dont do that. a scorp in love will be a pest. checking on your where abouts security and needs. scorps will also stalk you to see if you faithful while you think he is gone. scorps will be a loving pest in love because they dont waste time on bullshit.
—Guest starseed

Virgo woman scorpio older man

Me virgo woman met a scorpio man 7 months ago. When we met it was miles from each other and we started off a good friendship. He was involved and so was I but within a couple of months of meeting both of our other halfs broke it off with us ( no fault of our own) . Well within the first months of meeting we got real close and we was texting each other everyday which was hard for me because we was 2 hours away from one another. I suppose if we didn't established feelings for one another we wouldn't be where we are now :( it was so beautiful how we was with one another just going with the flow ( we was intimate) although we wasn't committed but anyhoo he back off about 3 months ago into his shell saying we was acting like we was too much into a relationship. I was wow..ok..he shut down and wasn't as sweet although we was still talking. So we got into a big argument because feelings involved and no longer talking. I miss him so and I don't understand why he risk letting a beautiful thing

virgo woman scorpio man

Oh it would have been so lovely if only he would have let go and enjoyed the beauty of the love between us. We met while we both was involved with other people, it was an innocent meeting. My (virgo) relationship ended and shortly thereafter his (scorpio) ended not faults of our own due to the other persons leaving us. There wasn't any bitterness on my end of my past relationship but I feel he was holding onto baggage with his. But to make a long story short he only wanted friendship which ok due to recent breakup but that didn't stop us from showing love to one another and it came so naturally without trying. 5 months as friends (yes we became intimate) he became distant, no loving texts, little mind games until he said to me that he went into his shell because we was acting too much like we were in a relationship. I was like wow really?? I was going with the flow and love came on its own because you can't control falling in love. It wasn't a rebound on my end and again I can't speak for him but all I know is feelings grew and there was no stopping it. But all in all I grew tired of feeling like my feelings don't count and cut ties and now we not speaking. I miss him oh so much and it hasn't been long since we went our seperate ways I just wonder if he thinks of me. Do I love him YES! I do, I guess I have to let it go and if its meant things will work itself out..you never know!
—Guest loveispriceless

scorpio virgo love

the reading was self explained I feel like we challenge eachother to much and i feel like the unevolved scorpio has really made a dark psychic power on the insecure virgo but after talking about our differences he which is the scorpio has really passionate sex with me and it kind of numbs
—Guest meelahj

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